Issuing Company: British-American Tobacco Co.
Country of Issue: England
Year of Issue:
Color/B&W: B&W
Number of Cards in Set: 48
Card Size:
Issued as insert with what product: Cigarettes

Notes: This set can be found blank-backed or with a Wills Movie Stars back. Unnumbered. Thanks to Richard Minns for providing the information for this checklist.

Agnes Ayres
Mae Busch
Ora Carew
Marguerite Clayton
Ruth Clifford
Hallam Cooley
Grace Cunard
Viola Dana
Marguerite de la Motte
Edward Earle
Helen Ferguson
Clyde Fillmore
Francis Ford
Mabel Forrest
Gaston Glass
J. Frank Glendon
George Hackathorn
Creighton Hale
Kenneth Harlan
Walter Hiers
Lloyd Hughes
A. S. Hull
Edith Johnson
Kathleen Key
Joe Kilgoure
Anna Little
Jacqueline Logan
Donald Macdonald
Francis McDonald
Wallace McDonald
Adolphe Jean Menjou
Harry Meyers
Carlton Miller
Anna Q. Nilsson
Eva Novak
Victor Potel
Aileen Pringle
Edith Roberts
Ruth Roland
Albert Roscoe
Thomas Santschi
Jackie Saunders
Billy Scott
Wyndham Standing
Richard Tucker
Morgan Wallace
Bryant Washburn
Claire Windsor

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