Kwatta Film Stars Series B 223-318

Issuing Company: Kwatta
Country of Issue: Belgium
Year of Issue: 1948?
Color/B&W: Color
Number of Cards in Set: 30
Card Size: 1 7/8" x 3"
Issued as insert with what product: Chocolates

Note: Checklist Incomplete. Paper-thin cards.

Thanks to Keith Pennington for helping with this checklist.

B. 223 Pedro Armendariz in "Le Fils Du Desert"
B. 224 William Powell in "La Tableau qui Accuse"
B. 225 Louis Calhern in "Arc de Triomphe"
B. 226 Spencer Tracy in "Le Pere de la Mariee"
B. 227
B. 228
B. 229 Nita Bieber in "Voyage a Rio"
B. 230 Kathryn Grayson in "Le Chant de la Louisiane"
B. 231 Leueen MacGrath in "Edouard, mon Fils"
B. 232 Angela Lansbury in "Le Danube Rouge"
B. 233 Esther Williams in "Jamais deux sans toi"
B. 234 Lena Horne in "Jamais Deux Sans Toi"
B. 235 Judy Garland in "La Valee Heureuse"
B. 236 Lana Turner
B. 237 Valentina Cortesa in "Malaya"
B. 238 June Allyson in "Une Rousse Obstinee"
B. 239
B. 240
B. 241
B. 242
B. 243
B. 244
B. 245 Katharine Hepburn in "Madame Porte la Culotte"
B. 246 Deborah Kerr in "Les Mines du Roi Salomon"
B. 247
B. 248
B. 249 Walter Pidgeon in "L'histoire de Miniver"
B. 250
B. 251 Dona Drake in "Ca C'est New York"
B. 252 Clark Gable - Loretta Young in "La Cle Sous La Porte"
B. 253
B. 254
B. 255 Errol Flynn in "Kim"
B. 256
B. 257 John Wayne in "Le Fils Du Desert"
B. 258
B. 259
B. 260
B. 261 Arlene Dahl in "Trois Petits Mots"
B. 262
B. 263
B. 264
B. 265
B. 266
B. 267
B. 268
B. 269
B. 270
B. 271 Mario Lanza in "Le Chant de la Louisiane"
B. 272
B. 273
B. 274
B. 275
B. 276
B. 277
B. 278
B. 279
B. 280
B. 281
B. 282
B. 283
B. 284
B. 285
B. 286
B. 287 Fred Astaire in "Trois petits mots"
B. 288
B. 289 James Craig in "La Dame sans Passeport"
B. 290 J. Carroll Naish in "Annie, la reine du Cirque"
B. 291 Peter Lawford in J'ai trois amours"
B. 292
B. 293
B. 294 Preston Foster in "LaFemme De Feu"
B. 295
B. 296 Jane Powell in "Voyage a Rio"
B. 297 Lucille Bremer in "Yolanda et le volcur"
B. 298 Judy Garland in "Amour poste restante"
B. 299 Betty Garrett in "Un jour a New York"
B. 300 Ann Miller in "Un jour a New York"
B. 301
B. 302
B. 303 Arlene Dahl and Robert Taylor in "Embuscade"
B. 304 Janet Leigh and Peter Lawford in "Le Danube rouge"
B. 305 Greer Garson and Walter Pidgeon in "La Belle imprudente"
B. 306 Barbara Stanwyck and Van Heflin in "Ville haute"
B. 307 Laurette Luez in "Kim"
B. 308 Loretta Young in "La cle sous la parte" (2 variations-one facing left and one facing right)
B. 309 Paula Raymond in "Jamais deux sans toi"
B. 310 Jean Hagen in "Quand la ville dort"
B. 311 Ricardo Montalban in "Tourment"
B. 312 George Murphy in "incident de frontiere"
B. 313 Ray Milland in "Ma vie a moi"
B. 314 Clark Gable in "La cle sous la porte"
B. 315 John Lund in "Jamais deux sans toi"
B. 316 Howard Keel in "Annie, la reine du Cirque"
B. 317 Stewart Granger in "Les Mines du roi Solomon"
B. 318 Katherine Grayson in "Her lied van Louisiana"

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