Famosas Estrellas Del Firmamento Cinematografico Film Stars

Issuing Company:
Country of Issue: Spain
Year of Issue: 1940s
Color/B&W: Color
Number of Cards in Set:
Card Size: 1 7/8" x 2 7/8"
Issued as insert with what product:

Notes: Checklist Incomplete. This set seen with Elefante Blanco, Denticlor, and Editorial Bruguera advertising on the back, and also blank-backed. This checklist covers more than one set with the same front design.

Amit Benyovits has obtained an original album that was issued with a blank backed version of this set. The album is titled "Famosas Estrellas Del Firmamento Cinematografico." I've used that title for this set, though that title is not on the cards themselves.

Note: The checklist below shows letters after the numbers, though the cards themselves show only numbers. I've added the letters to indicate that there are more than one star shown with the same number.

Thanks to Amit Benyovits for help with this checklist.

All Cards Checklist Regardless of Backs

1a. David Niven-Ginger Rogers
1b. Van Johnson-Lana Turner
1c. Claudette Colbert
2a. Alan Ladd
2b. Van Johnson-Lana Turner
2c. Douglas Fairbanks-Maureen O'Hara
3a. Yvonne De Carlo-George Brent
3b. Ivonne De Carlo
3c. Clark Gable-Hedy Lamarr
4a. John Garfield-Hedy Lamarr
4b. Charles Boyer
5a. Ella Raines-Alan Curtis
5b. George Brent
6a. Alexis Smith
6b. Richard Hart-Lana Turner
7a. Errol Flynn
7b. Joseph Cotten
8a. Rita Hayworth
8b. Teresa Wrigt (Wright)
8c. Viveca Lindfords
9a. Robert Taylor
9b. Errol Flynn
10a. Rita Hayworth
10b. Joan Bennet
11a. Tyrone Power
11b. Joan Fontaine
12a. Robert Taylor
12b. Viveca Lindfors
12c. Ella Raines
13a. Loretta Young
13b. Janis Paige
14a. Clark Gable
14b. Tom Drake
14c. Turhan Bey
15a. Maureen O'Hara
15b. Errol Flynn
15c. Eleanor Parker
16a. Gregory Pek (Peck)
16b. Cary Grant
16c. Charles Korvin
17a. Tyrone Power
17b. Maria Montez
18a. Gregory Peck
18b. Cornel Wilde
19a. Merle Oberon
19b. Diana Durbin
20a. George Montgomery
20b. Ingrid Bergman
21a. Joan Leslie
21b. Dana Andrews
22a. Bette Davis
22b. John Wayne
22c. Frank Sinatra
22d. Alida Valli
23a. Maureen O'Hara
23b. Hedy Lamarr
23c. Ingrid Bergman
24a. Johnny Weismuller
24b. Lee Bowman
25a. Lucille Ball
25b. Joan Fontaine
25c. Maria Montez
26a. Glenn Ford
26b. Esther Williams
27. Joseph Cotten
28a. Greer Garson
28b. Joan Fontaine
29a. Humphrey Bogart
29b. Cary Grant
29c. Errol Flynn
30a. Linda Darnell
30b. Ingrid Bergman
30c. Diana Durbin
31a. Diana Durbin
31b. Anne Baxter
32a. Greer Garson
32b. Olivia DeHavilland
32c. John Carroll
33. Van Johnson
34a. Rita Hayworth
34b. Ricardo Montalban
34c. Esther Williams
35a. Bob Hope
35b. Tyrone Power
35c. Helen Carter
36a. Bette Davis
36b. Diana Durbin
37a. Van Johnson
37b. Maria Montez
38a. Humphrey Bogart
38b. Judy Garland
38c. Rita Haywort (Hayworth)
39a. Gene Tierney
39b. Diana Durbin
40. Ginger Rogers
41a. Bette Davis
41b. Mark Stevens
42a. Tyrone Power
42b. Eleonor Parker
43a. Merle Oberon
43b. Gregory Peck
43c. Gloria Jean
44. Van Heflyn
45a. Rita Haywort (Hayworth)
45b. Joan Fontaine
45c. Van Johnson
46a. Maria Montez
46b. Van Heflyn
46c. Linda Darnell
47a. Rita Hayworth
47b. Claude Rains
48a. Gene Tierney
48b. Gary Cooper
48c. Errol Flynn
49a. Clark Gable
49b. Ivonne De Carlo
50a. Cathy Downs
50b. Gregory Peck
51a. Frank Sinatra
51b. Ann Blyth
51c. Ava Gardner
52a. Cornel Wilde
52b. Ava Gardner
52c. Alan Ladd
53a. Robert Taylor
53b. John Payne
54. Linda Darnell
55a. Gene Kelly
55b. Lucille Ball
55c. Errol Flynn
56. Diana Durbin
57a. Joan Fontaine
57b. Ingrid Bergman
57c. Frances Gifford
58a. Alexis Smith
58b. Susan Hayward
58c. Cyd Charisse
59a. Clark Gable
59b. Paul Henreid
60a. Lana Turner
60b. Alexis Smith
60c. Dana Andrews
61a. Dennis O'Keefe
61b. Lana Turner
62a. Ingrid Bergman
62b. Victor Mature
63a. Ginger Rogers
63b. Catherine Booth
63c. Tyrone Power-Maureen O'Hara
64a. Henry Fonda
64b. John Garfield
65. Ivone De Carlo
66a. Gregory Pex (Peck)
66b. Jean Pierre Aumont
67. Norma Shearer
68. Joseph Cotten
69a. Ginger Rogers-Walter Pidgeon
69b. Barbara Stanwyck
70a. Tyrone Power-Norma Shearer
70b. Alexis Smith
70c. Robert Taylor
71a. George Sanders-Hedy Lamarr
71b. Robert Taylor
71c. Maria Montez
72a. Ingrid Bergman
72b. Jorge Negrete
73. Merle Oberon
74. John Hall
75a. Bette Davis
75b. Maria Montez
76a. Gary Cooper
76b. Dana Andrews-Teresa Wrigt
76c. Walter Pidgeon
77a. Joan Crawford
77b. John Hall
78a. James Stewart
78b. Paul Henreid
79. Olivia DeHavilland
80. Ivone De Carlo
81a. Virginia Mayo
81b. Alan Ladd
82a. Paulette Godard
82b. Olivia DeHavilland
83a. Susan Hayward
83b. Maria Montez
84. Dennis O'Keefe
85a. Susan Hayward
85b. Glenn Ford
85c. Ella Raines
86a. Olivia DeHavilland
86b. Donna Reed
86c. Hedy Lamarr
87. Tyrone Power
88a. Peter Lawford
88b. Ella Raines
88c. Jane Russell
89a. Spencer Tracy
89b. Ray Milland
89c. Carmen Miranda
90. Maria Montez
91a. Gloria Jean
91b. Van Johnson
92a. Basil Rathbone
92b. Maureen O'Hara
93a. Ava Gardner
93b. Joseph Cotten
93c. John Hodiak
94a. Franchot Tone
94b. Adela Jergens
94c. Joan Crawford
95a. Jean Arthur
95b. Alida Valli
96a. Alan Marshall
96b. George Brent
97a. Lana Turner
97b. Ingrid Bergman
98a. Robert Taylor
98b. Diana Durbin
98c. Jean Pierre Aumont
99. Ava Gardner
100a. Henry Fonda
100b. Ray Milland
101a. Rita Hayworth
101b. Maureen O'Hara
102a. Ava Garner (Gardner)
102b. Robert Taylor
103a. Claudette Colbert
103b. George Montgomery
104a. Virginia Mayo
104b. Charles Boyer
104c. Mirna Loy
105a. Clark Gable
105b. Madeleine Carroll
106a. Jane Russell
106b. Cary Grant
107. George Brent
108a. Jorge Negrette
108b. Turhan Bey
109a. Gary Cooper
109b. Betty Grable
110a. Don Ameche
110b. Charles Korvin
110c. Joan Bennet
111a. Paul Henreid
111b. John Garfield
112. Humphrey Bogart
113a. Errol Flynn
113b. Rita Hayworth
113c. Henry Fonda
114a. Claudette Colbert
114b. Ronald Colman
114c. Maria Felix
115a. Olivia DeHavilland
115b. Rita Hayworth
115c. Bing Crosby
116a. Lauren Bacall
116b. Joan Fonaine
117. Van Johnson
118. Carmen Miranda
119. Greer Garson
120. Don Ameche
121a. Victor Mature-Colen Gray
121b. Olivia DeHavilland
121c. Carmen Miranda
122a. Lee Bowman-Rita Hayworth
122b. Lee Bowman
123a. Joan Bennet
123b. Charles Korvin-Merle Oberon
124. Walter Pidgeon
125a. Douglas Fairbanks-Maria Montez
125b. Margaret Locwood
126a. Robert Montgomery-Ingrid Bergman
126b. Patricia Roc
126c. Joan Fontaine
127a. Lee Bowman
127b. Red Skelton-Esther Williams
128a. Hedy Lamarr
128b. Joseph Cotten
128c. Jorge Negrette
129a. Virginia Mayo
129b. John Carrol-Esther Williams
129c. George Brent
130. Maureen O'Hara
131. Fred MacMurray
132a. Jane Russell
132b. Van Johnson
132c. Richart Hart-Barbara Stanwyck
133. Joel MacCrea
134a. Van Heflyn-Barbara Stanwick (Stanwyck)
134b. Hedy Lamarr
134c. Esther Williams
135a. James Stewart
135b. Louis Jourdan
136a. Susan Hayward
136b. Joseph Cotten
136c. Ann Sheridan
137a. John Wayne
137b. James Craig
138a. Barbara Stanwick (Stanwyck)
138b. Rita Hayworth
139a. Loretta Young
139b. Douglas Fairbanks
140a. Danny Kaye
140b. Ginger Rogers
141a. Joan Fontaine
141b. Charles Korvin
142a. Ivone De Carlo
142b. Peter Lawford
143a. Burt Lancaster
143b. Ginger Rogers
144a. Gregory Peck
144b. Rita Hayworth
145a. Juy Madison
145b. Lana Turner
146. Merle Oberon
147. Tyrone Power
148a. Yvonne De Carlo
148b. George Negrete
149a. Errol Flynn
149b. Gary Cooper
150a. Esther Williams
150b. Tom Drake
150c. Brian Donlevy
151a. Viveca Lindfords
151b. Tyrone Power-Rita Hayworth
151c. Robert Paige-Diana Durbin
152a. Ronald Colman-Greer Garson
152b. Gregory Peck
153a. Robert Taylor-Lana Turner
153b. A. Gergens-Cornel Wilde
153c. Peter Lawford
154a. Douglas Fairbanks-Maureen O'Hara
154b. Linda Darnell
155a. Ingrid Bergman
155b. Jeorge Brent-Ivonne De Carlo
155c. Frederic March-Elisa Landi
156a. Turhan Bey-Merle Oberon
156b. Tyrone Power-Linda Darnell
156c. Alan Ladd
157. John Grafiel-Hedy Lamarr
160. Clark Gable-Hedy Lamarr

Checklist for blank-backed subset issued with Famosas Estrellas Del Firmamento Cinematografico album

1. Claudette Colbert
2. Alan Ladd
3. Ivonne De Carlo
4. Charles Boyer
5. George Brent
6. Alexis Smith
7. Errol Flynn
8. Rita Hayworth
9. Robert Taylor
10. Rita Hayworth
11. Tyrone Power
12. Ella Raines
13. Loretta Young
14. Clark Gable
15. Eleanor Parker
16. Gregory Pek (Peck)
17. Tyrone Power
18. Gregory Peck
19. Merle Oberon
20. George Montgomery
21. Joan Leslie
22. John Wayne
23. Ingrid Bergman
24. Johnny Weismuller
25. Lucille Ball
26. Gleen Ford (Glenn)
27. Joseph Cotten
28. Joan Fontaine
29. Humphrey Bogart
30. Diana Durbin
31. Anne Baxter
32. Olivia DeHavilland
33. Van Johnson
34. Rita Hayworth
35. Bob Hope
36. Bette Davis
37. Maria Montez
38. Ingrid Bergman
39. Diana Durbin
40. Ginger Rogers
41. Bette Davis
42. Tyrone Power
43. Gregory Peck
44. Maria Montez
45. Van Johnson
46. Linda Darnell
47. Claude Rains
48. Errol Flynn
49. Clark Gable
50. Gregory Peck
51. Ava Gardner
52. Alan Ladd
53. Robert Taylor
54. Linda Darnell
55. Errol Flynn
56. Diana Durbin
57. Joan Fontaine
58. Alexis Smith
59. Paul Henreid
60. Dana Andrews
61. Lana Turner
62. Victor Mature
63. Ginger Rogers
64. Henry Fonda
65. Ivone De Carlo
66. Jean Pierre Aumont
67. Norma Shearer
68. Joseph Cotten
69. Barbara Stanwycck
70. Robert Taylor
71. Maria Montez
72. Jorge Negrete
73. Merle Oberon
74. John Hall
75. Maria Montez
76. Walter Pidgeon
77. John Hall
78. Paul Henreid
79. Olivia DeHavilland
80. Ivone De Carlo
81. Alan Ladd
82. Olivia DeHavilland
83. Maria Montez
84. Dennis O'Keefe
85. Ella Raines
86. Hedy Lamarr
87. Tyrone Power
88. Jane Russell
89. Spencer Tracy
90. Maria Montez
91. Van Johnson
92. Maureen O'Hara
93. John Hodiak
94. Joan Crawford
95. Alida Valli
96. George Brent
97. Lana Turner
98. Jean Pierre Aumont
99. Ava Gardner
100. Ray Milland
101. Rita Haywort (Hayworth)
102. Robert Taylor
103. George Montgomery
104. Mirna Loy
105. Clark Gable
106. Jane Russell
107. George Brent
108. Turhan Bey
109. Gary Cooper
110. Don Ameche
111. Paul Henreid
112. Humphrey Bogart
113. Henry Fonda
114. Maria Felix
115. Bing Crosby
116. Joan Fonaine
117. Van Johnson
118. Carmen Miranda
119. Greer Garson
120. Don Ameche
121. Carmen Miranda
122. Lee Bowman
123. Joan Bennet
124. Walter Pidgeont
125. Margaret Locwoodt
126. Patricia Roc
127. Lee Bowman
128. Hedy Lamarr
129. George Brent
130. Maureen O'Hara
131. Fred MacMurray
132. Jane Russell
133. Joel MacCrea
134. Esther Williams
135. James Stewart
136. Ann Sheridan
137. John Wayne
138. Rita Haywort (Hayworth)
139. Douglas Fairbanks
140. Ginger Rogers
141. Joan Fontaine
142. Ivone De Carlo
143. Ginger Rogers
144. Gregory Peck
145. Lana Turner
146. Merle Oberon
147. Tyrone Power
148. Jorge Negrete
149. Errol Flynn
150. Brian Donlevy
151. Viveca Lindfords
152. Gregory Peck
153. Peter Lawford
154. Douglas Fairbanks-Maureen O'Hara
155. Ingrid Bergman
156. Alan Ladd

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