Clinton Williams Scenes From Paramount Pictures

Issuing Company: Clinton Williams Ltd., Sydney, Australia
Country of Issue: Australia
Year of Issue: 1933
Color/B&W: B&W
Number of Cards in Set: 50
Card Size: 2 15/16" x 2 1/2" (movie card only); 8 15/16" x 2 1/2" (entire 3-part card unfolded)
Issued as insert with what product: Gelatin

Notes: Checklist incomplete. Since the stars and movies are not identified on the cards, this will be a picture checklist with identifications made when known.

These cards were apparently issued with JelleX Gelatin. There is a big ad for Custoza Custard on the back of these cards, but it looks like it is just an ad to try to get you to buy Custoza, and that the cards were issued with JelleX. Both products were made by Clinton Williams in Australia. It is possible the cards were issued with both JelleX and Custoza products.

These cards come as three-part folded cards. When folded up, the movie scene is on the front and an an for Custoza Custard is on the back. When folded out, there are three panels. The left panel shows a picture of a food item that can be made with JelleX on the front and the recipe for making it on the back. These recipe panels are numbered from 1 to 10. The middle panel shows an ad for Custoza Custard on the front and an information blurb about how JelleX is made on the back. The right panel shows a movie scene from a recent Paramount Picture on the front and some collecting information about the movie scenes on the back. The movie scenes do not show the name of the stars pictured or the name of the film. There are spaces on the back where the collector is supposed to write in the name of the stars and the name of the movie.

From a brief examination of the movie scenes and movie stars on the cards, it appears these were probably issued in the early 1930s. Kay Francis and Herbert Marshall starred together in "Trouble in Paradise," a Paramount production, in 1932. The W. C. Fields film "If I Had a Million" was also released in 1932. Cary Grant made his first film in 1932. I am placing a date of 1933 on the set.

I am looking for some help on this checklist. If you can identify any of the unidentified movie stars or identify the films in this checklist or can confirm any of these unconfirmed identifications, please let me know.

Thanks to Richard Minns and David Elliott for help with this checklist.

1. Helen Hayes and Gary Cooper
2. Helen Hayes
3. Helen Hayes and Gary Cooper in "A Farewell to Arms"
4. Helen Hayes and Gary Cooper in "A Farewell to Arms"
5. Charles Ruggles in "If I Had a Million"
6. Sari Maritza
7. Herbert Marshall and Edna Best
8. Herbert Marshall and Edna Best
9. Fredric March and Elissa Landi in "Sign of the Cross"
10. Claudette Colbert in "Sign of the Cross"
11. Elissa Landi in "Sign of the Cross"
12. George Raft and Constance Cummings in "Night After Night"
13. George Raft, Constance Cummings, and Wynne Gibson in "Night After Night"
15. Gene Raymond and Frances Dee in “If I Had a Million”
16. Clive Brook and ?
18. Jimmie Durante, George M. Cohan, and Claudette Colbert in "The Phantom President"
19. W. C. Fields
20. Marlene Dietrich in ?
21. Gary Cooper and Tallulah Bankhead in “Devil and the Deep”
22. Cary Grant and Nancy Carroll in “Hot Saturday”
23. Kay Francis and Herbert Marshall in "Trouble in Paradise"
25. Marian Nixon and Jack Oakie in “Madison Square Garden”
26. Richard Dix?
27. The Marx Brothers
28. Bing Crosby and ?
29. Maurice Chevalier and Jeanette MacDonald in “Love Me Tonight”
31. Ken Maynard and ?
33. Kay Francis and Lewis Stone in "Passion Flower"
34. Wynne Gibson in “If I Had a Million”
35. W. C. Fields and Alison Skipworth in "If I Had a Million"
36. George Raft
38. Bing Crosby and ?
39. Richard Arlen and Gloria Stuart?
40. Richard Arlen and ?
42. Joan Bennett?
43. Charles Laughton in "Sign of the Cross"
45. George Raft and ?
46. George Raft and ?
48. Allison Skipworth and ?
49. Helen Hayes and Edmund Lowe
50. Joan Blondell? and ?

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