De Beukelaer Film Stars (1-100) (Belgium)

Issuing Company: De Beukelaer
Country of Issue: Belgium
Year of Issue: 1930s
Color/B&W: B&W
Number of Cards in Set: 100
Card Size: 1 1/16" x 1 15/16"
Issued as insert with what product: Cookies

Notes: Cards are blank-backed. No mention of De Beukelaer anywhere on cards. Most of the cards on this checklist were obtained from Belgium. Collector Michael Waters reports that he has obtained a De Beukelaer album containing cards from this set along with De Beukelaer cards numbered in the 101-200 and 201-300 groups. His album is titled "Filmstar De Beukelaer Antwerp," indicating the cards were issued in Belgium.

I have seen a list of De Beukelaer 1-100 cards that differs from this list. The other list was put together by British collector Owen Smithers, and it is apparent that there was a British set of De Beukelaer 1-100 cards and a different Belgian version of the De Beukelaer 1-100 set.

There is a variation for card #65 Evelyn Holt. One version shows the correct spelling of her first name, while the other version shows her first name spelled as Evelin. These may be been issued in different countries, as these cards were issued in at least Belgium and England and possibly other countries. Or they may just be an error and a corrected version.

Thanks to Piet Gooijaers and Richard Minns for help with this checklist.

1. Evelyn Brent
2. Mary Brian
3. Brigitte Helm
4. Nancy Carroll
5. Louise Brooks
6. Alice White
7. Billie Dove
8. Marilyn Miller
9. Norma Talmadge
10. Bebe Daniels
10. Ramon Novarro
11. Jwan Petrovich
12. Maurice Chevalier
13. Emil Jannings
14. Charles Farrell
15. Nils Asther
16. Ken Maynard
17. Tom Tyler
18. Tom Mix
19. George O'Brien
20. Eddy Polo
21. Alice Terry
22. Norma Shearer
23. Janet Gaynor
24. Dolores Del Rio
25. Marlene Dietrich
26. Dolores Del Rio
27. Clara Bow
28. Anna May Wong
29. Mary Philbin
30. Gloria Swanson
31. Lilian Harvey
32. Camilla Horn
33. Laura La Plante
34. Lily Damita
35. Vilma Banky
36. Ronald Colman
37. David Lee
38. Willi Fritsch
39. Douglas Fairbanks
40. Hoot Gibson
41. Harold Lloyd
42. William Boyd
43. Al Jolson
44. Ramon Novarro
45. Adolphe Menjou
46. Jaque Catelain
47. Rod La Rocque
48. Buster Keaton
49. Charles Rogers
50. Charlie Chaplin
51. Clive Brook
52. John Gilbert
53. Hans Stuwe
54. Richard Dix
55. John Barrymore
56. Agnes Esterhazy
57. Mary Pickford
58. Mady Christians
59. Evelyn Brent
60. Norma Shearer
61. Liane Haid
62. Lil Dagover
63. Anita Page
64. Anny Ondra
65a. Evelyn Holt (incorrectly spelled Evelin on card)
65b. Evelyn Holt (correctly spelled Evelyn on card)
66. Maria Paudler
67. Renée Adorée
68. Corinne Griffith
69. Dolores Costello
70. Colleen Moore
71. Gösta Ekman
72. Reginald Denny
73. James Hall
74. Lon Chaney
75. Jean Bradin
76. Lilian Gish
77. Camilla Horn
78. Joan Crawford
79. Anita Dorris
80. Marion Davies
81. Olga Tschechowa
82. Jeanette MacDonald
83. Lien Deyers
84. Esther Ralston
85. Jenny Jugo
86. Jgo Sym
87. Richard Arlen
88. Douglas Fairbanks jr.
89. Wilheim Dieterie
90. Milton Sills
91. Jwan Mosjukin
92. Willy Fritsch
92. Garry Cooper
93. Harry Piel
94. Conrad Nagel
95. Werner Fuetterer
96. Wladimir Gaidarow
97. Jack Trevor
98. Willi Forst
99. Lewis Stone
100. Joseph Schildkraut

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