Anon-Purple, Blue, Red, Green Film Stars

Issuing Company: Unknown
Country of Issue: USA
Year of Issue: 1924
Color/B&W: Purple, Blue, Red, or Green Tone
Number of Cards in Set: unknown (unnumbered)
Card Size: 1 3/8" x 2 1/2"
Issued as insert with what product:

Notes: Checklist probably incomplete. Blank-backed. These cards have been seen in purple, light blue, dark blue, red, orange or green colors. There may be more colors for these cards.

Exhibit card expert Adam Warshaw provides more information about this set as follows:

These cards are cuts from Exhibit 4 on 1 cards or strip cards. The stock is the tell. If the stock is thick they are cut 4 on 1s but if the stock is thin and finished on both sides, they are strips. The art from the cards was reused for strips (very tough). When these cards were issued in strip version, they were issued in horizontal strips of ten. There are related boxing 4 on 1s and boxing strips. Pictures provided when you click the image above.

Date info: June Marlowe made her first movies in 1924 and Metro studio last used that name in 1924 before becoming MGM, so I am putting a 1924 date on this set.

Thanks to Adam Warshaw and Ron Strader for helping with this checklist.

Monte Blue - Warner Bros. (vertical)
Monte Blue - Warner Bros. (horizontal)
Joe Bonomo - Universal
Harry Carey - W. W. Hodkinson
Charles Chaplin (no studio listed)
Ronald Colman - Blanche Sweet - First National
Micky Daniels - Pathe
Ashton Dearholt (no studio listed)
Reginald Denny - Universal
William Duncan - Universal
Robert Edeson - First National
Douglas Fairbanks (no studio listed)
Robert Frazer - First National
Hoot Gibson - Universal (vertical - Almost Full Body)
Hoot Gibson - Universal (vertical - Head and Shoulders)
Hoot Gibson - Universal (horizontal)
John Gilbert - Metro
Corinne Griffith - Lloyd Hughes - First National
Kenneth Harlan - Warner Bros.
Jack Hoxie - Universal (riding white horse)
Jack Hoxie - Universal (horse on hind legs - Hoxie holding hat in hand)
Buster Keaton - Metro
Rod La Rocque - Producers
Willard Lewis - Warner Bros.
Harold Lloyd - Pathe (horizontal)
Harold Lloyd - Pathe (vertical)
Bert Lytell - Willard Lewis - Warner Bros.
Leo. Maloney (no studio listed)
June Marlowe - John Rope (no studio listed)
Thomas Meighan (Vertical) - Paramount
Thomas Meighan (Horizontal) - Paramount
Adolphe Menjou (Vertical) - Paramount
Adolphe Menjou (Horizontal) - Paramount
Tom Mix - Wm Fox
Pete Morrison - Universal
Ramon Novarro - Metro
Our Gang Comedy - Pathe
Mary Pickford (no studio listed)
Marie Prevost - Warner Bros.
Irene Rich - Huntley Gordon - Warner Bros.
Saton in Sables - Warner Bros.
Conway Tearle - Vitagraph
Ben Turpin - Mack Sennett Pictures
Bryant Washburn - Pathe
Niles Welch (no studio listed)

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