Dandy Film Series

Issuing Company:
Country of Issue: Sweden, Various Countries
Year of Issue: 1955
Color/B&W: B Series Color, E Series B&W
Number of Cards in Set:
Card Size:
Issued as insert with what product:

Notes: Checklist incomplete. This set appears to have been issued in different countries with different letter prefixes. The B set contains American and British film stars (100 cards), the C set contains Indian film stars (36 cards), the D set contains Egyptian film stars (42 cards), the E set contains Swedish film stars (unsure of how many of these were issued, but at least 71). From viewing Swedish auctions, it looks like that country just got the Swedish cards, so it is likely the different series went to different countries.

Date info: The Cameric Cigarette Card Club "Notes and News" magazine mentions this set as a new issue in its Feb 1956 issue. Their writeup says this set was issued in 1955.

Thanks to Richard Minns for help with this checklist.

American and British Film Stars

B6. Glenn Ford in "Affair in Trinidad"
B39. Anthony Steel in "Where No Vultures Fly" (Spelled Voltures)
B98. Jose Ferrer in "Miss Sadie Thompson"

Indian Film Stars

C12. Begum Para

Egyptian Film Stars

D4. Rakia Ibrahim
D10. Fatin Hamma
D29. Ragaa Abdou
D33. Nour El Hoda
D35. Laila Mourad

Swedish Film Stars

E1. Margit Carlqvist
E2. Edvin Adolphson
E3. Sickan Carlsson
E4. Doris Svedlund
E5. Viveca Lindfors
E6. Edvard Persson
E7. Signe Hasso
E8. Nils Poppe
E9. Edvin Adolphson
E10. Lissi Alandh
E11. Bibi Andersson
E12. Harriet Andersson
E13. Harriet Andersson
E15. Anne-Marie Aroe
E16. Alice Babs
E17. Bullen Berglund
E18. Anita Bjork
E19. Bertil Boo
E21. Gunnel Brostrom
E22. Margit Carlqvist
E23. Eva Dahlbeck
E24. Eva Dahlbeck
E27. Bengt Eklund
E28. John Elfstrom
E29. Annalisa Ericson
E30. Hasse Ekman
E33. Sven-Eric Gamble
E34. Erna Groth
E35. Ake Gronberg
E36. Nils Hallberg
E39. Gunnar Helstrom
E40. Karl-Arne Holmsten
E41. Holger Hoglund
E42. Eva Henning
E43. Ulla Jacobsson
E44. Adolf Jahr
E45. Stig Jarrel
E46. Sissi Kaiser
E47. Nils Kihlberg
E48. Inga Landgre
E49. Lennart Lindberg
E50. Sven Lindberg
E51. Peter Lindgren
E52. Mimi Nelson
E53. Maj-Britt Nilsson
E54. Maj-Britt Nilsson
E55. Viola Sundberg
E56. Jens Mansson i Amerika
E57. Per Oscarson
E58. Ulf Palme
E59. Ulf Palme
E60. Kerstin Palo
E62. Elsa Prawitz
E63. Georg Rydeberg
E64. Pia Skoglund
E65. Pia Skoglund
E66. Gaby Stenberg
E67. Sonja Stjernquist
E69. Aino Taube
E70. Inga Tidblad
E71. Meg Westergren


Peter Malberg

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