Rose Marie Film Stars

Issuing Company: Carl Peter Pahlsson
Country of Issue: Sweden
Year of Issue: 1929
Color/B&W: B&W
Number of Cards in Set:
Card Size: 1 1/8" x 1 15/16"
Issued as insert with what product: Chocolates

Notes: Checklist incomplete.

The back text is the same for all cards and is written in Swedish. Translated into English, it says "Rose Marie the chocolate that tastes more. Pralines (filled chocolates) in different paper packages. Dessert chocolate in price range 10-25 and 50 ore" (100 ore=1Kr.)

There were two different sets of these with very similar backs and a different font used for the text on the fronts. For example, card #32 can be found with Evelyn Brent or Ruth Chatterton with those differences, #34 can be found with Mary Brian or Joe E Brown, both versions of #47 show the same picture of Norma Shearer, but zoomed in differently with text differences. For this checklist, the cards are mixed together since the sets are so similar.

Date info: The Richard Dix card shows him in a New York Yankees uniform in a scene from the 1928 film "Warming Up". I'm putting a date of 1929 on this set, though it could have been issued in 1928 or a little later than 1929.

1. Willy Forst
3. Jenny Jugo
4. Evelyn Holt
6. Kathe von Nagy
7. Billie Dove
10. Richard Tauber
11. Lily Damita
12. Conrad Nagel
13. Maurice Chevalier
16. Richard Dix (wearing New York Yankees hat and uniform)
18. Esther Ralston
19. Dennis King
20. Emil Jannings
21. Claudette Colbert
22. Ramon Novarro
25. Rod La Rocque
26. Dorothy Gulliver
27. Dita Parlo
29. Marion Davies
31. Charlotte Ander
32. Evelyn Brent
32. Ruth Chatterton
33. Dorothy Jordan
34. Mary Brian
34. Joe E. Brown
36. Bebe Daniels
38. Suzy Vernon
39. Eleanor Boardman
40. Nancy Carrol
41. Brigitte Helm
42. Ivan Petrovich
43. Marcelle Romee
44. Reginald Denny
45. Vilma Banky
46. Dolores Del Rio
47. Norma Shearer (Metro on first line Goldwyn-Mayer on second line)
47. Norma Shearer (same picture but zoomed closer, Metro Goldwyn Mayer on one line)
48. Joan Crawford
49. Clara Bow
50. Lilian Harvey
51. Esther Ralston
52. Marie Bell
54. Douglas Fairbanks
58. Gwen Lee
59. George O'Brien
60. Kay Francis
62. Charlie Chaplin
63. Janet Gaynor
64. Lupe Velez
67. Neil Hamilton
68. Richard Arlen
69. Lee Parry
71. Liane Haid
72. John Gilbert
73. André Luguet
74. Zarah Leander
76. Fridole Rhudin
78. Lya Mara
80. Ester Roeck Hansen
81. Gretl Theimer
83. Maria Paudler
84. Oscar Karlweiss
85. Mady Christians
88. Willy Fritsch
88. Willy Fristch (same picture but zoomed closer)
90. Elisabeth Frisk (same picture, studio on left side of card)
90. Elisabeth Frisk (same picture, studio on right side of card
92. Ingert Bjuggren
95. Margita Alfven
96. Jenny Hasselqvist
98. Bjorn Berglund

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