Boys Cinema Famous Stars

Issuing Company: Boys Cinema
Country of Issue: England
Year of Issue: 1932
Color/B&W: B&W
Number of Cards in Set: 12
Card Size:
Issued as insert with what product: Magazine

Notes: Blank-backed. This is a series of 12 postcards that were issued in a paper wallet named "The Boy's Cinema Wallet." Text on the front of the wallet reads "12 art plates of Famous Stars" although the pictures are photographs. On the back of the wallet is more detailed text regarding each star. Numbers for each star are given on the back of the wallet but not on the postcards themselves. Note that the numbers from the wallet are listed in the checklist below.

Date info: All three films mentioned by name on the wallet were released in 1932, so I'm placing a 1932 date on this set, though it could have been issued the following year.

Thanks to Richard Minns for most of the information for this checklist. Richard notes that he purchased this item from Australia, so maybe it was issued in that country.

(1) Buck Jones in "White Eagle" (Wallet text reads Buck Jones, of Columbia Fame, in "White Eagle.")
(2) Ralph Graves, Lila Lee and Jack Holt (Wallet text gives the three names followed by "in Soldiers of Fortune.")
(3) Gary Cooper and a Pet Chimpanzee (Wallet text reads Gary Cooper and a baby chimpanzee he caught whilst hunting big game in Africa.)
(4) Ralph Lynn and Tom Walls (Wallet text reads Tom Walls and Ralph Lynn, the famous English Comedy Pair.)
(5) Joan Crawford (Joan Crawford, famous and charming as a Metro-Goldwyn-Meyer heroine.)
(6) Tony, Tom Mix and Tony Junior (Tom Mix and his horses. Tony (left) injured in "Hidden Gold" retires in favour of Tony, jnr.)
(7) Jack Hulbert (Jack Hulbert, who has scored successes in comedy on the English stage and on the screen.)
(8) Wallace Beery and his favourite Plane – horizontal card shows long shot of Beery by plane, top left a close up of Beery’s face in circular box. (Wallet text reads (Wallace Beery, famous Metro Star, also renowned as an air ace.)
(9) Joan Blondell (Joan Blondell, a delightful heroine, who has starred in many action pictures for First National.)
(10) Rex Bell (Rex Bell – The Rodeo Star with his favourite horse.)
(11) Laurel and Hardy – horizontal card of them, head and shoulders only. (Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy, the famous laughter-makers.)
(12) Tom Keene (Tom Keene, the famous dare-devil cowboy star.)

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