Chilena "G" Set

Issuing Company: Cia Chilena de Tobaccos
Country of Issue: Chile
Year of Issue: 1933
Color/B&W: B&W
Number of Cards in Set: 96
Card Size: 1 1/2" x 2 1/8"
Issued as insert with what product: Cigarettes

Notes: Checklist Incomplete. Blank-backed. Cards tend to curl left to right. Cards from this set have been seen in various shades of black and white with various amounts of gloss used for the fronts.

Date info: The Weissmuller-O'Sullivan card dates the set to no earlier than 1932, when they were first paired together. Wray and Arlen appeared together in a film in 1931. Thalberg-Shearer were together in films in 1931, 1932, and 1934 at least. From this sketchy info I'm placing a date of 1933 on this set, though this could be off by a couple of years.

Thanks to Hector Tejeda for help with this checklist.

G.1. Marion Davies
G.3. Willy Fritsch
G.4. Kay Johnson
G.5. Buster Keaton
G.6. Bebe Daniels
G.7. Irving G. Thalberg y Norma Shearer
G.8. Kathe von Nagy
G.9. Albert Prejean
G.10. Karen Morley
G.11. Johnny Weissmuller y Maureen O'Sullivan
G.12. Jean Parker
G.13. Nils Asther
G.15. Conchita Montenegro
G.16. Lien Deyers
G.17. Jimmy Durante (playing badminton)
G.18. Miriam Hopkins (playing backgammon)
G.19. William Powell
G.20. McClellan Barclay y Helene Barclay
G.22. Joan Crawford
G.23. Ramon Novarro
G.25. Marie Dressler
G.26. Warren William
G.27. Anna Sten
G.28. Dickie Moore
G.29. Joe E. Brown
G.30. Roberto Rey y Rosita Diaz
G.31. Robert Montgomery (holding 2 tennis racquets)
G.32. Madge Evans
G.33. Edwina Booth
G.34. Johnny Weissmuller
G.35. Jenny Jugo
G.37. Ramon Novarro
G.38. Loretta Young
G.39. Warren William
G.40. Marlene Dietrich
G.41. Norma Shearer
G.42. Paul Lukas
G.43. Fay Wray y Richard Arlen
G.44. Raquel Meller
G.45. Lionel Barrymore
G.46. Rosy Barsony
G.48. George Bancroft
G.49. Conchita Montenegro
G.50. Lilian Harvey
G.51. Jeanette MacDonald
G.52. Lillian Bond
G.53. Roy D'Arcy
G.54. Norma Shearer
G.55. Lewis Ayres
G.56. Rosy Barsony
G.59. Lionel Atwill
G.60. Robert Montgomery y Constance Bennett
G.61. Agnes Esterhazy
G.62. Willy Fritsch
G.64. Mary Doran
G.65. Johnny Weissmuller
G.66. Ann Dvorak
G.67. Joan Marsh
G.68. Ramon Novarro
G.69. Francoise Rosay
G.71. Guy Kibbee
G.72. Wolf Albach-Retty
G.74. John Gilbert
G.75. Dorothy Jordan
G.76. Greta Garbo
G.77. Virginia Bruce
G.78. Ethelind Terry
G.79. Edward G. Robinson
G.80. Bessie Love
G.81. Lilian Harvey
G.82. Astrid Alwyn
G.83. Hans Albers
G.84. Joan Marsh
G.85. Diana Wynyard
G.86. Ernesto Vilcnes
G.87. Joan Crawford
G.88. Leila Hyams
G.90. Wynne Gibson
G.91. Olga Tschechowa
G.92. Warner Baxter y Joan Bennett
G.93. Dorothy Sebastian
G.94. Anita Page
G.95. Kathe von Nagy
G.96. Leila Hyams

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