Swedish Magazine Music and Film Stars Perforated

Issuing Company:
Country of Issue: Sweden
Year of Issue: 1980s
Color/B&W: Color
Number of Cards in Set:
Card Size: 2" X 2 7/8"
Issued as insert with what product: Magazines

Notes: Checklist probably incomplete. These cards were issued in the 1980s in perforated sheets in Swedish magazines, showing mostly rock stars, but some film stars are also included. Some of these were issued by Frida magazine, one of the best selling magazines in Sweden. Some are anonymous, so they may also have been issued by Frida or by some other magazine. Some others have Pa Scen on them. Pa Scen is a music festival in Sweden. Once again, those may have been issued by Frida or by some other magazine.

The Frida cards have text on the backs. The Pa Scen and anonymous cards have blank backs. The Pa Scen cards are slightly taller than the others.

Frida cards

A-ha (American flag in background)
A-ha (blue background)
Alphaville (purple background)
Alphaville (pink background)
Tom Bailey
Blow Monkeys
Culture Club
E G Daily
Martin Degville
Depeche Mode (outdoors with field in background)
Depeche Mode (dark background)
Rick Echolette
Tommy Ekman
Europe (2nd guy wearing shorts)
Europe (1st four guys with dark shirts, last guy with white shirt)
Europe (sitting on couch)
Michael J Fox
Samantha Fox
Magne Furnholmen (head shot)
Magne Furnholmen (hands behind head)
Marian Gold
Gigi Hamilton
David Hasselhoff
Morten Harket
Whitney Houston (vertical)
whitney Houston (horizontal)
Howard Jones
Sandra Kim
Emilio Ingrosso
Vito Ingrosso
Simon Le Bon (hands holding collar)
Simon Le Bon (sunglasses) Limahl
Rob Lowe
Dolph Lundgren
Ralph Maccio
Madonna (beige background)
Madonna (purple tone)
Miami Vice
George Michael (on stage)
George Michael (sitting, blue shirt)
Modern Talking
Marilyn Monroe
Tone Norum (with dog)
Tone Norum (pink tone)
Simon & Sean Penn
Pernilla & Emilio
Pet Shop Boys (performing with microphone)
Pet Shop Boys (standing, grey-white-black striped background)
Prince (shirtless)
Prince (orange background)
Paul Rein
Molly Ringwald
Christer Sandelin
Christer Sandelin, Style
Sigue Sigue Sputnik
Ulf Soderberg
Rod Stewart
Style (sitting in boat)
Style (standing)
John Taylor (black clothes, teeth showing)
John Taylor (black clothes, teeth not showing)
John Taylor (grey shirt)
Joey Tempest (white jacket)
Joey Tempest (red jacket)
Joakim Thastrom
Tina Turner
Twisted Sister
Van Halen
Pal Waaktaar
Pernilla Wahlgren (holding microphone)
Pernilla Wahlgren (hand on neck)
Yeff Yagher

Pa Scen cards

Bon Jovi
David Bowie
Easy Action
Samantha Fox
Gigi Hamilton
Whitney Houston
Emilio & Vito Ingrosso
Sandra Kim
Kim Larsen
Lili & Sussie
George Michael
Modern Talking
Paul Rein
Mikael Rickfors
Joey Tempest
Tina Turner
Magnus Uggla
Van Halen
Pernilla Wahlgren

Anonymous cards

Bryan Adams
Bon Jovi
David Bowie
Tom Cruise
Duran Duran
Samantha Fox
Morten Harket
Whitney Houston
Don Johnson (leading caps)
Don Johnson (all caps)
Annie Lennox
Rob Lowe Ralph Macchio
Madonna (leading caps)
Madonna (all caps)
Mister Mister
Modern Talking
Tone Norum (arms showing)
Tone Norum (arms not showing)
Pernilla & Emilio
Paul Rein
Christer Sandelin
Mark Singer
Uffe Soderberg
Sound of Music
Bruce Springsteen
Style (indoors - purple background)
Style (outdoors - blue sky)
John Taylor (red cape)
John Taylor (white shirt)
Twisted Sister
Magnus Uggla
Van Halen
Niclas Wahlgren

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