Chilena "H" Set

Issuing Company: Cia Chilena de Tobaccos
Country of Issue: Chile
Year of Issue: early 1930s
Color/B&W: B&W
Number of Cards in Set: 96
Card Size: 1 1/2" x 2 1/8"
Issued as insert with what product: Cigarettes

Notes: Checklist Incomplete. Blank-backed. Cards tend to curl left to right or top to bottom. Cards from this set have been seen in various shades of black and white with various amounts of gloss used for the fronts.

There are two variations of Card #35 of William Powell. One is a horizontal pose and the other is a vertical pose.

Thanks to Helen Lallo and Richard Minns for help with this checklist.

H.1. Werner Krauss
H.2. Thelma Todd
H.3. Kay Francis
H.4. Edward Nugent (holding giant scissors)
H.5. Rosy Barsony
H.6. Vampiresas 1933 (Scene from "Gold Diggers of 1933")
H.7. Conchita Montenegro
H.8. Dorothea Wieck y Willy Fritsch
H.9. Gerda Maurus
H.10. Anita Page, Madge Evans y Joan Marsh
H.11. Kent Douglas y su Perro (giant dog jumping on him)
H.12. Edwina Booth (monkey on shoulder)
H.13. Gary Cooper y Silvia Sydney
H.14. Jean Parker
H.15. David Manners
H.16. Kathe von Nagy
H.17. Greta Garbo
H.18. Charles Rogers
H.19. Barbara Stanwyck
H.20. Willy Fritsch
H.21. Joan Blondell
H.22. Loretta Young
H.23. Edward G. Robinson
H.24. Ruth Hall
H.25. Roberto Rey
H.26. Nancy Carroll
H.27. Jeanne Helbling
H.28. Robert Montgomery
H.29. Esther Ralston
H.30. Madge Evans
H.31. Lilian Harvey (throwing spear)
H.32. Laura La Plante, John Boles
H.33. Mary Doran
H.34. Bette Davis
H.35. William Powell (vertical)
H.35. William Powell (horizontal)
H.36. Marion Davies
H.37. George Arliss
H.38. Maria Calvo
H.39. Dickie Moore
H.40. Kathryn Crawford
H.41. Gertie Messinger
H.42. Wallace Beery
H.43. Viola Richards (wearing swimsuit while 4 cartoon men in background ogle her)
H.44. Clara Bow y Rogis Towney
H.45. Una Merkel
H.46. Dorothy Jordan
H.47. Ricardo Cortez
H.48. Lilian Harvey
H.49. Jean Angelo
H.50. Constance Bennet
H.51. Maureen O'Sullivan
H.52. Willy Fritsch
H.53. Anita Page
H.54. Anita Page (riding exercise bike)
H.55. Astrid Alwyn
H.56. Harry y Daisy Earles
H.57. Mary Carlyle
H.58. Diana Wynyard
H.59. Ramon Novarro (in Ben Hur)
H.61. Lionel Atwill
H.62. Greta Garbo
H.63. William Bakewell y Joan Marsh (tennis pose)
H.64. Leila Hyams
H.65. Kay Johnson
H.66. Charles Boyer
H.67. Norma Shearer
H.68. Maurice Chevalier
H.69. Marlene Dietrich
H.70. Warren William
H.71. Joan Marsh
H.72. Marjorie King y Ann Devorak
H.74. Helene Millard
H.75. Leila Hyams
H.76. Douglas Fairbanks Jr.
H.79. Anni Makart
H.80. Cliff Edwards (Ukelele Ike)
H.81. Lilian Harvey
H.82. Joan Crawford
H.83. (scene from "Gold Diggers of 1933")
H.84. Anita Page
H.85. Wolf Albach-Retty
H.86. Sally O'Neil
H.87. Richard Arlen (holding monkey)
H.88. Dorothy Jordan
H.89. Janet Currie
H.91. Alice Terry
H.92. John Boles
H.93. Norma Shearer
H.94. Jackie Cooper
H.96. Buck Jones

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