R94 Movie Stars and Scenes

Issuing Company: R94 Movie Scenes
Country of Issue: USA
Year of Issue: 1929
Color/B&W: Unicolor
Number of Cards in Set:
Card Size: R94-1: 2 3/8" x 3"; R94-2: 1 7/8" x 3 1/8"
Issued as insert with what product:

Notes: There are two different sets of cards that go under the designation R94. These are designated R94-1 and R94-2. Both sets are blank backed. The checklists presented may or may not be complete. Both sets predominantly show scenes from western movies.

Both sets appear to be strip cards. Burdick listed these sets with an R designation, indicating that he thought they were issued with gum or some type of candy product, since he gave strip cards a W designation.

R94-1. Cards from this set were issued with blue, red, green, purple, or brown tones. It is likely that all cards can be found in all colors, but that is not confirmed. These cards show film stars and scenes from popular movies at that time. Multiple cards are shown for the same movie. One of the films shown in this set was "Babe Comes Home," a film starring famous baseball star Babe Ruth. Because of demand from baseball card collectors, cards for this film are worth much more than other cards, though they are no scarcer than any other cards in this set. The R94-1 cards show only the title of the film on the card and do not identify the actors. At least 6 cards from this set do not even list the film title, and have no caption at all. R94-1 date info: Most of the films listed were issued in 1928, though Lawless Legion was issued in early 1929, so I am placing a date of 1929 on this set.

R94-2. Cards from this set were issued in a variety of colors, including green, blue, brown, pinkish red, dark red, purple, and maroon. It is likely that all cards can be found in all colors, but that is not confirmed. These cards show film scenes from popular movies at that time. The R94-2 cards show the stars, the film and the studio all identified within a box on the front of the card. R94-2 date info: Most of the films listed on these cards were released in 1928, though there are some from 1929, so I am placing a date of 1929 on this set.

Many thanks to Bill Humphreys, Dan Calandriello, David York, and Al Rahn for helping with this checklist.

R94-1 Checklist

Babe Comes Home (policemen present, woman pointing)
Babe Comes Home (crowd of people around man in baggy white pants)

Cheyenne (man sitting on horse)
Cheyenne (man and woman sitting together, horse between them in background)
Cheyenne (long shot of a stable building, man and woman sitting together on right)
Cheyenne (3 people sitting on a fence)
Cheyenne (2 men slumping over, being held up by others)
Cheyenne (2 men in picture, one pointing rifle)
Cheyenne (woman and two men, horse in stable building on right)
Cheyenne (man holding up woman in embrace)
Cheyenne (man holding chair over his head)
Cheyenne (man standing with one foot on chair)
Cheyenne (man in courtroom holding person)
Cheyenne (man in courtoom holding hat)
Cheyenne (jail cell with bars)

Code of the Scarlet (long canoe in foreground)
Code of the Scarlet (people at trading post)
Code of the Scarlet (man sitting in chair with crowd around him)

Danger Street (man with gun in foreground, man with hand half raised in background)
Danger Street (crowd of people, woman lying on ground)
Danger Street (woman behind counter, 2 men lying on ground)

The Devil's Saddle (crowd in barroom, man in surfing stance on left)
The Devil's Saddle (crowd in a barroom, man in white hat holding another man in necklock)
The Devil's Saddle (crowd of men with man in white hat with hands behind back)
The Devil's Saddle (crowd of men, man in white hat grabbing man by lapels)
The Devil's Saddle (3 men in forground, man on right holding middle man by shoulders)
The Devil's Saddle (man on roof, crowd below)
The Devil's Saddle (scene inside a jail cell)
The Devil's Saddle (man holding woman, pointing at man with badge)

Dog Law (dog jumping up on man)
Dog Law (interior scene with woman sitting down)
Dog Law (man holding whip over dog)
Dog Law (crowd of people in woods)

The Lawless Legion (Lincoln and Washington pictures on wall in background)
The Lawless Legion (man in jail cell playing violin)
The Lawless Legion (3 men standing around table with cards)
The Lawless Legion (Sheriff sign at top of card)
The Lawless Legion (man opening door, man holding gun on another man behind door)
The Lawless Legion (man holding another man sitting on ground)
The Lawless Legion (outdoor scene with covered wagon in background)
The Lawless Legion (indoor scene with group of men, 3 pictures over man on right)
The Lawless Legion (street scene with horse standing on left)
The Lawless Legion (interior scene with man pointing, 2 others reaching for guns)
The Lawless Legion (street scene with crowd of people and dark horse standing in middle)
The Lawless Legion (outdoor scene with crowd of people, white horse to the left)

The Phantom City (2 men, man on right holding man on left by the wrist)
The Phantom City (3 men, man on right holding middle man in a neck hold)
The Phantom City (man and woman embracing, another man looking on)
The Phantom City (man pointing gun at another man with hands up)
The Phantom City (group of men with guns, another man hiding around corner)
The Phantom City (2 men fighting on a ladder, another climbing up)
The Phantom City (man with gun, another person kneeling and praying)
The Phantom City (3 men, one man sitting in chair, the other two fighting behind him)
The Phantom City (man holding gun on group of men in room with cobwebs)

Son of the Golden West (crowd of men looking at two men reading letter on platform)
Son of the Golden West (woman and two men in street scene)

Terror Mountain (indoors, man kneeling over dead body)
Terror Mountain (outdoors, 2 men fighting on porch in snow)
Terror Mountain (outdoors, 3 people and a horse)
Terror Mountain (indoors, man, woman and child)

The Wagon Show (man in wheelchair, others gathered around him)
The Wagon Show (group of men, shadows)

The Young Whirlwind (man inside jail cell bars, boy outside bars)
The Young Whirlwind (boy standing next to horse)
The Young Whirlwind (boy holding pistol, man holding boy's wrist)
The Young Whirlwind (outdoor scene with group of men and horses, trees)
The Young Whirlwind (outside of jail, with "JAIL" sign above door)
The Young Whirlwind (3 cowboys, middle cowboy with bandana over mouth)
The Young Whirlwind (two men, woman and boy outside picket fence)

Untitled (boxing, man sitting in corner of ring)
Untitled (boxing, boxer down on all fours in ring, other boxer being held by ref)
Untitled (group of people standing outside)
Untitled (group of people mostly sitting at dinner table)
Untitled (3 men)

Buzz Barton
Warner Baxter
Maria Corda
Corrine Griffith
Dorothy Mackaill
Colleen Moore
Antonio Moreno
Jack Mulhall
Carmel Myers
Milton Sills
Bob Steele
Thelma Todd

R94-2 Checklist

Gertrud Astor and House Peters in "Modern Age"
Buzz Barton in "Wizard of the Saddle"
Warner Baxter in "Romance of the Rio Grande"
Rex Bell in "Wild West Romance"
Buffalo Bill Jr. in "The Ballyhoo Buster"
William Boyd and Tom Sanschi in "Shooting Straight"
Francis X. Bushman in "The Grip of the Yukon"
Yakima Canutt in Arrow Picture
Lane Chandler in "Open Range"
Charley Chaplin in "The Circus"
Edmund Cobb in "The Fighting Forester"
Joe Cobb in "Heebee Jeebees"
Don Coleman in "The Black Ace"
William Collier & Audrey Ferris in "The Little Wildcat"
Betty Compson, Marceline Day, and Lon Chaney in "The Big City"
Ricardo Cortez in "Excess Baggage"
Bob Curwood in "Stunt Cowboy"
Bob Custer in "Danger Ahead"
Karl Dane and George K. Arthur in "All at Sea"
Mickey Daniels in "Olympic Games"
Mickey Daniels in "Shooting Injuns"
Roy D'Arcy in "War Paint"
Charles Delaney in "The Adventurer"
Reginald Denny in "On Your Toes"
William Desmond in "The Mystery Rider" (group of people, one man holding rope)
William Desmond in "The Mystery Rider" (group of people, one man grabbing another by the neck)
Jack Donovan in "Hoof Marks"
Farina in "Holy Terror"
Audrey Ferris and Carroll Nye in "Rinty of the Desert"
Robert Frazer in "War Paint"
The Gang in "Fast Freight"
Hoot Gibson in "Points West"
Hoot Gibson in "Put and Take"
Hoot Gibson in "Riding for Fame"
Hoot Gibson in "The Winged Horseman"
John Gilbert in "Redemption"
Geo. Gillespie in "The Wagonmaster"
Harry Gribbon in "Honeymoon"
William Haines in "Excess Baggage"
William Haines in "Mary Blues"
Lloyd Hamilton "Edu. Comedy"
William S. Hart in "White Oak" (large group of people)
William S. Hart in "White Oak" (Hart with Indian)
Jack Holt in "Sunset Pass"
Newton House in "Fighting Cowboy"
Jack Hoxie in "Bustin' Through"
Fred Humes in "The Fearless Rider"
Indians in "War Paint"
Mary Ann Jackson in "Holy Terror"
Buck Jones in "Blood Will Tell"
Buster Keaton in "Battling Butler"
Lupino Lane in "Sword Points"
Rex Lease and Joan Crawford in "Winners of the Wilderness"
Davey Lee in "Sonny Boy"
George Lewis in "The Collegin"
Harold Lloyd in "Hot Water"
Jack Lloyd and Jack Miller in "Shooting Wild"
Theodore Lorch in "North West"
Leo Maloney in "Yellow Contraband"
Ken Maynard in "California Mail"
Ken Maynard in "Senor Americano"
Ken Maynard in "The Wagonmaster"
Tex Maynard in "Wild Born"
Tim McCoy in "Sioux Blood"
Tim McCoy in "War Paint"
Francis McDonald in "Valley of Death" (4 men)
Francis McDonald in "Valley of Death" (man and woman)
Nelson McDonald and Jack Perrin in "Wild Blood"
Victor McLaglen, Lily Damita, & Edmund Lowe in "Cock Eye World"
Mickey in "The Detective"
John Miljan, May McAvoy & Robert Frazer in "The Little Snob"
Tom Mix in "5000 Reward"
Tom Mix in "Horseman of the Plains"
Tom Mix in "Kid Cowboy"
Tom Mix in "Outlawed" (group of men standing)
Tom Mix in "Outlawed" (3 people sitting at dinner table)
Tom Mix in "Outlawed" (dead body on floor, other people in scene)
Pete Morrison in "Series No. 3"
Bud Osborne in "The Mystery Rider"
Jack Perrin in "Wild Blood"
House Peters and James Murray in "Modern Age"
House Peters, Joan Crawford, and James Murray in "Modern Age"
Bert Roach in "Riders of the Dark"
Will Rogers in "Paris"
Buddy Roosevelt in "The Fighting Comeback"
Tom Sanschi in "Cheyenne"
Tom Sanschi and Ken Maynard in "The Wagonmaster
Rudolph Schildkraut in "The Country Doctor"
Norma Shearer and Ramon Novarro in "The Student Prince"
Harry Spear and Jean Darling in "Wiggle Your Ears"
Bob Steele in "The Renegade"
Tom Boy Taylor in "Mickey's Great Idea"
Tom Tyler in "Hearts and Hoofs"
Tom Tyler in "Overnight Rider"
Alberta Vaughn in "Watch Your Pep"
Wally Wales in "Ace of Action"
Tom Sanschi in "Cheyenne"
Weezer in "Wiggle Your Toes"
Ted Wells in "A Made to Order Hero"

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