Anon Biscuit Style - Color or B&W, Unnumbered, Studio Logo in Picture Frame, White Border Set

Issuing Company: Anonymous
Country of Issue: France, Belgium
Year of Issue: 1930s
Color/B&W: Color or B&W
Number of Cards in Set:
Card Size: 1 3/16" x 1 15/16"
Issued as insert with what product:

Note: Checklist incomplete. I obtained two groups of these cards - one from France and the other from Belgium, so these were probably issued in those two countries, and possibly other countries as well. These cards were issued in color or B&W. It is unknown if all cards can be found both ways.

Although these are unnumbered with plain backs, there are some distinguishing characteristics as follows:

When other cards match these characteristics, they are probably members of this set.

Thanks to Richard Minns for help with this checklist.

Renee Adoree
Jean Angelo
Jane Aubert
Gaby Basset
Pierre Batcheff
Andre Bauge
Marie Bell
Lolita Benavente
Andre Berley
Pierre Bertin
Jeanne Boitel (head and shoulders, low cut dress)
Jeanne Boitel (smiling, red dress with white collar)
Victor Boucher
Clara Bow (striped tie, patterned shirt)
Clara Bow (blue cap, hand to face)
Charles Boyer
Evelyn Brent
Clive Brook
Simone Cerdan
Marcelle Chantal
Charlie Chaplin
Maurice Chevalier (blue background)
Maurice Chevalier (yellow background)
Ricardo Cortez
Joan Crawford
Lily Damita
Marion Davies
Dolly Davis
Max Dearly
Jean Dehelly
Marcelle Denya
Marlene Dietrich
Huguette Duflos
Ruth Elder - Richard Dix
Pierre Etchepare
Madge Evans
Fernand Fabre
Douglas Fairbanks
Tanya Fedor
Baron Fils
Pierre Fresnay
Clark Gable
Jocelyne Gael
Henri Garat (head and shoulders, cigarette to mouth)
Henri Garat (full length, holding straw boater hat)
Greta Garbo
Jim Gerald
Mary Glory (side profile)
Mary Glory (hands to face and under chin)
Neil Hamilton
Lilian Harvey
Jeanne Helbling
Brigitte Helm
Phillips Holmes
Emil Jannings
Meg Lemonnier (blue dress, yellow background)
Meg Lemonnier (wearing furs, blue background)
Harold Lloyd
Bessie Love
Jack Luden
Andre Luguet
Jeannette MacDonald
Arlette Marchal
Jean Marchat
Jean Max
Adolphe Menjou
Jeannine Merrey
Georges Milton
Jackie Monnier
Rosita Moreno
Gaby Morlay
Jean Murat
Conrad Nagel
Pola Negri
Noel Noel
Ramon Novarro (blue background)
Ramon Novarro (brown-grey background)
Anny Ondra
Daniele Parola
Ivan Petrovitch
Mary Pickford (picture has been trimmed)
Madeleine Renaud
Enrique Rivero
Andre Roanne
Marcelle Romee
Francoise Rosay
Alice Tissot
Roland Toutain
Roger Treville
Yvonne Vallee
Simone Vaudry (side profile, dark background)
Simone Vaudry (full profile, yellow background)
Lupe Velez
Suzy Vernon (blue dress)
Suzy Vernon (blue hat, red dress)
Pierre Richard Willm
Fay Wray

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