Issuing Company: F.P.F. Ltd.
Country of Issue: England
Year of Issue: Early 1950s to 1960
Color/B&W: B&W
Number of Cards in Set:
Card Size: 1 1/8" x 1 3/4"
Issued as insert with what product:

Notes: Checklist Incomplete. Cards are blank-backed. Unnumbered. These all say "Greetings" on the front, although there is not really a set title on the cards. Cards from this set and the Greetings Film Stars, Bathing Suits set are often found together.

Note: Greetings cards can also be found in two larger sizes, including half-postcard (2 3/4" x 3 1/2") and postcard sized. According to a knowledgeable British collector, these were originally sold through a London company called F.P.F. Ltd. from the early 1950s to the beginning of the 1960s. The cards were advertised for sale in UK film magazines. The same images were not always featured on all 3 sizes. While there were at least 260 small cards issued, there were over 600 Greetings postcards issued.

There are differing levels of scarceness for these cards, probably because these cards were issued over a number of years with different cards being pulled and new ones added as the years passed and the fame of the stars changed. There are also minor text variations for some of the cards.

Thanks to Ken Harrison, Ron Strader, and Graham Burgess for help with this checklist.

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Ilowa Adams
June Allyson
Pier Angeli
Desi Arnaz
James Arness
Brigitte Bardot
Sally Barnes
Warren Beatty
Mari Blanchard
Ann Blyth (head shot)
Ann Blyth (full body)
Dirk Bogarde (head and shoulders)
Dirk Bogarde (holding cigarette)
Pat Boone
Scott Brady
Marlon Brando
Rossano Brazzi
Tony Britton
Michael Brooke
Yul Brynner
Richard Burton
Max Bygraves
Eddie Byrnes
Rory Calhoun
Ian Carmichael
Jeff Chandler (tie)
Jeff Chandler (scarf)
Cyd Charisse
Petula Clark
Montgomery Clift
Rosemary Clooney
Steve Cochran
Steve Cochrane
Nat "King" Cole
Joan Collins
Perry Como
Gloria Conlan
Richard Conte
Russ Conway
Joyce Cook
Mara Corday
Michael Craig
Jeanne Crain
Bing Crosby
June Cunningham
Tony Curtis (tie)
Tony Curtis (no tie)
Arlene Dahl
Vic Damone
Doris Day (head and shoulders-sleeveless top)
Doris Day (head and shoulders)
Doris Day (bathing suit)
Jill Day
Yvonne De Carlo (head and shoulders)
Yvonne De Carlo (full body)
Rossa De Recca
John Derek
Joan Diener
Lonnie Donegan
Diana Dors
Kirk Douglas
David Dunhill
Shirley Eaton
Billy Eckstine
Duane Eddy
Anita Ekberg
Vera Ellen
Vera-Ellen (view to waist)
Vera-Ellen (full body sitting)
Shirley Ann Field
Peter Finch
Rhonda Fleming
Ronald Fletcher
Glenn Ford
Ava Gardner
James Garner
Mitzi Gaynor
Gloria Grahame
Farley Granger
Stewart Granger
Cary Grant
Kathryn Grayson
Pamela Green
Richard Greene
John Gregson
Corinne Grey
Ty Hardin
Gilbert Harding
June Haver
Jack Hawkins
Susan Hayward
Rita Hayworth
Audrey Hepburn
Benny Hill
Ronnie Hilton
William Holden
Lena Horne
Robert Horton
Roc Hudson (looking right - first name misspelled "Roc")
Rock Hudson (looking right - first name spelled "Rock")
Rock Hudson (looking left)
Kathleen Hughes
Jeffrey Hunter
Tab Hunter
Glynis Johns
Shirley Jones
Sylvia Joseph
Louis Jourdan
Howard Keel
Kay Kendall
Deborah Kerr
Eartha Kitt
Alan Ladd (sweater)
Alan Ladd (checkered shirt)
Frankie Laine
Fernando Lamas
Burt Lancaster
Mario Lanza (light suit)
Mario Lanza (dark suit)
Piper Laurie
June Laverick
Belinda Lee
Janet Leigh (head and shoulders)
Janet Leigh (full body-arms in air-water in background)
Janet Leigh (full body-no water in background)
Jerry Lewis
Gina Lollobrigida
Rochelle Lofting
Key London
Andrea Loren
Sophia Loren (head and shoulders)
Sophia Loren (full body-bathing suit)
Dennis Lotis
Ida Lupino
Gordon Macrae
Jayne Mansfield
Dean Martin
Rita Matthews
Victor Mature
Virginia Mayo (head and shoulders)
Virginia Mayo (full body)
Virginia McKenna
Brenda Mee (bikini)
Brenda Mee (one piece bathing suit)
Jean Metcalfe
Sal Mineo
Guy Mitchell
Leslie Mitchell
Robert Mitchum (wearing tie)
Robert Mitchum (no tie)
Bob Monkhouse
Marilyn Monroe
Cleo Moore
Terry Moore (head and shoulders)
Terry Moore (full body)
Kenneth More
Patti Morgan
Audie Murphy (checked shirt)
Audie Murphy (scarf)
George Nader
Gene Nelson
Paul Newman
Sheree North (head and shoulders)
Sheree North (full body)
Kim Novak
Martha O'Driscoll
Maureen O'Hara
Debra Paget (head shot)
Debra Paget (full body-net in background)
Debra Paget (full body-rock wall in background)
Kim Parker
Gregory Peck
Jean Peters
Wilfred Pickels
Jacqueline Pierreux (Pierreux's shadow visible behind her)
Jacqueline Pierreux (Pierreux's shadow not visible behind her)
Jane Powell
Elvis Presley
Laya Raki
June Ramsey
Johnnie Ray
Ted Ray
Michael Rennie
Debbie Reynolds (bathing suit)
Debbie Reynolds (head shot)
Gloria Rhodes
Cliff Richard
Marilyn Ridge
Dale Robertson (dark suit-white shirt)
Dale Robertson (striped shirt-black collar)
Gale Robins
Roy Rogers
Carol Royal
Jane Russell (head shot)
Jane Russell (full body)
Adrienne Scott
Janette Scott
Lyn Shaw
Simone Silva
Jean Simmons
Roger Smith
Robert Stack
Kay Starr
Anthony Steel
Tommy Steele
Elaine Stewart
Maureen Swanson (head shot)
Maureen Swanson (full body)
Elizabeth Taylor
Richard Todd (head and shoulders)
Richard Todd (view to waist)
Mel Torme
Lana Turner
Dickie Valentine
Georgena Van Coppenhagen
Mamie Van Doren (head and shoulders)
Mamie Van Doren (full body)
Frankie Vaughan (hands showing)
Frankie Vaughan (no hands showing)
Malcolm Vaughan
Robert Wagner
Ronnie Waldman
Clint Walker
Iris Waller
Margaret Warhurst
John Wayne
Cornel Wilde
Esther Williams (full body-standing)
Esther Williams (full body-on knees)
Shelley Winters (head and shoulders)
Shelley Winters (full body)
Natalie Wood

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