Moreuil Film Stars

Issuing Company: Moreuil
Country of Issue: France (Clichy-Paris)
Year of Issue: late 1920s or early 1930s
Color/B&W: B&W
Number of Cards in Set:
Card Size: 1 1/8" x 2"
Issued as insert with what product: Chocolates

Notes: Checklist incomplete. No album. These cards can be found with the same back with the following numbering characteristics:

There is also a #54 James Hall card with only a number and no letter. At this time, I'm unsure if this belongs to another set or if it is a CE or CM card with the CE or CM blanked out.

There seems to be two cards for each number in the CE set.

The Moreuil set and the Bridgewater Film Stars 1st Series sets are very similar. Many of the numbered cards are the same for both sets.

The Unnumbered version of these cards appear to be the same cards as a blank-backed, colored version of these cards (Anon Biscuit Style - Color or B&W, Unnumbered, Studio Logo in Picture Frame or No Studio Logo, White Border Set).

Click the small picture above to view a picture checklist of these cards.

Thanks to Serge Plumecocq, Richard Minns, and Jorg Wagner for help with this checklist.

CE Set

2. Maurice Chevalier
2. Irene Purcell
3. June Collyer
3. Simone Vaudry
4. Norma Shearer
5. Nancy Carroll
6. Pola Negri
8. Fernand Gravey
8. Harry Liedtke
9. Laura La Plante
10. Rene Lefebvre
11. Werner Fuetterer
12. Jean Angelo
12. Andre Bauge
13. Anny Ondra
23. Lilian Harvey
26. Pierre Brasseur
27. Bach
28. Jean Harlow
33. Lily Damita
34. Mary Brian
35. Lilian Bond
35. Charlie Chaplin
36. Conchita Montenegro
40. William Haines
42. Loise Moran (sic.)
46. Wallace Beery
52. Lupe Velez
53. Pierre Batcheff
53. Ramon Novarro
54. Willy Fritsch
56. Anita Page
58. Suzy Vernon
60. Florelle
61. Dolly Davis
62. Andre Roanne
63. Albert Prejean
64. Jean Weber
65. Kay Francis
65. Marie Glory
68. Jean Murat
69. Annabella
73. Johnny Mack Brown
73. Jeanette MacDonald
74. Meg Lemonnier
74. Henry Garat
77. Leila Hyams
80. Jean Gabin
81. Jean Arthur
82. Marlene Dietrich
83. Marion Davies
83. Billie Dove
85. Marcelle Chantal
86. Jackie Coogan
87. Fernand Gravey
89. Gloria Swanson
90. Charlie Chaplin
91. Pierrette Caillol
91. Saint-Granier
92. Marlene Dietrich
93. Gary Cooper
94. Marcelle Denya
94. Marie Bell
95. Suzy Vernon
Unnumbered - Henri Garat
Unnumbered - Jean Weber

CM Set

21. Virginia Bruce
25. Joan Marsh
27. Frances Dee
28. Richard Dix
29. Ramon Novarro
38. Henry Garat
39. Maurice Chevalier
51. Tom Brown
54. Jackie Cooper
55. Lilian Bond
62. Norma Shearer
67. Gaby Morlay
71. Robert Montgomery
73. Georges Milton
76. Bach
79. Pierre Fresnay
81. Anny Ondra
82. Gina Manes

E Set

25. Jeanette MacDonald

Numbered Set with no Letter

54. James Hall

Unnumbered Set

Jane Aubert
Gaby Basset
Pierre Batcheff
Marie Bell
Andre Berley
Pierre Bertin
Pierre Bitcheff
Jeanne Boitel
Clive Brook
Tom Brown
Marcelle Chantal (2 different)
Maurice Chevalier
Joan Crawford
Lily Damita
Frances Dee
Jean Dehelly
Baron Fils
Jacqueline Francell
Jim Gerald
Mary Glory
Jeanne Helbling
Brigitte Helm
Leila Hyams
Rene Lefevre
Meg Lemonnier (2 different)
Bessy Love
Arlette Marchal
Adolphe Menjou (2 different)
Rosita Moreno
Gaby Morlay
Conrad Nagel
Ramon Navarro (2 different)
Anny Onda
Anita Page
Marie Pickford
Enrique Rivero
Andre Roanne
Francoise Rosay
Yvonne Vallee
Simone Vaudry (2 different)
Suzy Vernon (2 different)
Jean Weber
Sunshine Woodword

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