Issuing Company: W.D. and H.O. Wills
Country of Issue: Australia
Year of Issue: 1900s
Color/B&W: B&W photo and frame, red background
Number of Cards in Set: 100
Card Size: 1 3/8" x 2 7/16"
Issued as insert with what product: Tobacco

Notes: Unnumbered. There is no set title on the cards. Backs can be found with an ad for either Capstan or Vice Regal tobacco. This set was issued sometime in the 1903-1910 timeframe. These cards were issued in the very early days of motion pictures, so they feature a lot of stage actresses. Some of the actresses on these cards were in movies.

Miss Irene Allen
Miss Ray Anderson
Miss Marie Ashton
Miss Lena Ashwell
Mddlle. Batti
Miss Chrissie Bell
Miss Blythe
Miss Empsie Bowman
Lillian Braithwaite
Miss J. Broughton
Miss Buckley
Miss Billie Burke
Miss J. Van Buskirk
Miss Eva Carrington
Miss Georgia Cavins
Miss Pauline Chase
Miss May Chessney
Mdlle. Ede Cisneros
Miss Lina Clementa
Miss Miriam Clements
Miss Clyta
Miss Elsie Cook
Miss M. Creegan
Miss K. Cutler
Miss Fanny Dango
Miss Zena Dare
Miss May Dark
Miss Maud Darrell
Miss Delva
Mdlle. De Dio
Miss W. Hart Dyke
Miss Rose Edwards
Countess Fabricotte
Miss Lettice Fairfax
Miss Fames
Miss O. Ferral
Miss Mary Fraser
Miss Free
Miss M. Gilman
Miss Gertrude Glynn
Miss Gray
Miss Mabel Green
Miss Green
Miss Hilda Hanbury
Miss M. Harrison
Miss Hay
Miss Hersee
Miss Hill
Miss A. Homer
Miss A. Hook
Miss Elsie Kay
Miss Grace Lane
Miss Auriol Lee
Miss Queenie Leighton
Miss Leonhardt
Miss Margaret Leslie
Miss M. Lewis
Miss Marian Lindsey
Miss Lloyd
Miss Eleanor Lowray
Miss Lowray
Jeannie Macdonald
Miss Daisy Markham
Miss Marsden
Miss Delia Mason
Miss Matherson
Miss Olive May
Miss Lilah McCarthy
Miss McClay
Miss Carrie Moore
Miss W. Murray
Miss Julia Neilson
Miss Mona Oram
Palace Girl
Miss Parkina
Miss Grace Pinder
Miss Ruby Pond
Miss Ruby Ray
Miss C. Rickards
Miss Rosalind
Miss Gaynor Rowlands
Miss Syllyn Ruggles
Miss Semplett
Miss Seyder
Miss Seymour
Miss F. Smithson
Miss Rose Stall
Miss L. Stanley
Miss Stevenson
Miss Stewart
Miss Madge Temple
Miss Temple
Miss Freda Vaal
Miss Ruth Vincent
Miss L. Waldegrave
Miss Walker
Kathleen Warren
Miss Ethel Warwick
Miss Wylde
Miss Young

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