De Beukelaer Film Stars (gold)

Issuing Company: De Beukelaer
Country of Issue: England, Belgium
Year of Issue: 1939
Color/B&W: Color (gold background)
Number of Cards in Set: 132
Card Size: 1 9/16" x 2 3/4"
Issued as insert with what product: Cookies

Notes: Cards are blank-backed. No mention of De Beukelaer anywhere on cards.

Different versions of the Goldfilm set were issued in multiple countries. A blank-backed version of this set was issued by De Beukelaer. This set was also issued in Germany by Bulgaria, Constantin, and Salem with different backs. This set can also be found with backs from Ebe and Einar Ahlström in Sweden, by Danmarks in Denmark, by Avis in Egypt, by Chocolat La Cigogne in France, and by Fernando Fuentes in the Canary Islands. It is likely this set was issued in other countries with additional back designs.

Max Adalbert
Marcella Albani
Hans Albers
Georg Alexander
Gitta Alpar
Richard Arlen
Siegfried Arno
Jean Arthus
Nils Asther
George Bancroft
John Barrymore
Vilma Banky
Richard Barthelmess
Warner Baxter
Constance Bennett
Elisabeth Bergner
Betty Bird
Lilian Bond
Felix Bressart
Mary Brian
Elga Brink
Clive Brook
Sue Carol
Nancy Carroll
Ruth Chatterton
Maurice Chevalier
Mady Christians
Claudette Colbert
Ronald Colman
Jackie Coogan
Gary Cooper
Lil Dagover
Marion Davies
Mary Duncan
Frances Dee
Lien Deyers
Marlene Dietrich
Anita Doris
Billie Dove
Marta Eggerth
Gosta Ekman
Agnes Esterhazy
Douglas Fairbanks
Charles Farrell
Rudolf Forster
Willy Fritsch
Gustav Frohlich
Werner Fuetterer
Clark Gable
Greta Garbo
Otto Gebuhr
Heinrich George
Ursula Grabley
Dolly Haas
Liane Haid
James Hall
Max Hansen
Lilian Harvey
Brigitte Helm
Oskar Homolka
Paul Hörbiger
Camilla Horn
Emil Jannings
Walter Janssen
Dorothy Jordan
Jenny Jugo
Oskar Karlweiss
Buster Keaton
Barbara Kent
Werner Krauss
Harry Liedtke
Harold Lloyd
Jacqueline Logan
Carole Lombard
Theodor Loos
June MacCloy
Jeanette MacDonald
Dorothy Mackaill
Gerda Maurus
Victor McLaglen
Adolphe Menjou
Tom Mix
Don Jose Mojica
Conchita Montenegro
Robert Montgomery
Paul Morgan
Chester Morris
Grete Mosheim
Iwan Mosjukin
Renate Muller
Kathe v. Nagy
Ramon Novarro
George O'Brien
Warner Oland
Anny Ondra
Anita Page
Dita Parlo
Maria Paudler
Iwan Petrowich
Mary Pickford
William Powell
Albert Prejean
Paul Richter
Dolores del Rio
Charles Rogers
Heinz Ruhmann
Hans Adalbert Schlettow
Magda Schneider
Friedel Schuster
Peggy Shannon
Norma Shearer
Sylvia Sidney
Anna Sten
Lewis Stone
Hans Stuwe
Charlotte Susa
Gloria Swanson
Hertha Thiele
Hermann Thimig
Thelma Todd
Luis Trenker
Jack Trevor
Olga Tschechowa
Truus van Aalten
Conrad Veidt
Lupe Velez
Peter Voss
Barbara Weeks
Dorothea Wieck
Anna May Wong
Loretta Young

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