Bruguera Cromos Cinefoto

Issuing Company: Editorial Bruguera
Country of Issue: Spain
Year of Issue: 1943
Color/B&W: Color
Number of Cards in Set:
Card Size: 2" x 2 15/16" (S) and 2 7/8" x 4 1/16" (L)
Issued as insert with what product:

Notes: Checklist incomplete.

The cards from this set were designed to be pasted into an album. The album pages measure 9 1/2" x 13". There are two sizes of cards for this set, though each card can be found in only one size.

Each page of the album contains 6 cards on one side and 6 on the other. For each page in the album, the same letter is used for side 1 and side 2, so there are 12 numbers for each letter.

Amit Benyovits listed the cards in an album he has for this set in the checklist below. There are a lot of other cards not seen in his album, leading me to think there is at least one other album for this set.

Date info: The cover of the album contains the words "cuarenta y tres" which translates to 43, indicating the album was issued in 1943.

Thanks to Amit Benyovits, Bernie Feldman, and Greg Graetz for helping with this checklist.

C-1:3. R. Z. Leonard (Director)
C-1:10. Frank Capra
C-1:12. W. L. Van Dyke

C-1-A:3. Clarence Brown (Director)
C-1-A:5. Eric Von Strokim (Director)
C-1-A:6. Norman Taurog (Director)
C-1-A:7. Laenz Heredia (Director)

E-1-A:1. Katharine Hepburn (L)
E-1-A:2. Katharine Hepburn
E-1-A:3. Katharine Hepburn
E-1-A:4. Katharine Hepburn
E-1-A:5. Katharine Hepburn
E-1-A:6. Katharine Hepburn
E-1-A:7. Leslie Howard
E-1-A:8. Leslie Howard
E-1-A:9. Leslie Howard
E-1-A:10. Leslie Howard
E-1-A:11. Leslie Howard
E-1-A:12. Leslie Howard

E-1-B:3. Leslie Howard
E-1-B:6. Leslie Howard

E-2-A:1. William Powell
E-2-A:2. William Powell
E-2-A:3. William Powell
E-2-A:4. William Powell
E-2-A:5. William Powell
E-2-A:6. William Powell
E-2-A:7. Greta Garbo
E-2-A:8. Greta Garbo
E-2-A:9. Greta Garbo
E-2-A:10. Greta Garbo
E-2-A:11. Greta Garbo
E-2-A:12. Greta Garbo

E-2-B:1. Greta Garbo
E-2-B:4. Greta Garbo
E-2-B:5. Greta Garbo

E-3-A:1. Norma Shearer
E-3-A:2. Norma Shearer
E-3-A:3. Norma Shearer
E-3-A:4. Norma Shearer
E-3-A:5. Norma Shearer
E-3-A:6. Norma Shearer
E-3-A:7. Diana Durbin
E-3-A:8. Diana Durbin
E-3-A:9. Diana Durbin
E-3-A:10. Diana Durbin
E-3-A:11. Diana Durbin
E-3-A:12. Diana Durbin

E-3-B:2. Deanna Durbin
E-3-B:3. Deanna Durbin
E-3-B:4. Deanna Durbin
E-3-B:5. Deanna Durbin
E-3-B:5. Deanna Durbin
E-3-B:12. Ginger Rogers

E-4-A:1. Ginger Rogers (L)
E-4-A:2. Ginger Rogers
E-4-A:3. Ginger Rogers
E-4-A:4. Ginger Rogers
E-4-A:5. Ginger Rogers
E-4-A:6. Ginger Rogers
E-4-A:7. Gary Cooper
E-4-A:8. Gary Cooper
E-4-A:9. Gary Cooper
E-4-A:10. Gary Cooper
E-4-A:11. Gary Cooper
E-4-A:12. Gary Cooper

E-4-B:1. Gary Cooper
E-4-B:10. Jeanette MacDonald

E-5-A:1. Jeanette MacDonald
E-5-A:2. Jeanette MacDonald
E-5-A:3. Jeanette MacDonald
E-5-A:4. Jeanette MacDonald
E-5-A:5. Jeanette MacDonald
E-5-A:6. Jeanette MacDonald
E-5-A:7. Nelson Eddy
E-5-A:8. Nelson Eddy
E-5-A:9. Nelson Eddy
E-5-A:10. Nelson Eddy
E-5-A:11. Nelson Eddy
E-5-A:12. Nelson Eddy

E-5-B:1. Nelson Eddy
E-5-B:4. Nelson Eddy

E-6-A:1. Cary Grant
E-6-A:2. Cary Grant
E-6-A:3. Cary Grant
E-6-A:4. Cary Grant
E-6-A:5. Cary Grant
E-6-A:6. Cary Grant
E-6-A:7. Marlene Dietrich
E-6-A:8. Marlene Dietrich
E-6-A:9. Marlene Dietrich
E-6-A:10. Marlene Dietrich
E-6-A:11. Marlene Dietrich
E-6-A:12. Marlene Dietrich

E-6-B:1. Marlene Dietrich
E-6-B:4. Marlene Dietrich
E-6-B:5. Marlene Dietrich
E-6-B:6. Marlene Dietrich
E-6-B:8. Clark Gable-Helen Hayes

E-7-A:1. Clark Gable (L)
E-7-A:2. Clark Gable
E-7-A:3. Clark Gable
E-7-A:4. Clark Gable
E-7-A:5. Clark Gable
E-7-A:6. Clark Gable
E-7-A:7. Spencer Tracy
E-7-A:8. Spencer Tracy
E-7-A:9. Spencer Tracy
E-7-A:10. Spencer Tracy
E-7-A:11. Spencer Tracy
E-7-A:12. Spencer Tracy

E-7-B:1. Spencer Tracy
E-7-B:9. Ronald Colman
E-7-B:12. Ronald Colman

E-8-A:1. Ronald Colman
E-8-A:2. Ronald Colman
E-8-A:3. Ronald Colman
E-8-A:4. Ronald Colman
E-8-A:5. Ronald Colman
E-8-A:6. Ronald Colman
E-8-A:7. Mickey Rooney
E-8-A:8. Mickey Rooney
E-8-A:9. Mickey Rooney
E-8-A:10. Mickey Rooney
E-8-A:11. Mickey Rooney
E-8-A:12. Mickey Rooney

E-9-A:1. Myrna Loy
E-9-A:2. Myrna Loy
E-9-A:3. Myrna Loy
E-9-A:4. Myrna Loy
E-9-A:5. Myrna Loy
E-9-A:6. Myrna Loy
E-9-A:7. John Boles
E-9-A:8. John Boles
E-9-A:9. John Boles
E-9-A:10. John Boles
E-9-A:11. John Boles
E-9-A:12. John Boles

E-10-A:1. Maurice Chevalier
E-10-A:2. Maurice Chevalier
E-10-A:3. Maurice Chevalier
E-10-A:4. Maurice Chevalier
E-10-A:5. Maurice Chevalier
E-10-A:6. Maurice Chevalier
E-10-A:7. Irene Dunne
E-10-A:8. Irene Dunne
E-10-A:9. Irene Dunne
E-10-A:10. Irene Dunne
E-10-A:11. Irene Dunne
E-10-A:12. Irene Dunne

E-10-B:4. Irene Dunne
E-10-B:5. Irene Dunne
E-10-B:10. Annabella

E-11-A:1. Annabella
E-11-A:2. Annabella
E-11-A:3. Annabella
E-11-A:4. Annabella
E-11-A:5. Annabella
E-11-A:6. Annabella
E-11-A:7. Fred Astaire
E-11-A:8. Fred Astaire
E-11-A:9. Fred Astaire
E-11-A:10. Fred Astaire
E-11-A:11. Fred Astaire
E-11-A:12. Fred Astaire

E-12-A:1. Melvyn Douglas
E-12-A:2. Melvyn Douglas
E-12-A:3. Melvyn Douglas
E-12-A:4. Melvyn Douglas
E-12-A:10. Danielle Darrieux
E-12-A:12. Danielle Darrieux

E-12-B:1. Danielle Darrieux
E-12-B:2. Danielle Darrieux
E-12-B:4. Danielle Darrieux
E-12-B:8. Robert Taylor
E-12-B:11. Robert Taylor

E-13-A:1. Robert Taylor
E-13-A:4. Robert Taylor
E-13-A:8. Warner Baxter
E-13-A:10. Warner Baxter

E-13-B:6. Emil Jannings
E-13-B:10. Tyrone Power
E-13-B:12. Tyrone Power

E-14-A:1. Tyrone Power
E-14-A:4. Tyrone Power
E-14-A:5. Tyrone Power
E-14-A:6. Tyrone Power
E-14-A:9. Lionel Barrymore
E-14-A:10. Lionel Barrymore
E-14-A:12. Lionel Barrymore

E-15-A:1. Wallace Beery
E-15-A:3. Wallace Beery
E-15-A:4. Wallace Beery
E-15-A:5. Wallace Beery
E-15-A:6. Charles Boyer
E-15-A:8. Charles Boyer
E-15-A:9. Charles Boyer
E-15-A:11. Charles Boyer
E-15-A:12. Charles Boyer

E-16-A:4. Claudette Colbert
E-16-A:10. Robert Montgomery

E-17-A:6. Paulette Goddard
E-17-A:11. Ralph Bellamy

F-1-A:1. Mary Astor
F-1-A:2. Mary Astor
F-1-A:3. Lilian Harvey
F-1-A:4. Lilian Harvey
F-1-A:5. Ralph Bellamy
F-1-A:6. Ralph Bellamy
F-1-A:7. Joan Bennett
F-1-A:8. Joan Bennett
F-1-A:9. George Brent
F-1-A:10. George Brent
F-1-A:11. Randolph Scott
F-1-A:12. Randolph Scott

F-1-B:3. George Brent
F-1-B:4. George Brent
F-1-B:6. Randolph Scott
F-1-B:9. Clive Brook
F-1-B:10. Clive Brook
F-1-B:11. Virginia Bruce

F-2-A:1. Joan Blondell
F-2-A:2. Joan Blondell
F-2-A:3. Clive Brook
F-2-A:4. Clive Brook
F-2-A:5. Virginia Bruce
F-2-A:6. Virginia Bruce
F-2-A:7. Ann Harding
F-2-A:8. Ann Harding
F-2-A:9. Miriam Hopkins
F-2-A:10. Miriam Hopkins
F-2-A:11. Ruby Keeler
F-2-A:12. Ruby Keeler

F-2-B:9. Hedy Lamarr

F-3-A:1. Victor MacLaglen
F-3-A:2. Victor MacLaglen
F-3-A:3. Hedy Lamarr
F-3-A:4. Hedy Lamarr
F-3-A:5. Lew Ayres
F-3-A:6. Lew Ayres
F-3-A:7. Paul Lukas
F-3-A:8. Paul Lukas
F-3-A:9. Herbert Marshall
F-3-A:10. Herbert Marshall
F-3-A:11. Adolphe Menjou
F-3-A:12. Adolphe Menjou

F-3-B:3. Herbert Marshall
F-3-B:5. Herbert Marshall
F-3-B:11. Merle Oberon

F-4-A:1. Jose Mojica
F-4-A:2. Jose Mojica
F-4-A:3. Fred MacMurray
F-4-A:4. Fred MacMurray
F-4-A:5. Merle Oberon
F-4-A:6. Merle Oberon
F-4-A:7. Anny Ondra
F-4-A:8. Anny Ondra
F-4-A:9. Jean Parker
F-4-A:10. Jean Parker
F-4-A:11. Dick Powell
F-4-A:12. Dick Powell

F-4-B:1. Anny Ondra
F-4-B:2. Anny Ondra
F-4-B:4. Jean Parker
F-4-B:11. George Raft

F-5-A:1. Eleanor Powell
F-5-A:2. Eleanor Powell
F-5-A:3. Dorotea Wieck
F-5-A:4. Dorotea Wieck
F-5-A:5. George Raft
F-5-A:6. George Raft
F-5-A:7. Gene Raymond
F-5-A:8. Gene Raymond
F-5-A:9. Merika Rokk
F-5-A:10. Merika Rokk
F-5-A:11. Rosalind Russell
F-5-A:12. Rosalind Russell

F-5-B:2. Gene Raymond
F-5-B:3. Marika Rokk
F-5-B:4. Marika Rokk
F-5-B:11. Loretta Young

F-6-A:1. Maureen O'Sullivan
F-6-A:2. Maureen O'Sullivan
F-6-A:3. Warren William
F-6-A:4. Warren William
F-6-A:5. Loretta Young
F-6-A:6. Loretta Young
F-6-A:7. Nancy Carroll
F-6-A:8. Nancy Carroll
F-6-A:9. Joel MacCrea
F-6-A:10. Joel MacCrea
F-6-A:11. Kay Francis
F-6-A:12. Kay Francis

F-6-B:2. Nancy Carroll
F-6-B:4. Joel McCrea
F-6-B:5. Kay Francis
F-6-B:8. Elissa Landi
F-6-B:9. James Dunn
F-6-B:10. James Dunn

F-7-A:1. Elissa Landi
F-7-A:2. Elissa Landi
F-7-A:3. James Dunn
F-7-A:4. James Dunn
F-7-A:5. Carl Brisson
F-7-A:6. Carl Brisson
F-7-A:7. Willy Birgel
F-7-A:8. Willy Birgel
F-7-A:9. Errol Flynn
F-7-A:10. Errol Flynn
F-7-A:11. Jack Holt
F-7-A:12. Jack Holt

F-7-B:7. Phillips Holmes
F-7-B:9. Robert Cummings
F-7-B:11. Lewis Stone
F-7-B:12. Lewis Stone

F-8-A:1. Phillips Holmes
F-8-A:2. Phillips Holmes
F-8-A:3. Robert Cummings
F-8-A:4. Robert Cummings
F-8-A:5. Lewis Stone
F-8-A:6. Lewis Stone
F-8-A:7. Henry Fonda
F-8-A:8. Henry Fonda
F-8-A:9. Willy Frist
F-8-A:10. Willy Frist
F-8-A:11. Anna May Wong
F-8-A:12. Anna May Wong

F-9-A:1. Madeleine Carroll
F-9-A:2. Madeleine Carroll
F-9-A:3. Marion Davies
F-9-A:4. Marion Davies
F-9-A:5. Amadeo Nazzari
F-9-A:6. Amadeo Nazzari
F-9-A:7. Ramon Navarro
F-9-A:8. Ramon Navarro
F-9-A:9. Helen Hayes
F-9-A:10. Helen Hayes
F-9-A:11. Allan Jones
F-9-A:12. Allan Jones

F-9-B:6. Allan Jones
F-9-B:11. Walter Pidgeon

F-10-A:1. Tom Brown
F-10-A:2. Tom Brown
F-10-A:3. Jack Buchannan
F-10-A:4. Jack Buchannan
F-10-A:5. Walter Pidgeon
F-10-A:6. Walter Pidgeon
F-10-A:7. Bruce Cabot
F-10-A:8. Bruce Cabot
F-10-A:9. Ricardo Cortez
F-10-A:10. Ricardo Cortez
F-10-A:11. Lil Dagover
F-10-A:12. Lil Dagover

F-10-B:3. Ricardo Cortez

F-11-A:1. Constance Bennett
F-11-A:2. Constance Bennett
F-11-A:3. Charles Bickford
F-11-A:4. Charles Bickford
F-11-A:5. Clara Bow
F-11-A:6. Clara Bow
F-11-A:7. George Bancroft
F-11-A:8. George Bancroft
F-11-A:9. Richard Barthelmess
F-11-A:10. Richard Barthelmess
F-11-A:11. Harvey Baur
F-11-A:12. Harvey Baur

F-11-B:3. Richard Barthelmess
F-11-B:9. Ann Shotern

F-12-A:1. Simone Simon
F-12-A:2. Simone Simon
F-12-A:3. Ann Shotern
F-12-A:4. Ann Shotern
F-12-A:5. Barbara Stanwyck
F-12-A:6. Barbara Stanwyck
F-12-A:7. Ann Sten
F-12-A:8. Ann Sten
F-12-A:9. James Stewart
F-12-A:10. James Stewart
F-12-A:11. Margaret Sullavan

F-12-B:1. Ann Stenn
F-12-B:5. Margaret Sullavan

F-13-A:1. Al Jonson (Jolson)
F-13-A:2. Al Johnson (Jolson)
F-13-A:3. Grace Moore
F-13-A:4. Grace Moore
F-13-A:5. Martha Eggerth
F-13-A:6. Martha Eggerth
F-13-A:7. Janet Gaynor
F-13-A:8. Janet Gaynor
F-13-A:9. Robert Donat
F-13-A:10. Robert Donat
F-13-A:11. Tino Rossi
F-13-A:12. Tino Rossi

F-13-B:3. Robert Donat
F-13-B:11. Charles Laughton

F-14-A:1. Dolores Del Rio
F-14-A:2. Dolores Del Rio
F-14-A:3. Boris Karloff
F-14-A:4. Boris Karloff
F-14-A:5. Charles Laughton
F-14-A:6. Charles Laughton
F-14-A:7. Richard Arlen
F-14-A:8. Richard Arlen
F-14-A:9. George Arliss
F-14-A:10. George Arliss
F-14-A:11. Jean Arthur
F-14-A:12. Jean Arthur

F-14-B:1. Richard Arlen
F-14-B:4. George Arliss
F-14-B:8. Glenda Farrell
F-14-B:9. Joan Fontaine

F-15-A:1. Glenda Farrell
F-15-A:2. Glenda Farrell
F-15-A:3. Joan Fontaine
F-15-A:7. Bebe Daniels
F-15-A:10. Richard Dix
F-15-A:11. Madge Evans
F-15-A:12. Madge Evans

F-15-B:5. Madge Evans
F-15-B:6. Madge Evans
F-15-B:10. Ray Milland
F-15-B:12. Cecilia Parker

F-16-A:1. Vivian Leigh
F-16-A:2. Vivian Leigh
F-16-A:4. Ray Milland
F-16-A:6. Cecilia Parker
F-16-A:7. Leo Carrillo
F-16-A:9. Assia Noria
F-16-A:10. Assia Noris
F-16-A:11. Basil Rathbone

F-16-B:5. Basil Rathbone
F-16-B:11. Tito Guizar

F-17-A:1. Adrienne Ames
F-17-A:3. Ida Lupino
F-17-A:9. Ann Rutherford
F-17-A:10. Ann Rutherford
F-17-A:11. Gloria Stuart

F-17-B:1. Robert Young

F-18-A:5. Rosita Moreno
F-18-A:7. Dolores Costello
F-18-A:9. Charles Farrell
F-18-A:10. Charles Farrell
F-18-A:11. Alida Valli
F-18-A:12. Alida Valli

F-19-A:2. Gilbert Roland
F-19-A:4. Olivia De Havilland
F-19-A:5. Edvige Feulliere
F-19-A:6. Edvige Feulliere
F-19-A:5. John Beal
F-19-A:8. John Beal
F-19-A:10. Marguerite Chapman
F-19-A:11. Edward G. Robinson

F-19-B:3. Marguerite Chapman
F-19-B:5. Marsha Hunt

F-20-A:1. Anton Walbrook
F-20-A:10. Linda Darnell
F-20-A:12. Chester Morris

F-20-B:3. Raimu
F-20-B:10. Jack Oakie

F-21-A:3. Jack Oakie
F-21-A:5. Peter Lorre

F-22-A:2. Norman Foster
F-22-A:3. Una Merkel
F-22-A:5. Cesar Romero
F-22-A:10. Roland Young
F-22-A:11. Jean Hersholt

F-22-B:2. Diana Barrymore
F-22-B:7. Carol Bruce

F-23-A:5. Francis Lederer
F-23-A:9. Vivian Romance
F-23-A:11. Patricia Ellis
F-23-A:12. Patricia Ellis

F-24-A:3. Gino Cervi
F-24-A:9. Jenny Jugo
F-24-A:10. Jenny Jugo

F-25-A:2. Katte Von Nage
F-25-A:6. Ann Sheridan
F-25-A:11. Mae West

F-25-B:8. Virginia Weidler

F-26-A:1. C. Aubrey Smith

F-27-A:5. Jean Murat
F-27-A:8. Henry Garat

G-1:1. Zasu Pitts
G-1:2. Luana Alcanir
G-1:3. Mischa Auer
G-1:4. Francisca Gaal
G-1:5. Lilian Bond
G-1:6. Evelyn Brent
G-1:7. Gail Patrick
G-1:8. Florence Rice
G-1:9. Victor Staal
G-1:10. Johnny Weissmuller
G-1:11. Zarah Leander

G-2:1. Frances Drake
G-2:2. Virginia Grey
G-2:4. Frances Dee
G-2:5. Heather Angel
G-2:6. Betty Grable
G-2:7. Griffith Jones
G-2:8. Meg Lemonnier
G-2:9. Gertrude Michael
G-2:10. Jean Muir
G-2:11. June Lang
G-2:12. Lile Talbot

G-3:1. Reginald Denny
G-3:2. Betty Furness
G-3:3. Mary Glory
G-3:4. Billie Dove
G-3:5. Alice Faye
G-3:6. Ina Claire
G-3:7. Stuart Irwin
G-3:8. Lana Turner
G-3:9. Sally Eilers
G-3:10. Marian Marsh
G-3:11. Ann Dvorack
G-3:12. Agustin Irusta

G-4:1. Enrico Caruso
G-4:2. Otto Kruger
G-4:3. Lynne Carver
G-4:4. June Knight
G-4:5. Lorraine Day
G-4:7. Sonja Henie
G-4:10. Claire Trevor
G-4:11. Charles Rogers
G-4:12. Rochelle Hudson

G-5:1. Lawrence Tibbet
G-5:2. Amanda Duff
G-5:4. Lynne Roberts
G-5:5. Elise Knox
G-5:6. Mary Healy
G-5:7. June Carlson
G-5:8. Dean Jagger
G-5:11. Margeret Lindsay
G-5:12. Kay Walsh

G-6:1. Luis Alberni
G-6:2. Brian Aherne
G-6:5. Michael Whalen
G-6:8. Virginia Gilmore
G-6:9. Robert Shaw
G-6:10. Brenda Joyce
G-6:11. Carmen Miranda
G-6:12. Sidney Toler

G-7:1. John Payne
G-7:2. Ted North
G-7:3. Robert Sterling
G-7:4. Richard Greene
G-7:5. Robert Conway
G-7:6. Marjorie Weaver
G-7:7. Lynn Bari
G-7:8. Gene Tierney
G-7:9. Mary Beth Hughes
G-7:10. Jean Rogers
G-7:11. Nancy Kelly
G-7:12. Judy Canova

G-8:2. Ann Miller
G-8:6. Dorothy Jordan
G-8:7. Kitty Carlisle
G-8:12. Katherine DeMille

G-9:2. James Hall
G-9:3. Fay Wray
G-9:4. Charles Morton
G-9:6. Neil Hamilton
G-9:9. Brigitte Helm
G-9:10. Conrad Nagel
G-9:11. Robert Armstrong

G-10:7. Gene Autry
G-10:8. Helen Broderick
G-10:9. Margot Grahame
G-10:10. Ben Lyon
G-10:11. John Howard
G-10:12. Victor Jory

G-11:1. Charles Cullins
G-11:2. Mary Martin
G-11:3. Kent Taylor
G-11:4. Annnie Ducaux
G-11:5. Frances Farmer
G-11:6. Andy Devine
G-11:7. Ramon Pereda
G-11:8. Arline Judge
G-11:9. John Arletge
G-11:10. Jane Wyatt
G-11:11. Paula Wesley
G-11:12. Micheline Presle

G-12:1. Frances Langford
G-12:3. Robert Douglas
G-12:5. Anne Rooney
G-12:6. Harriet Hilliard
G-12:7. Teresa Wright
G-12:8. Jane Frazee
G-12:12. Joan Leslie

G-13:8. Preston Foster
G-13:11. Louise Fazenda
G-13:12. Isa Miranda

G-14:10. June Collier

H-1:1. Manuel Luna
H-1:2. Manuel Luna
H-1:3. Catalina Barcena
H-1:4. Catalina Barcena
H-1:5. Jose Nieto
H-1:6. Jose Nieto
H-1:7. Antonio Casal
H-1:8. Antonio Casal
H-1:9. Miguel Ligero
H-1:10. Miguel Ligero
H-1:11. Esterellita Castro
H-1:12. Esterellita Castro

H-2:1. Tony D'Algy
H-2:2. Tony D'Algy
H-2:3. Antonita Colome
H-2:4. Antonita Colome
H-2:5. Conchita Montenegro
H-2:6. Conchita Montenegro
H-2:7. Rafael Duran
H-2:8. Rafael Duran
H-2:9. Julio Pena
H-2:10. Julio Pena
H-2:11. Roberto Rey
H-2:12. Roberto Rey

H-3:1. Imperio Argentina
H-3:2. Imperio Argentina
H-3:3. Raquel Rodrigo
H-3:4. Raquel Rodrigo
H-3:5. Celia Gamez
H-3:6. Celia Gamez
H-3:7. Josita Hernan
H-3:8. Josita Hernan
H-3:9. Maria Guerrero-de Mendoza
H-3:10. Maria Guerrero-de Mendoza
H-3:11. Pastora Pena
H-3:12. Pastora Pena

H-4:1. Ana Mariscal
H-4:3. Irene Lopez Heredia
H-4:5. Enrique Guitart
H-4:7. Mariya Tomas
H-4:10. Fernand deGranada

H-5:3. Blanca de Lilos
H-5:8. Alfred Mayo
H-5:10. Lina Yegros
H-5:11. Amparito Rivelles

H-6:6. Ismael Merlo
H-6:7. Maria Lantaolatta
H-6:8. Marta Lantaolalla
H-6:10. Jesus Torsesillas
H-6:12. Alberto Romea

H-7:12. Florencia Becquer

I-1-A:1. Shirley Temple
I-1-A:3. Shirley Temple
I-1-A:4. Shirley Temple
I-1-A:5. Shirley Temple
I-1-A:6. Shirley Temple

I-2-A:1. Freddie Bartholomew
I-2-A:7. Jane Withers
I-2-A:9. Jackie Morgan
I-2-A:12. Jackie Coogan

J-1-A:1. Carlos Gardel
J-1-A:4. Carlos Gardel
J-1-A:7. Carole Lombard
J-1-A:8. Carole Lombard
J-1-A:10. Carole Lombard
J-1-A:11. Carole Lombard
J-1-A:12. Carole Lombard

J-2-A:5. Jean Harlow
J-2-A:10. John Barrymore

L-1:1. Max Linder
L-1:3. Joe E. Brown
L-1:4. Will Rogers
L-1:5. Bert Wheeler
L-1:7. Stan Laurel
L-1:8. Oliver Hardy

L-2:2. Jimmy Durante
L-2:9. Slim Summerville
L-2:16. Harry Langdon

M-1:8. Buck Jones
M-1:9. Hoot Gibson

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