Amatller Tarjeta Postal Film Stars

Issuing Company: Amatller
Country of Issue: Spain
Year of Issue: 1918
Color/B&W: Colorized B&W Photos
Number of Cards in Set:
Card Size:
Issued as insert with what product: Chocolates

Notes: Checklist incomplete. This is a series of sets, with each set showing scenes from a particular movie. It looks like most sets contain 18 cards, though I can't confirm that at the moment for all the sets. Where the total number of cards is confirmed, it is listed in the checklist below. The checklist below does not show the title of each card, since the title is the same for all the cards in a particular set. The cards are numbered.

Date info: Vida de Perro (A Dog's Life) was released in 1918. Tosca and Carnavelesca were 1918 films. The Clemenceau Affair, Liliana, and Midinettes were 1917 films. It looks like these cards were issued in about 1918 or shortly thereafter.

Serie 2a - El Proceso Clemenceau (Francesca Bertini film) - at least 24 in the set
Serie 3a - Midinettes (Susana Grandais film) - 18 cards in the set
Serie 4a - Liliana (Francesca Bertini film)
Serie 5a - Tosca (Francesca Bertini film)
Serie 6a - Lorena (Susana Grandais film) - 18 cards in the set
Serie 7a - Carnavalesca (Lyda Borelly film) - 18 cards in the set
Serie 8a - Fabiola o Los Martires Cristianos - 18 cards in the set
Serie 9a - Charlot Vida de Perro (Charles Chaplin film) - 18 cards in the set
Serie 12 (unidentified subjects)
Serie 14 (unidentified subjects)
Serie 15 (unidentified subjects)

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