ROSS Film Stars

Issuing Company: Anonymous
Country of Issue: European
Year of Issue: 1938
Color/B&W: B&W
Number of Cards in Set: Probably over 8000
Card Size: 1 13/16" x 2 3/4" or 2 3/16" x 3 7/16"
Issued as insert with what product: Unknown

Notes: Checklist incomplete. No company name found anywhere on cards. Unnumbered, blank-backed cards. Most of these say ROSS on the front, blank backed. One card says what looks like "Imprime za Allamagne". Multiple poses seen for most stars. It has been reported that there are hundreds of different poses of Shirley Temple and Ralf Wierz reports that he has seen 47 different poses of Greta Garbo.

Bo Hafstrom from Sweden sent along a scan of an original packet used to sell these cards. These were apparently sold in packets of 10 cards for a particular star. The packet he sent was a Claudette Colbert packet with her name printed on the front of the packet. I am also picturing a packet of 10 Shirley Temple cards. From viewing other packets, it looks like 10 different poses of a particular star was the usual method of selling these cards. I don't know if there were any packets that contained a mixture of stars.

The usual size of these cards is about 1 13/16" x 2 3/4". Some larger sized cards have been seen at about 2 3/16" x 3 7/16". Ralf Wierz reports that he has a group of 6 different Greta Garbo cards in the larger size, while Amit Benyovits reports that he has a group of 10 Shirley Temple cards in the larger size.

Research Work: I believe these cards were issued in many European countries. It is likely they were issued in France or Germany or both because of the people pictured. There are 21 poses of Annabella and 20 poses of Dannielle Darrieux, and they both made French language films. There are also some other French-speaking actors and actresses in the set. But, there are 4 poses of Pola Negri, who starred in German-Language films, and a card of Jutta Freybe who was only in German-Language films as far as I can tell. I have also seen these cards offered for sale from a seller in Bulgaria (those versions had more of a brown tone). I think they were also sold in other countries.

After looking at the stars more closely, I think the cards were issued in 1937 or 1938. Pola Negri is the key I think. From the IMDB, it looks like she was almost totally out of films after 1932, until she reappeared in one film in 1935 and two more in 1937 (all German), then nothing until 1943. Several other stars were at their peak in 1937-38, so that appears to be the timeframe for these.

The checklist presented below is just the tip of the iceberg for this set.

Thanks to Bo Hafstrom, Ralf Wierz, Amit Benyovits, and Richard Minns for help with this set.

Checklist of Card Packets
This is a checklist of the card packet numbers. There were usually 10 cards of the same star in different poses in each packet.

175. Sylvia Sidney
187. Shirley Temple
258. Shirley Temple
323. Shirley Temple
324. Shirley Temple
325. Jean Harlow
328. Joan Crawford
362. Clark Gable
371. Shirley Temple
372. Shirley Temple
378. Franchot Tone
396. Clark Gable
397. Joan Crawford
405. Carola Hohn
407. Shirley Temple
408. Shirley Temple
426. Jeanette MacDonald
429. Shirley Temple
463. Robert Montgomery
467. Shirley Temple
473. Shirley Temple
477. Gary Cooper
480. Ginger Rogers
490. Clark Gable
502. Carole Lombard
511. Jeanette MacDonald
523. Zarah Leander
524. Claudette Colbert
526. Marika Rokk
531. Annabella
545. Clark Gable
551. Fredric March
553. Freddie Bartholomew
557. Errol Flynn
561. Greta Garbo
568. Allan Jones
572. Robert Taylor
583. Marlene Dietrich
586. Jutta Freybe
588. Marlene Dietrich
589. Gary Cooper
592. Charles Boyer
593. Claudette Colbert
594. Sonja Henie
596. Dorothy Lamour
597. Deanna Durbin
599. Jeanette MacDonald
603. Nelson Eddy
605. Gary Cooper
607. Robert Taylor
610. Shirley Temple
612. Loretta Young
621. Jutta Freybe
622. Tyrone Power
631. Clark Gable
638. Danielle Darrieux
651. Albert Matterstock
654. Magda Schneider
695. Ilse Werner
702. Hermann Braun
710. Zarah Leander
712. Tyrone Power
713. Shirley Temple
722. Deanna Durbin
724. Errol Flynn
729. Carola Hohn
732. Zarah Leander
736. Marika Rokk
760. Paula Wessely
771. Zarah Leander
791. Jutta Freybe
784. Tyrone Power
819. Heinz Ohlsen
821. Marika Rokk
828. Olga Tschechowa
829. Anneliese Uhlig

Partial Checklist of Cards (not being updated)
This is a very difficult set to checklist since there are a lot of different poses of the same stars. There can be 30 or more poses of the same star, all unnumbered. This checklist is not going to be updated in the future, but it gives an idea of some of the cards that are out there.

Hans Albers (1 pose known)
Maria Andergast (2 poses known)
Annabella (21 poses known)
Jean Arthur (2 poses known)
Jean Pierre Aumont (1 pose known)
- wearing hat
Lida Baarova (2 poses known)
Freddie Bartholomew (2 poses known)
- with horse
- head and shoulders
Willy Birgel (4 poses known)
- standing on top of building holding rail with woman at side
- standing, jacket half on, half off
- standing, long black coat, hands together - head and shoulders, hat shading eyes
Peter Bosse (1 pose known)
- standing wearing top hat, holding flowers
Charles Boyer (9 poses known)
- head shot with polka dot tie
Olympe Bradna (1 pose known)
Mary Carlisle (1 pose known)
Maurice Chevalier (1 pose known)
Claudette Colbert (10 poses known)
- with dog
- with little girl
- sitting wearing ice skates
- head and shoulders wearing suit
- head and shoulders wearing dress with bow
- view to waist holding white flowers
- view almost to knees wearing white blouse, striped skirt
- colorized
Gary Cooper (1 pose known)
- wearing big top hat
Joan Crawford (9 poses known)
- head and shoulders, long dangling earrings
- head and shoulders, looking left
- head and shoulders, white shirt, head slightly tilted
- head and shoulders, very high collars up to ears, black background
- head and shoulders, wide mesh shirt with collar up to ear, light gray background
- white shirt, big black bow
- standing with dog
- standing next to a chair
- standing between two columns, wearing black outfit
Lil Dagover (1 pose known)
- holding fan
Danielle Darrieux (20 poses known)
Olivia DeHavilland (1 pose known)
- standing, black dress
Marlene Dietrich (6 poses known)
- head and shoulders
- wearing fliers outfit with goggles on top of head
- hat covering one eye, holding cigarette
- weaing man's suit with tie
- full length shot, dress raised to show off one leg
- full length shot, leaning with hand against wall
Deanna Durbin (2 poses known)
- standing next to a rowboat
- standing in garden
Nelson Eddy (5 poses known)
- with horse
- playing guitar
- head and shoulders, looking straight at camera
- playing keyboards
- sitting in chair, looking slightly right
Marta Eggerth (4 poses known)
Charles Farrell (2 poses known)
Heli Finkenzeller (1 pose known)
- sitting sideways, knees up
Errol Flynn (2 poses known)
Willi Forst (1 pose known)
- sitting, knee forward
Jutta Freybe (1 pose known)
Gustav Frohlich (1 pose known)
- in swimsuit
Franciska Gaal (3 poses known)
Clark Gable (3 poses known)
- head and shoulders
- view almost to knees, wearing uniform and gloves, holding stick
- wearing tuxedo, flower bouquet in left part of picture
Clark Gable and Myrna Loy (1 pose known)
- walking together, Gable holding movie camera over shoulder
Greta Garbo (1 pose known)
- standing outdoors holding hat, leaning against an actor
Janet Gaynor (1 pose known)
Betty Grable (1 pose known)
- standing, hearts on wall behind her, holding bow and arrow
Lilian Harvey (2 poses known)
Brigitte Helm (1 pose known)
Katharine Hepburn (2 poses known)
- wearing hat, holding flower
- four strings of beads around neck
Brigitte Horney (1 pose known)
Rochelle Hudson (3 poses known)
- standing leaning back a bit, hands intertwined
Allen Jones (5 poses known)
- sitting on arm of beach chair
- in swimsuit, beach chair behind him
- head and shoulders, smoking pipe
- driving card, photo taken from above
- on horse
Jenny Jugo (1 pose known)
Jan Kiepura (4 poses known)
- head and shulders, no hat
- standing looking up, life preserver in front of him
- wearing leather jacket, view to bottom of jacket
- view to waist, hands together in front of him, looking up to left
Hansi Knoteck (2 poses known)
Dorothy Lamour (2 poses known)
- with monkey
- fur draped over arm Elissa Landi (1 pose known)
Myrna Loy (9 poses known - one might not be from this set)
- head and shoulders, right elbow over head
- head and shoulders, white dress, necklass with pendant
- head and shoulders, dark top, white scarf, head tilted
- head and shoulders, dark top, white background, hat
- wearing fliers outfit, getting into a plane
- full body shot holding a medicine ball
- looking down out of window
- holding bottle of lotion
- head and shoulders, black dress, white background -slightly shorter than other cards, may not be from this set
Jeanette Macdonald (4 poses known)
- holding flowers
- riding a horse
- photo to waist, hands crossed across chest, 3 bracelets on right wrist
- closeup, head slightly tilted
Fred MacMurray (1 pose known)
- standing next to a horse
Fredric March (4 poses known)
Irene von Meyendorff (2 poses known)
- veil over face, looking sideways)
- head and shoulders, looking over shoulder
Isa Miranda (3 poses known)
Paul Muni (5 poses known)
- head and shoulders, no hat
- view to belt, white shirt
- holding monkey, both smoking cigarettes
- dressed as eskimo, holding long spear
- oriental pose, with horse
Kathe von Nagy (1 pose known)
Pola Negri (4 poses known)
Ramon Novarro (11 poses known)
Jean Parker (1 pose known)
- horizontal on horse
Dick Powell (1 pose known)
Eleanor Powell (2 poses known)
- roller skating
- standing sideways, one hand up near face
William Powell (3 poses known)
- head and shoulders, smiling
- wearing tuxedo, holding cigarette
- sitting with small dog in lap
Tyrone Power (8 poses known)
- head shot, smiling with teeth showing
- head shot, no teeth showing, no hat
- head shot, wearing black hat
- sitting, looking left
- sitting, looking right
- running with dog in striped shirt
- sitting leaning back, smoking pipe
- standing with brick background, white jacket, dark pants, one hand in pocket
Luise Rainer (1 pose known)
- holding child
Pierre Richard-Wilm (1 pose known)
- head and shoulders, bare shoulder, hat, smoking cigarette
Charles Rogers (1 pose known)
Marika Rokk (4 poses known)
- top hat
- standing full body with furs
- horizontal in beach chair
- ballerina pose
Magda Schneider (4 poses known)
- holding wine glass, standing with man
Norma Shearer (9 poses known)
Simone Simon (12 b&w poses known + 1 colored)
Kristina Soderbaum - Gustav Frohlich
Barbara Stanwyck (2 poses known)
- head and shoulder, hands not showing
- holding hands together in front of her
Hans Sohnker (1 pose known)
- smiling, looking left, pose head to waist
Gloria Stuart (1 pose known)
Robert Taylor (5 poses known)
- looking at large photographs (maybe signing autographs)
- wearing hat, holding a briefcase
Shirley Temple (10 poses known)
- sideways in shadow, holding drum
- on train or carriage, sitting in window, driver ahead of her
- looking through telescope, man next to her
- horizontal, sitting next to man holding something with both hands
- looking out window with slats, slat shadows on face
- standing next to window with slats behind her, holding hat
- head and shoulders, wearing striped shirt
- head and shoulders, white collar
- head and shoulders, little red riding hood hat
- head and shoulders, suspenders over shoulders
Franchot Tone (2 poses known)
- head shot, cigarette in mouth
- holding hands together in front of him
Claire Trevor (3 poses known)
Olga Tschechowa (1 pose known)
Adolf Wohlbruck (5 poses known)
- holding cigarette
- in military uniform, holding cigarette, hand on ankle
Loretta Young (1 pose known)

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