Issuing Company: Revillon
Country of Issue: France
Year of Issue:
Color/B&W: B&W
Number of Cards in Set: Two different sets of 72 each (unnumbered)
Card Size: 2 1/2" x 4 1/4"
Issued as insert with what product: Chocolates

Notes: There seem to have been two different sets of these issued. The first set was printed on smoother, finer paper and has a purple tinge to the image on the front. The second set was issued on rougher paper with a brown tone. The second set is blank backed.

Thanks to Richard Minns and Andrew Blount for helping with this checklist.

Purple tinged set (checklist incomplete)

Lucien Baroux
Jules Berry
Victor Boucher
Maurice Chevalier
Marion Davies
Dolly Davis
Max Dearly
Orane Demazis
Renee Devillers
Marlene Dietrich
Samson Fainsilber
Tania Fedor
Alice Field
Pierre Fresnay
Lillian Harvey
Jeanne Helbling
Brigitte Helm
Emil Jannings
Vera Korene
Andrea Leeds
Rene Lefevre
Andre Luguet
Suzet Mais
Sari Maritza
Milly Mathis
Georges Milton
Blanche Montel
Constance Moore
Gaby Morlay
Elvire Popesco
Yvonne Printemps
Renee Saint-Cyr
Sylvia Sydney
Robert Taylor
Alice Tissot
Suzy Vernon

Brown set (checklist complete)

Fred Astaire
Junie Astor
J.L. Barrault
Misha Auer (misspelt name)
Sylvia Bataille
Simone Berriau
Guy Berry
Maddy Bery
Pierre Blanchar
Louise Carletti
Mary Carlisle
Jackie Cooper
Raymond Cordy
Ricardo Cortez
Andre Dubosc
Roger Duchesne
Deanna Durbin
Madge Evans
Saturnin Fabre
Douglas Fairbanks Jr
Alice Faye
Alice Field
Jean Gabin
Gilberte Geniat
Nane Germon
Gilbert Gil
Nan Grey
Katherine Hepburn
Joy Hodges
Jany Holt
Buster Keaton
Vera Korene
Dorothy Lamour
Bernard Lancret
Elissa Landi
Lisette Lanvin
Jack La Rue
Yvette Lebon
Ginette Leclerc
Andrea Leeds
Le Vigan
Andre Luguet
Victor Mac Laglen
Suzet Mais
Herbert Marshall
Milly Mathis
Robert Maurel
Claude May
Adolphe Menjou
Conchita Montenegro
Constance Moore
Marguerite Moreno
Michele Morgan
Jean Murat
Merle Oberon
Gene Raymond
Barbara Read
Pierre Renoir
Isere Rich
Ginger Rogers
Tino Rossi
Vincent Scotto
Barbara Stanwick (misspelt name)
Lewis Stone
Jean Tranchant
Joan Warner
Conrad Weidt (Misspelt name)
Jean Worms

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