Egyptian Prettiest Film Stars (T83)

Issuing Company:
Country of Issue: USA
Year of Issue: Early 1920s
Color/B&W: B&W
Number of Cards in Set:
Card Size: 2 1/2" x 3 1/4"
Issued as insert with what product: Cigarettes

This set of Egyptian Prettiest Movie Star cards are a somewhat confusing group. The cards were issued two ways - with or without numbers, and there are some cards that can be found only in the unnumbered version and not in the numbered set. There is also a Canadian version of this set.

There is also a group of unidentified Mack Sennett actresses included with this set.

Card #19 Wallace Reid appears to have been replaced by card #19 of Wesley Barry following Reid's death in early 1923. Reid's death was shocking to the public, since it was drug and alcohol-related, and his condition had not been previously disclosed.

In addition, there is another different set of Egyptian Prettiest cards that are the same as number 1-100 of the Strollers Cigarette set, except on larger size cards. Those cards will be checklisted separately on the Movie Card Website in the future.

The numbered cards were issued from Factory No. 485, 2nd Dist., New York. The unnumbered cards were issued from Factory No. 2109, 3rd Dist, New York.

For the unidentified Mack Sennett actress cards, Mack Sennett expert Harry Garvin has graciously provided the identifications listed. Mr. Garvin works at the Fairbanks Center for Motion Picture Study and has access to many old photos which help to identify these stars. Only some of these Mack Sennett cards have been identified because I haven't seen the others yet. If anyone has any of the other cards, please email me a scan of them and I will try to get those identified, too.

Numbered Cards

1. William S. Hart
2. Anita Stewart
3. Geraldine Farrar
4. May Allison
5. Will Rogers
6. Pearl White
7. Jackie Coogan
8. Dorothy Dalton
9. Tom Moore
10. Theodore Roberts
11. Thomas Meighan
12. Bessie Barriscale
13. George Beban
14. Kathlyn Williams
15. Mabel Normand
16. Colleen Moore
17. Rudolph Valentino
18. Priscilla Dean
19. Wallace Reid
20. Pauline Frederick
21. Irene Castle
22. Bert Lytell
23. Marshall Neilan
24. Herbert Rawlinson
25. Pola Negri
26. Jack Holt
27. Marie Prevost
28. Viola Dana
29. Agnes Ayres
30. William Farnum
31. Clara Kimball Young
32. Art Accord
33. Betty Compson
34. Helene Chadwick
35. Dustin Farnum
36. Doris Kenyan
37. Hope Hampton
38. Gloria Swanson
39. Frank May
40. Charlie Chaplin
41. Harold Lloyd
42. Anna Q. Nillson
43. Tom Mix
44. Alla Nazimova
45. Ben Turpin

Additional Unnumbered Cards - Not found in Numbered Set

All of the above numbered cards can be found in unnumbered versions, and the following cards have been reported only as unnumbered cards with no corresponding numbered cards reported.

Baby Peggy
Mabel Ballin "M.B.S.C. Co."
Mildred Davis "M.B.S.C. Co."
Jack W. Kerrigan
Harry "Snub" Pollard

Mack Sennett Actresses (numbered but unidentified)

19. Wesley Barry "M.B.S.C."
31. Inscribed "M.B.S.C. Co."
32. Inscribed "M.B.S.C. Co."
33. Inscribed "M.B.S.C. Co."
34. Inscribed "M.B.S.C. Co."
35. Inscribed "M.B.S.C. Co."
36. Inscribed "Mack Sennett Comedies" (Marie Prevost)
37. Inscribed "Mack Sennett Comedies" (Marie Prevost)
38. Inscribed "Mack Sennett Comedies" (Marie Prevost)
39. Inscribed "Mack Sennett Comedies" (Lois Boyd)
40. Inscribed "Mack Sennett" (Phyllis Haver)
41. Inscribed "Mack Sennett"
42. Inscribed "Mack Sennett"
43. Inscribed "Mack Sennett"
44. Inscribed "Mack Sennett" (Phyllis Haver)
45. Inscribed "Mack Sennett" (Jane Allen)
46. Inscribed "Mack Sennett" (Harriett Hammond)
47. Inscribed "Mack Sennett" (Harriett Hammond)
48. Inscribed "Mack Sennett" (Harriett Hammond)
49. Inscribed "Mack Sennett"
50. Inscribed "Mack Sennett" (Mildred June)
51. Inscribed "Mack Sennett Comedies"
52. Inscribed "Mack Sennett Comedies"
53. Inscribed "Mack Sennett Comedies"

Unnumbered Mack Sennett Actresses

Reported only in Canadian Version so far (these are probably available in American versions, too, they are just not confirmed):

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