"A ." Set (Germany)

Issuing Company: Unknown - Dutch Gum Card
Country of Issue: Germany
Year of Issue:
Color/B&W: Color
Number of Cards in Set: 150
Card Size: 1 3/4" x 2 3/4"
Issued as insert with what product: Gum

Notes: Blank-backed, no company name listed. The cards I have seen from this set came from Germany, so it is presumed that they were issued in that country.

This set appears very similar to the Swedish A. set. The best way to tell these sets apart is that the "A" on the Swedish set contains a line on the bottom of the A (a serif). The "A" for this German set consists of completely straight lines (sans serif). The period after the "A" is also indented a little further after the "A" in the German set and is right next to the "A" in the Swedish set. The checklists are different for the two sets.

A.1 Conny - P. Krauss
A.2 Floyd Patterson
A.3 Rex Gildo
A.4 Elvis Presley
A.5 Audrey Hepburn
A.6 MylÚne Demongeot
A.7 Brigitte Bardot
A.8 Lassie
A.9 John Derek
A.10 J. Taylor
A.11 Horst Buchholz
A.12 Cliff Richard
A.13 Elvis Presley
A.14 Conny - P. Krauss
A.15 Nina o Fredrik
A.16 MylÚne Demongeot
A.17 Bill Haley
A.18 Joel McCrea
A.19 Audie Murphy
A.20 Harry Belafonte
A.21 Lill-Babs
A.22 Jacques Charrier
A.23 Elvis Presley
A.24 Pat Boone
A.25 Nina o Fredrik
A.26 MylÚne Demongeot
A.27 Lassie
A.28 Horst Buchholz
A.29 Pat Boone
A.30 Harry Belafonte
A.31 A. Lamberth
A.32 Siw Malmqvist
A.33 Elvis Presley
A.34 Pascal Petit
A.35 Sandra Dee
A.36 Sabu
A.37 James Dean
A.38 Kirk Douglas
A.39 Audie Murphy
A.40 Anita Ekberg
A.41 Jacques Charrier
A.42 Nina och Fredrik
A.43 Elvis Presley
A.44 T. Sailer
A.45 Fabian
A.46 Fernando Lamas
A.47 Conny
A.48 Lex Barker - Joan Taylor
A.49 James Arness
A.50 Pat Boone
A.51 Tommy Sands
A.52 Lassie
A.53 Elvis Presley
A.54 Brigitte Bardot
A.55 T. Herold
A.56 Siw Malmqvist
A.57 Lars L÷nndahl
A.58 Lex Barker
A.59 Gary Cooper
A.60 Pat Boone
A.61 MylÚne Demongeot
A.62 Nora Brockstedt
A.63 Elvis Presley
A.64 Brigitte Bardot
A.65 T. Kent
A.66 A. Babs
A.67 Lassie
A.68 Charlton Heston
A.69 Burt Lancaster - Gary Cooper
A.70 A. Booth
A.71 Pascal Petit
A.72 Ingemar Johansson
A.73 Elvis Presley
A.74 Brigitte Bardot
A.75 Frankie Avalon
A.76 Romy Schneider
A.77 Louis Armstrong
A.78 Charlton Heston
A.79 Burt Lancaster
A.80 Gene Autry
A.81 Ricky Nelson
A.82 Siw Malmqvist
A.83 Elvis Presley
A.84 Gina Lollobrigida
A.85 J. Rodgers
A.86 Marion Michael
A.87 Lassie
A.88 Lex Barker
A.89 Kirk Douglas
A.90 Roy Rogers
A.91 Romy Schneider
A.92 Kim Novak
A.93 Elvis Presley
A.94 Sophia Loren
A.95 Ingemar Johansson
A.96 Horst Buchholz
A.97 Lex Barker
A.98 Joel McCrea
A.99 Gary Cooper
A.100 Roy Rogers
A.101 Fabian
A.102 L. London
A.103 Elvis Presley
A.104 Gina Lollobrigida
A.105 Alain Delon
A.106 Horst Buchholz
A.107 Roy Rogers
A.108 Joel McCrea
A.109 Burt Lancaster
A.110 Sophia Loren
A.111 Ingemar Johansson
A.112 Louis Armstrong
A.113 Elvis Presley (with kangaroo)
A.114 Alain Delon
A.115 Pascal Petit
A.116 Lill Babs
A.117 Tommy Sands
A.118 J. Peters
A.119 Lassie
A.120 Sophia Loren
A.121 Ingemar Johansson
A.122 Sidney Poitier
A.123 Clark Gable
A.124 Alain Delon
A.125 Jacques Charrier
A.126 Pascal Petit
A.127 Elvis Presley
A.128 Joan Taylor
A.129 Audrey Hepburn
A.130 Lassie
A.131 Paul Anka
A.132 Tab Hunter
A.133 Roy Rogers
A.134 Bibi Johns
A.135 Sal Mineo
A.136 Pascal Petit
A.137 C. Carere
A.138 Burt Lancaster
A.139 Jacques Charrier
A.140 Tony Curtis
A.141 Pascal Petit
A.142 E. Fitzgerald
A.143 Annette Stroyberg
A.144 Tommy Steele
A.145 Rin-Tin-Tin
A.146 Paul Anka
A.147 Elvis Presley
A.148 Kirk Douglas
A.149 Lex Barker
A.150 James Dean

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