Issuing Company: Universal Cigarette Works
Country of Issue: The Netherlands
Year of Issue: Early 1920s
Color/B&W: B&W
Number of Cards in Set:
Card Size: 2 3/8" x 3 3/16"
Issued as insert with what product: Cigarettes

Notes: Checklist Incomplete. The World Tobacco Issues Index lists four different sets of these cards as follows:

1. Numbered top left in numbers about 3 mm high. Black back. 1-200.
2. Numbered top left in numbers about 2 mm high. Black back. Numbers seen up to 137.
3. Numbered top left in numbers about 3 mm high. Back black or brown. Numbers seen from 201-300.
4. Unnumbered. Black back. 12 known.

I believe these to be rare cards that are seldom seen. It is unclear to me if the subjects are the same between any of these sets.

The World Tobacco Issues Index also states that this set was probably issued in The Netherlands,so that's what I am stating for this set.

Thanks to Richard Minns for providing the information to start this checklist. For the checklist of the numbered cards, I believe all of the cards listed have numbers, but many of the numbers are unknown to me at this time. It appears they were numbered in alphabetical order.

Numbered Top Left in numbers about 3 mm high

Mary Alden
Gerald Ames
7. Fatty Arbuckle
Wesley Barry
Richard Barthelmess
Madge Bellamy
Enid Bennett
Francesca Bertini
Constance Binney
Monte Blue
Lilian Braithwaite
Diana Carenne
Harry Carey
27. Charlie Chaplin
Lon Chaney
Nils Chrisander
Mady Christians
Rita Clermont
Ruth Clifford
Betty Compson
Fay Compton
34. Jackie Coogan
Miriam Cooper
Virginia Lee Corben
Reginald Denny
Gladys Cooper
Lil Dagover
Dorothy Dalton
43. Marion Davies
Mildred Davis
Priscilla Dean
Richard Dix
Miss Marie Doro
Ivy Duke
Josephine Earle
Ada van Ehlers
Miss Isobel Elsom
Douglas Fairbanks
Dustin Farnum
William Farnum
Geraldine Farrar
Elsie Ferguson
Olaf Fjord
Olaf Fonss
Harrison Ford
Pauline Frederick
65. Hoot Gibson
William Gillette
68. Dorothy Gish
William Glass
Erika Glassner
Miss Kitty Gordon
Harry Gribbon
Corinne Griffith
76. Liane Haid
77. Elaine Hammerstein
78. Hope Hampton
79. Kenneth Harlan
80. Mildred Harris
81. William S. Hart
Paul Heidemann
Jack Holt
Violet Hopson
Charles Hutchinson
Emil Jannings
90. Buck Jones
Leatrice Joy
Bruno Kasiner
Madge Kennedy
Warren Kerrigan
Werner Krauss
Max Landa
Cullen Landis
Matheson Lang
Katherine Lee
102. Elmo Lincoln
103. Harold Lloyd
Bessie Love
Katherine Macdonald
Molly Malone
Lia Mara
Percy Marmont
115. Shirley Mason (with dog)
Mia May
Frank Mayo
Hans Mierendorf
121. Mary Miles Minter
122. Tom Mix
123. Hella Moja
124. Helga Molander
125. Colleen Moore
Tom Moore
Miss Stella Muir
Jack Mulhall
Mae Murray
Conrad Nagel
Owen Nares
134. Nazimova
135. Pola Negri
Alwin Neuss
Guy Newall
Lilli Nohr
Mabel Normand
141. Ramon Novarro
Eugene O Brien
Lee Parry
Baby Peggy
Eileen Percy
Josef Peterhans
House Peters
151. Dorothy Phillips
Jack Pickford
153. Miss Mary Pickford
Harry Piel
Eddie Polo
Miss Du Pont
Henny Porten
Waldemar Psylander
Lia de Putti (misspelt)
Charles Ray
George Robey
165. Will Rogers
Ruth Roland
Stewart Rome
168. William Russell
Gregory Scott
Josef Schildkraut (misspelt)
Dagny Servaes
Milton Sills
Anita Stewart
Lewis Stone
179. Madge Stuart
180. Gloria Swanson
181. Lu Synd
182. Constance Talmadge
183. Norma Talmadge
184. Alma Taylor
185. Conway Tearle
186. Alice Terry
187. Queenie Thomas
188. Gunnar Tolnas
189. Rudolph Valentino
190. Virginia Vally (misspelt)
191. Conrad Veidt
192. H.B. Warner
193. Paul Wegener
194. Niles Welch
195. Ruth Weyher
196. Chrissie White
197. Pearl White
198. Earle Williams
199. Lois Wilson
200. Claire Windsor


Lon Chaney

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