Anon Biscuit Style - CE Set

Issuing Company: Anonymous
Country of Issue: France?
Year of Issue: 1930s
Color/B&W: B&W
Number of Cards in Set:
Card Size: 1 1/8" x 1 15/16"
Issued as insert with what product:

Note: These cards look very similar to Bridgewater 1st Series cards except they have no number and the text is a bit bolder. I obtained these cards from a collector in France, so these were probably issued in France.

Thanks to Richard Minns and Greg Graetz for help with this checklist.

Renee Adoree
Nils Asther
Betty Balfour
George Bancroft
Noah Beery
Carmen Boni
Clara Bow
William Boyd
Evelyn Brent
Mary Brian
Clive Brook
Louise Brooks
Francis X. Bushman
Nancy Carroll
Jaque Catelain (wearing hat, cigarette in hand)
Jaque Catelain (white jacket, scarf)
Lon Chaney
Charlie Chaplin (wearing dinner jacket)
Charlie Chaplin (hand on hip, white background, in costume)
Charlie Chaplin (holding walking stick, top hat and dinner jacket)
Maurice Chevalier
Maurice Chevalier - J. MacDonald
Ina Claire
Claudette Colbert
Ronald Colman
Ricardo Cortez
Mary Costes
Joan Crawford - Robert Montgomery
Lil Dagover
Lily Damita (wearing hat, hands to hat)
Lily Damita (wearing hat, side profile)
Viola Dana
Bebe Daniels
Dolores del Rio
Reginald Denny
France Dhelia
Billie Dove
Fernand Fabre
Douglas Fairbanks
Charles Farrell (pipe in hand)
Charles Farrell (white collar, dark jacket, head and shoulders visible only)
Margarita Fischer
Olaf Fjord
Earle Foxe
Claude France
Greta Garbo - Conrad Nagel
Lilian Gish
Marie Glory
Jetta Goudal
Gilda Gray
Dolly Grey
Corinne Griffith
Raymond Griffith
Liane Haid
William Haines
Lars Hanson
Jeanne Helbling
Camilla Horn
Lloyd Hughes
Emil Jannings (spelled Emile on card)
Buck Jones
Merna Kennedy
Dennis King
George Lewis
Ctesse Rina de Liguoro
Harold Lloyd
Jacqueline Logan
Bessie Love
Edmund Lowe
Sharon Lynn
Jeanette MacDonald
John Mack Brown
Leon Mathot
Ken Maynard
Adolphe Menjou
Antonio Moreno
Ivan Mosjoukine
Jean Murat
Conrad Nagel
Pola Negri (side profile)
Pola Negri (wearing headscarf and pearls)
Barry Norton
Ramon Novarro
George O'Brien
Ivan Petrovich
Mary Pickford
Suzy Pierson
Esther Ralston
Charles Rogers (Buddy)
Claire Rommer
Germaine Rouer
Joseph Schildkraut
Norma Shearer
Hans Stuwe
Blanche Sweet
Constance Talmadge
Ruth Taylor
Alice Terry
Malcolm Tod
Jack Trevor
Glenn Tryon
Olga Tschekowa
Simone Vaudry
Conrad Veidt
Florence Vidor
Ruth Weyher
Claire Windsor

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