Chocolat Tobler Les Stars Tobler

Issuing Company:
Country of Issue: France
Year of Issue: 1931
Color/B&W: B&W
Number of Cards in Set: 40 (2 Series of 20 cards each)
Card Size:
Issued as insert with what product: Chocolates

Notes: Cards appear to be cut from a packet/sheet as dotted lines are evident where the cards have been clumsily cut by hand.

There was a contest associated with these cards, with first prize being a Renault car. A translation of the card back reads as follows:

5000 Prizes worth 500,000 francs
1st Prize:
Monasix a Renault

You may compete as many times as desired, provided that each answer is accompanied by a number of tickets totaling 24 points (one envelope can contain multiple answers).

The leaflet will be delivered on request by your provider TOBLER CHOCOLATE.

To facilitate the selection of competitors, we reproduce below each ticket, an artistic portrait of people whose ranking should be established by the participants.

The Series 2 and 3 is composed of personalities of our Standing 3 Contest: "THE STARS TOBLER" which runs from January 1 to June 30, 1931. The Series 4 and 5, Champions of Cycling and Football fourth of our contest "THE CHAMPIONS TOBLER" runs from July 1 to December 31, 1931.

These series of pictures for every contest may be held in a magnificent album provided by S. A. Chocolat Tobler, a Bordeaux-Talence, address and cons of sending 2 fr. 20 for postage and packing.

Thanks to Richard Minns for providing the information for this checklist.

Series 2 : 21 40

21. Marie Bell
22. Suzanne Bianchetti
23. Carmen Boni
24. Bebe Daniels
25. Lily Damita
26. Colette Darfeuil
27. Dolly Davis
28. Huguette Ex Duflos
29. Renee Heribel
30. Louise Lagrange
31. Lucienne Legrand
32. Gina Manes
33. Arlette Marchal
34. Raquel Meller
35. Pola Negri
36. Mary Pickford
37. Gloria Swanson
38. Simone Vaudry
39. Elmire Vautier
40. Suzy Vernon

Series 3 : 41 60

41. Jean Angelo
42. Georges Biscot
43. Jaque Catelain
44. Charlie Chaplin
45. Maurice Chevalier
46. Jackie Coogan
47. Lucien Dalsace
48. Douglas Fairbanks
49. Aime Simon Girard
50. Gaston Jacquet
51. Emil Jannings
52. Nicola Koline
53. Harold Lloyd
54. Leon Mathot
55. Adolphe Menjou
56. Jean Murat
57. Ramon Novarro
58. Ivan Petrovich (spelt Yvan)
59. Andre Roanne
60. Charles Vanel

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