O-Pee-Chee Film Stars

Issuing Company: O-Pee-Chee
Country of Issue: Canada
Year of Issue: 1940
Color/B&W: B&W
Number of Cards in Set: (unnumbered)
Card Size: 5" x 7"
Issued as insert with what product: Mail-in from Gum Company.

Notes: Checklist incomplete. Blank-backed. These do not say O-Pee-Chee on them anywhere, but they were issued by O-Pee-Chee. These can be found in two ways - with a line at the bottom that says "LITHOGRAPHED IN CANADA," or with no line at the bottom. Additionally, there is a related American set (R96) that has a line at the bottom that says "AQUATONED IN U.S.A." The Canadian version of these cards often has different movies mentioned in the captions than their counterparts from the USA. I believe the Canadian cards were issued after the USA versions, and that the captions were updated to show the latest films for the stars. Thanks to Bobby Robinson for a lot of help with this checklist.

The cards without the "Lithographed in Canada"/"Aquatoned in U.S.A." line that I have seen all show captions matching the American versions of these cards. Therefore, it would seem that these were issued in the USA. However, Bobby Burrell from Canada has a group of these cards that were all together in Canada with mixed cards saying "Lithographed in Canada" and others with no Aquatoned/Lithographed line. His cards without the Aquatoned/Lithgraphed line all contain captions matching the American versions of these cards, even though they were found in Canada. It looks to me like that particular version of these cards were issued in both the USA and Canada, with no difference in captions. Since these captions match the American versions of these cards, I am going to show only cards confirmed with "Lithographed in Canada" captions for the checklist below.

Date info: I checked all the movies for these cards, and they were all issued between 1937 and 1940. I am placing a 1940 date on this set.

Thanks to Doug Larson for helping with this checklist.

Edward Arnold in "You Can't Take it With You"
Jean Arthur in "Only Angels Have Wings"
Fred Astaire in "Broadway Melody of 1940"
Lew Ayres in "Dr. Kildare's Mistake"
Lionel Barrymore in "On Borrowed Time"
Wallace Beery in "Thunder Afloat"
Joan Bennett in "Artists & Models Abroad"
Jack Benny in "Man About Town"
Tommy Bond in "City Streets"
Charles Boyer in "Tovarich"
Olympe Bradna in "Happy Ending"
Bobby Breen in "Way Down South"
Fannie Brice in "Everybody Sing"
Tom Brown in "Swing That Cheer"
Virginia Bruce in "Stronger Than Desire"
Bob Burns in "Our Leading Citizen"
James Cagney in "Each Dawn I Die"
Cladette Colbert in "It's a Wonderful World"
Ronald Colman in "The Light That Failed"
Gary Cooper in "Real Glory"
Frankie Darro in "Juvenile Court"
Olivia DeHavilland in "Lady of the Knight"
Andy Devine in "Fury of the Tropics"
Robert Donat in "Good Bye Mr. Chips"
Douglas Fairbanks, Jr. in "Ruler of the Seas"
Dorothy Fay in "Law of the Texan"
Edith Fellows in "5 Little Peppers and How They Grew"
Henry Fonda in "Mad Miss Manton"
Judy Garland in "The Wizard of Oz"
Janet Gaynor in "The Young in Heart"
Sonja Heine (Henie) in "Second Fiddle"
Jean Hersholt in "Danger Island"
Jack Holt in "Trapped in the Sky"
Buck Jones in "Law of the Texan"
Buck Jones in "The Stranger from Arizona"
Tom Keene in "Where the Trails Divide"
Paul Kelly in "Adventure in Sahara"
Tommy Kelly in "Tom Sawyer"
Dorothy Lamour in "Disputed Passage"
Priscilla Lane in "Dust Be My Destiny"
Lew Lehr in "Fox Movietone News"
Roger Livesey in "Drums"
Myrna Loy in "Lucky Night"
Jack Luden in "Phantom Gold"
Jeanette MacDonald in "Lover Come Back to Me"
Fred MacMurray in "Are Husbands Necessary?"
Beth Marion in "Phantom Gold"
Joan Marsh in "The Lady Objects"
Iris Meredith in "Outposts of the Mounties"
Robert Montgomery in "Fast and Loose"
Merle Oberon in "Over the Moon"
Pat O'Brien in "Indianapolis Speedway"
Cecilia Parker in "Andy Hardy Gets Spring Fever"
Joe Penner in "Mr. Doodle Kicks Off"
Tyrone Power in "Second Fiddle"
George Raft in "Ladies From Kentucky"
Martha Raye in "Thousand Dollars a Touch Down"
Ritz Brothers in "Tin Hats"
Mickey Rooney in "Andy Hardy Gets Spring Fever" (dark jacket)
Mickey Rooney in "Andy Hardy Gets Spring Fever" (light shirt)
Lanny Ross in "The Lady Objects"
Charlie Ruggles in "Night Work"
Rosalind Russell in "The Women"
Sabu in "Drums"
Randolph Scott in "The Texans"
Sylvia Sidney in "One-Third of a Nation"
Charles Starrett in "West of Santa Fe"
Charles Starrett in "The Man From Sun Down"
James Stewart in "Mr. Smith Goes to Washington"
Margaret Sullavan in "The Shining Hour"
Robert Taylor in "Guns and Fiddles"
Spencer Tracy in "The Life of Thomas Edison"
Tuffy in "Phantom Gold"
Jane Withers in "Chicken Wagon Family"
Roland Young in "Thunder Afloat"

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