Issuing Company: Hellas
Country of Issue: Finland
Year of Issue: 1965
Color/B&W: Color
Number of Cards in Set: 95
Card Size: 2 1/16" x 3 3/16"
Issued as insert with what product: Chewing Gum

Notes: Checklist Incomplete. One of the cards mentions a 1963 event, so this set must have been issued no earlier than 1963.

Thanks to Greg Graetz for help with this checklist.

5. Trini Lopez
22. Siw Malmqvist
25. Richard Anthony
27. Frankie Vaughan
32. The Beatles
38. Gert Timmerman
39. Natalie Wood
43. Paul Newman
44. Elvis Presley
46. Jayne Mansfield
60. Nat King Cole
61. Gerhard Wendland
63. Los Machucambos
68. Jorgen and Greta Ingmann
76. Little Joe (Michael Landon)
77. Petula Clark
79. Jacques Brel
83. Tuesday Weld
86. Sonja Ziemann
87. Bobby Vee
88. Doris Day
94. Anita Ekberg
95. Brigitte Bardot

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