Issuing Company: Clovis
Country of Issue: Belgium
Year of Issue: 1930s
Color/B&W: Color
Number of Cards in Set:
Card Size: 1 1/16" x 2"
Issued as insert with what product: Chocolates

Notes: Checklist Incomplete. These can be identified by the word "Clovis" on the front with blank backs. This may be the same set as the Clovis Film Stars (CI.-P on Front). Card number 266 in each of these sets shows the exact same picture of Greta Garbo, the only difference being the two say either "Clovis" or "CI.-P". There is also a second #266 in this set, showing Ramon Novarro.

The numbering for all of the Clovis sets seem to go from 201 to 320.

Clovis was a company from the small town of Pepinster in Belgium that made chocolate candy. The company was in business from 1920 through 1966, when a large fire burned down the factory and put them out of business.

Thanks to Richard Minns, Greg Graetz, and Bernie Feldman for help with this checklist.

211. L. Barrymore & J. Crawford
214. F. March & S. Sidney
220. G. Garbo & C. Gable
221. G. Garbo & C. Gable
225. J. Cooper & W. Beery
228. R. Novarro & M. Evans
233. Clark Gable
235. P. Holmes & M. Hopkins
239. C. Farrell & M. O'Sullivan
240. C. Nagel & L. Hyams
245. A. Menjou & L. Hyams
252. Jeanette Macdonald
255. C.Morris & S.Sidney
266. Greta Garbo
266. Ramon Novarro
268. Robert Montgomery
277. Norma Shearer
280. Joan Crawford
282. Gary Cooper
284. F. March & S. Sidney
292. P. Holmes & H. Twelvetrees
295. Maurice Chevalier (also Jeanette MacDonald on card but not listed on caption)
309. C. Brook & C. Colbert

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