Egyptian Oasis, Piedmont Moving Picture Stars - T86

Issuing Company:
Country of Issue: USA
Year of Issue: 1917
Color/B&W: B&W
Number of Cards in Set:
Card Size: 1 3/4" x 2 3/8"
Issued as insert with what product: Cigarettes

Notes: Checklist probably incomplete. The American Card Catalog number for this set is T86.

These cards can be found with an ad for either Egyptian Oasis or Piedmont cigarettes on the back. The Egyptian Oasis cards can be found with "Factory No. 171, 1st Dist. Cal." or "Factory No. 25, 2nd Dist. Va." on the back. The Piedmont cards can be found with "Factory No. 171, 1st Dist. Cal." on the back.

After doing an extensive search of the Internet Database for the actors and their studios, it is clear this set was issued in about 1917.

Kathryn Adams - Thanhouser
May Allison - Metro
Wayne Arey - Thanhouser
Edwin August - World Pictures
King Baggot - Universal
Harry Benham - Universal
Dorothy Bernard - Fox Film
Eugenie Besserer - Selig
Carlyle Blackwell - World Pictures
Edmund Breese - Metro
Gladys Brockwell - Fox Film
June Caprice - Fox Film
Chas. Clary - Fox Film
Grace Cunard - Universal
Thos. A. Curran - Thanhouser
Grace Darmond - Pathe-Astra
Dorothy Davenport - Universal
June Daye - Lubin
Grace DeCarlton - Thanhouser
Pasty De Forest (Patsy) - Lubin
Adele De Garde - Vitagraph
Davy Don - Lubin
Mrs. Sidney Drew - Metro
Sidney Drew - Metro
Bud Duncan - Kalem
Bessie Eyton - Selig
William Farnum - Fox Film
Mary Fuller - Universal
Alexander Gaden - Gaumont
William Garwood - Universal
Ethel Grandin - Grandin
Kempton Greene - Lubin
Lloyd V. Hamilton - Kalem
Hobart Henley - Universal
Stuart Holmes - Fox Films
Sis Hopkins - Kalem
Alice Howell - Universal
Gladys Hulette - Thanhouser
Edna Hunter - Universal
Bertha Kalich - Fox Films
Dorothy Kelly - Vitagraph
Doris Kenyon - World Pictures
J. Warren Kerrigan - Universal
Ollie Kirkby - Kalem
Florence LaBadie - Thanhouser
Florence Lawrence - Universal
Gladys Leslie - Thanhouser
E. K. Lincoln - World Pictures
Harold Lockwood - Metro
Mary Maurice - Vitagraph
Gladys McConnell - Fox Films
Gertrude McCoy - Gaumont
Violet Mercereau - Universal
Matt Moore - Universal
Antonio M. Moreno - Vitagraph
Jas. Morrison - Vitagraph
Marshall Neilan - Selig
Frances Nelson - World Pictures
Anna Nilsson - Pathe-Arrow
Paul Panzer - Universal
Henry W. Pemberton - Gaumont
Mildred Platts - Mutual
Arline Pretty (looking left) - Vitagraph
Arline Pretty (looking right) - Vitagraph
Kate Price - Vitagraph
Regina Quinn - Vitagraph
John Reinhard - Gaumont
Hamilton Revelle - Metro
Edith Roberts - Universal
Gertrude Robinson - Gaumont
Marin Sais - Kalem
Tom Santschi - Selig
Iva Shephard - Gaumont
Dorothy Sheppard
Milton Sills - Fox Films
Phillips Smalley - Universal
Edwin Stanley - Thanhouser
Anita Stewart - Vitagraph
Edith Storey - Vitagraph
Dorothy Strong - Essanay
Mabel Taliaferro - Metro
Ethel Teare - Kalem
Chas. W. Travis - Gaumont
Mlle Valkgrien - Thanhouser
Marie Walcamp - Universal
Lillian Walker - Vitagraph
Fred Warde - Thanhouser
Lois Weber - Universal
Pearl White - Pathe-Astra
Earle Williams - Vitagraph
Florence Williams - Lubin
Ben F. Wilson - Universal
Eleanor Woodruff - Vitagraph

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