Cracker Jack Write Movie Star's Name Here

Issuing Company: Cracker Jack
Country of Issue: USA
Year of Issue: 1934
Color/B&W: B&W
Number of Cards in Set:
Card Size: 2 3/8" x 2 3/4"
Issued as insert with what product: Cracker Jack

Notes: Checklist may be complete. Unnumbered. The size and thickness of these cards resembles weight machine cards. The name of the star is not found on the front or back of these cards. You were supposed to figure out who the star was by looking at the picture on the front and the text writeup on the back, then write in the name of the star in the space provided on the front.

Date Information: The movies mentioned along with the upcoming movies mentioned points to a 1934 date for these cards. Jim Davis has Cracker Jack company documents stating that the cards were issued beginning in May 1934 into 1935. They were discontinued on December 1, 1934, "however, we still offered it (Mystery Club Offer) with Movie Player pictures in the packages sold on the Pacific Coast in 1935." The company documents state that there were 32 cards in the series, but there are at least 33 in the set.

The company documents also indicate that the company purchased 22,489,122 of the cards for distribution. That comes to 702,785 each.

There was an offer from Cracker Jack for collectors to mail in 3 different cards with correct identifications to become a member of the Cracker Jack Mystery Club. The offer says that when you join the club you receive a surprise souvenir. According to Jim Davis, 89,140 memberships were received through the movie star card promotion.

Thanks to collector Jim Abdella for first reporting that this set was issued as a Cracker Jack Mystery Series. Thanks for Cracker Jack collector Jim Davis for providing a lot of names and other information about this set.

John Barrymore
Ralph Bellamy
Clive Brook
Joe E. Brown
Tom Brown
Frank Buck
George Burns and Gracie Allen
Claudette Colbert
Bing Crosby
Dolores Del Rio
Richard Dix
Jimmy Durante
W. C. Fields
Clark Gable
Janet Gaynor
Ann Harding
Katharine Hepburn
Jack Holt
Tom Keene
Elissa Landi
Carole Lombard
Edmund Lowe
Myrna Loy
Jack Oakie
Zasu Pitts
William Powell
Ginger Rogers
Mickey Rooney
Charles Ruggles
Sylvia Sidney
Alison Skipworth
Mae West
Wheeler and Woolsey

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