American Caramel Co. Movie Actors and Actresses (E124)

Issuing Company: American Caramel Company
Country of Issue: USA
Year of Issue: 1923
Color/B&W: B&W
Number of Cards in Set: 120
Card Size: 2" x 3 1/4"
Issued as insert with what product: Caramel Candy

Notes: Checklist complete though there may still be some variations not listed. This set also seen with Orange Crush backs. Also issued in Canada by Neilson's Chocolates. Also issued in Cuba with Casa Debs backs.

These cards were printed in several different ways, with some variations between the printings. Some of the different printings have only subtle differences. The characteristics that can be different include the following:

- The cards can be found printed on CARDBOARD or on thick PAPER.
- When turned sideways, the card edges can be seen to be either GRAY or WHITE. This is easier to see when viewing a stack of multiple cards.
- The orientation of the back text can be to the left or to the right. The way I will define this is if you are looking at a card front and turn it over to the left, the back will be considered RIGHT oriented if the text is read from left to right. It will be considered LEFT oriented if the text is read from right to left.
- The back text is set a bit differently, with the same words but different line breaks. One way ends LANCASTER, Pa; the other ends LANCASTER AND YORK, Pa.
- Back text is printed in BLACK or dark BLUE. Cards with blue text are printed on a whiter paper, and the fronts are often seen with lightly spreckled dots over the picture.

Combining these features, here are the card types that have been seen:

A) Paper, white, right, Lancaster, black.
B) Paper, white, left, Lancaster, black.
C) Paper, white, left, Lancaster and York, black.
D) Paper, white, left, Lancaster and York, blue.
E) Thicker paper, white, right, Lancaster and York, black.
F) Cardboard, gray, left, Lancaster and York, black.
G) Paper, white, right, Lancaster and York, black.

In addition, the following checklist will also list the cards seen with these backs:

N) Neilson's back (Canadian version)
O) Orange Crush back
P) American Caramel back with offer of a large movie star photo in return for 6 cards or 25 cents.

There are two variations for card #52. One of the variations shows the exact same picture used for card #47. That was apparently an error, and American Caramel changed the picture later in the print run.

Card #82 with Marion Davies has also been seen in an unnumbered version.

After extensively checking the movies in this set with the dates for these movies on the Internet Movie Database (IMDb), it is pretty certain this set was issued in 1923. Most of the movies mentioned were 1922 releases, but at least three were from early 1923 (The Christian, Bavu, and Second Fiddle).

1. Betty Compson in "Green Temptation" (A,N)
2. Corinne Griffith (F,N)
3. Owen Moore and Pauline Garon in "Reported Missing" (C,F,G,N)
4. Elaine Hammerstein in "The Way of a Maid" (C,F,N)
5. Mae Murray in "Broadway Rose" (C,F,G,N)
6. Lionel Barrymore in "The Copperhead" (F,N)
7. May McAvoy in "Morals" (B,C,N)
8. Irene Castle in "Slim Shoulders" (C,F,G,N)
9. William S. Hart in "White Oak" (D,F,G,N)
10. Mabel Normand in "Suzanna" (C,F,N)
11. Marie Prevost in "Heroes of the Street" (C,F,N)
12. Thomas Meighan in "The Bachelor Daddy" (C,D,F,N)
13. Kathlyn Williams in "Conrad in Quest of his Youth" (F,G,N)
14. Norma Talmadge in "Smilin' Through" (C,F,N)
15. Rudolph Valentino in "Beyond the Rocks" (C,F,G,N)
16. Katherine MacDonald in "The Beautiful Liar" (D,N)
17. Miss Dupont in "Foolish Wives" (B,C,N)
18. Harold Lloyd in "Grandma's Boy" (B,E,N)
19. Mary Miles Minter in "The Heart Specialist" (B,G,N)
20. Wanda Hawley in "The Affairs of Anatol" (E,F,G)
21. Jackie Coogan in "My Boy" (C,F,G,N)
22. Louise Lorraine in "With Stanley in Africa" (C,F,G,N)
23. Ann Forrest in "Love's Boomerang" (B,G,N)
24. Bert Lytell in "The Right of Way" (B,G,N)
25. Helene Chadwick in "The Glorious Fool" (B,C,G,N)
26. Colleen Moore in "The Wall Flower" (C,F,G,N)
27. Tom Moore and Betty Compson in "Over the Border" (C,F,N)
28. Alice Calhoun (B,C,G,N)
29. Eileen Percy (C,F,G,N)
30. Conrad Nagel in "What Every Woman Knows" (C,F,N)
31. Viola Dana in "The Five Dollar Baby" (C,F,N)
32. Gloria Swanson in "Her Husband's Trademark" (C,F,G,N)
33. Art Acord in "Winners of the West" (C,F,N)
34. Mary Astor in "The Painter" (C,F,G,N)
35. Lila Lee in "After the Show" (B,C,N)
36. Charles Chaplin in "The Idle Class" (C,F,N)
37. Pola Negri in "One Arabian Night" (B,D,G,N)
38. Constance Talmadge in "Polly of the Follies" (C,F,G,N)
39. Richard Barthelmess in "Tol'able David" (C,F,G,N)
40. Hope Hampton in "Star Dust" (F,G,N)
41. Dorothy Gish in "Mary Ellen Comes to Town" (D,F,N)
42. Frank Mayo in "Lasca" (A,C,G,N)
43. Grace Darmond in "A Dangerous Adventure" (A,D,G,N)
44. Betty Blythe in "The Queen of Sheba" (C,F,N)
45. Monte Blue in "The Affairs of Anatol" (D,F,G,N)
46. Bebe Daniels in "The Affairs of Anatol" (C,F,G,N)
47. Elsie Ferguson in "Forever" (B,C,G,N)
48. David Powell in "Love's Boomerang" (D,F,N)
49. Alice Terry in "The Prisoner of Zenda" (C,N)
50. Alice Brady in "Redhead" (A,C,N)
51. Charles (Chic) Sale in "His Nibs" (C,F,N)
52a. Ethel Clayton in "The Cradle" (holding little girl) (A,G,N)
52b. Ethel Clayton in "The Cradle" (by herself) (C)
53. Charles Chaplin in "Pay Day" (D,F,N)
54. Mary Philbin in "Human Hearts" (B,C,G,N)
55. Hoot Gibson in "Sure Fire" (A,C,N)
56. Dorothy Dalton in "Fool's Paradise" (C,F,G,N)
57. Charles Ray in "A Tailor Made Man" (C,F,G,N)
58. Claire Windsor in "Brothers Under the Skin" (B,C,G,N)
59. Wallace Reid in "The Dictator" (C,F,G,N)
60. Irene Castle and Ward Crane in "French Heels" (B,C,G,N)
61. Buster Keaton in "The Boat" (C,F,G,N)
62. Priscilla Dean in "Reputation" (B,G,N)
63. Will Rogers in "Doubling For Romeo" (B,C,G,N)
64. Gladys Walton in "The Man Tamer" (B,C,G,N)
65. Erich Von Stroheim in "Foolish Wives" (D,F,N)
66. Pauline Frederick in "The Lure of Jade" (C,G,F,N)
67. Jack Holt in "The Call of the North" (D,F,N,P)
68. Agnes Ayres in "The Sheik" (C,F,G,N)
69. Theodore Roberts in "Hail the Woman" (F,N)
70. Mabel Ballin in "Jane Eyre" (C,F,G,N)
71. William Duncan (C,F,G,N)
72. Mary Alden in "Milestones" (C,F,G,N)
73. James Aubrey (A,C,N)
74. Constance Binney in "The Sleepwalker" (B,C,N)
75. Larry Semon (D,F,N)
76. Nazimova in "Camille" (A,C,G,N)
77. Wesley Barry in "Penrod" (A,N)
78. Claire Adams in "Hearts Haven" (C,F,G,N)
79. Thomas Jefferson in "Rip Van Winkle" (C,F,G,N)
80. Mae Busch in "The Christian" (A,D,G,N)
81. Harry Myers in "The Adventures of Robinson Crusoe" (C,F,N)
82. Marion Davies in "The Bride's Play" (C,N)
83. House Peters in "The Invisible Power" (F,G,N)
84. Maude George in "Foolish Wives" (C,F,N)
85. Earl Williams (F,G,N)
86. Leah Baird in "Don't Doubt Your Wife" (C,F,G,N)
87. Walter Hiers in "Her Gilded Cage" (A,C,G,N)
88. Eugene O'Brien in "The Wonderful Chance" (C,F,N)
89. Lois Wilson in "Miss Lulu Bett" (G,N)
90. Theodore Kosloff in "Green Temptation" (F,N)
91. Madge Bellamy in "The Cup of Life" (A,C,G,N)
92. Leatrice Joy and Thomas Meighan in "The Bachelor Daddy" (C,F,G,N)
93. Milton Sills in "The Woman Who Walked Alone" (A,C,G,N)
94. Patsy Ruth Miller in "Remembrance" (C,F,N)
95. Conway Tearle in "The Fighter" (A,C,G)
96. Evelyn Greeley in "Bulldog Drummond" (A,C,N)
97. Ramon Samaniegos in "The Prisoner of Zenda" (Ramon Novarro's real name) (A,C,N)
98. Ruth Roland in "The Timber Queen" (C,N)
99. Jack Mulhall in "The Social Buccaneer" (A,C,N)
100. Reginald Denny in "The Leather Pushers" (B,C)
101. May Collins in "All's Fair in Love" (B,C,N)
102. Forrest Stanley in "Bavu" (A,C,N)
103. Glenn Hunter in "Second Fiddle" (A,C,N)
104. Roy Stewart in "The Radio King" (A,C,N)
105. Louise Fazenda in "Quincy Adams Sawyer" (B,C,N)
106. Robert Agnew in "A Dangerous Adventure" (A,D,N)
107. Virginia Valli in "The Storm" (A,D,N)
108. John Bowers in "Lorna Doone" (A,D,N)
109. Helen Ferguson in "Hungry Hearts" (A,D,N)
110. Lois Meredith in "The Headless Horseman" (A,D,N)
111. Molly Malone in "A Poor Relation" (B,C,N)
112. Barbara La Marr in "Prisoner of Zenda" (B,C,N)
113. Pauline Stark in "Lost and Found" (A,C,N)
114. Jane Novak in "Thelma" (B,C,N)
115. Belle Bennett in "Your Best Friend" (A,C,N)
116. Sylvia Breamer in "Doubling for Romeo" (A,N)
117. Guy Bates Post in "Omar the Tent Maker" (B,D,N)
118. Dan Mason in "Plum Center Comedies" (A,C,N)
119. Barbara Tennant in "Thelma" (B,N)
120. James Kirkwood in "The Great Impersonation" (A,C,N)

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