Loriot Cinema Stars

Issuing Company:
Country of Issue: France
Year of Issue:
Color/B&W: B&W
Number of Cards in Set:
Card Size:
Issued as insert with what product: Chocolates

Notes: Checklist incomplete. Serie A consists of 60 subjects, Serie C 30 subjects, Serie D 30 subjects, Serie E 50 subjects, Serie G 50 subjects, Serie L unknown number of subjects. The letters in between probably suggest other series were issued.

For Serie A, card #3 back states 40 subjects. The 1-40 cards look different from numbers 41-60 which were probably additional cards issued later.

More than one subject may exist for some cards, others show the same image but for different numbers.

There was an album issued with this set. In an album that was observed, cards from Series H, I, and K were in it, along with Loriot cards from a 1937 Paris International Exposition set.

French collector Serge Plumecocq adds some information about this set. It is about very beautiful set of cards which was issued with candies sold in movie theatres. The company was located in Strasbourg. Collectors had to wait until the H series for an album to finally come out. The album pages are blank, so collectors could put the images you want and where you want. The company recommended 5 or 6 images per page to stick with good SECOL glue. The photos are of high quality, they bear the name of the star on the front and the number of the image on the back without mentioning the name of the star here, which means that once pasted, you no longer know the number of the star so it is difficult to figure out the card numbers once pasted in albums.

Thanks to Richard Minns, Amit Benyovits, and Serge Plumecocq for helping with this checklist.

Serie A

3. Gaby Morlay
41. Tramel
44. Marie Glory
44. Pierre Fresnay (Same image as No. 56)
46. Leila Hyams
47. Carmen Boni (Same image as No. 55)
48. Ramon Novarro
48. Edith Mera
49. Brigitte Helm
50. Marlene Dietrich
51. Lilian Bond
52. Sylvia Sidney (Same image as No. 60)
55. Carmen Boni (Same image as No. 47)
56. Pierre Fresnay (Same image as No. 44)
60. Sylvia Sidney (Same image as No. 52)

Serie C

3. Jeannette MacDonald
14. Lilian Harvey
87. Charles Boyer

Serie D

111. Pierre Blanchar
112. Ch. Vanel (Charles)
112. Simone Simon
116. Greta Garbo
116. Rene Lefevre
118. Laurel and Hardy
120. Suzy Vernon
121. Raimu
124. Marcelle Chantal
125. Marie Bell
125. Meg Lemmonier

Serie E

2. Lilian Harvey
5. Greta Garbo
6. Meg Lemmonier
10. Paulette Dubost
21. Jeannette Mac Donald (sic.)
22. Wallace Beery
24. Joan Crawford
28. Pierre Blanchar
29. Marie Glory
31. Bebe Daniels
36. Suzanne Bianchetti
39. Buck Jones
42. Brigitte Helm
44. Laurel et Hardy
46. Gloria Stuart
50. John Barrymore

Serie G

2. Alice Field
26. Baron Fils
43. Jean Gabin
44. Jean Servais

Serie H

5. Clark Gable
7. Gaby Morlay
8. Marie Bell
11. Rosine Derean
12. Laurel and Hardy
13. Junie Astor
14. Gaby Basset
16. Maurice Chevalier
17. Meg Lemonnier
18. Greta Garbo
19. Greta Garbo
20. Raimu
21. Jean Pierre Aumont
25. George Raft
30. Albert Prejean
31. Charles Boyer
37. Annabella
38. Martha Eggerth
43. Fernandel
45. Richard Wilm
49. Shirley Temple

Serie I

1. Edwige Feuillere
2. Janny Holt
3. Paulette Dubost
7. Deanna Durbin
8. Raymond Cordy
9. Charles Vanel
10. Vivane Romance
11. Marlene Dietrich
12. Jean Lumiere
13. Lisette Lanvin
15. Jeanne Aubert
16. Alice Field
18. Pierre Fresnay
19. Germaine Roger
23. Yvette Lebon
24. Jacqueline Daix
25. Duvalles
27. Tino Rossi
33. Sacha Guitry
35. Jeanne Crispin
37. Jean Galland
38. Pierre Renoir
39. Daniele Darieux
40. Victor Boucher
42. Carette
44. Jean Servais
47. Germaine Aussey
48. Colette Darfeuil
49. Elvire Popesco
50. Maurice Escande

Serie K

11. Joan Crawford
25. Jean-Louis Barrault
35. Reda-Caire
38. Michele Morgan
41. Dita Parlo
43. Annabella
49. Myrna Loy

Serie L

23. Janine Darcey

Serie N

37. Annabella

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