Felt Pennant Film Stars (BF2)

Issuing Company:
Country of Issue: USA
Year of Issue: 1915
Color/B&W: B&W Photo stuck down on Colored Pennant
Number of Cards in Set:
Card Size:
Issued as insert with what product: Bread

Notes: Checklist incomplete. These are printed on felt material, not cardboard. There are advertisements in newspapers for these pennants, starting in the fall of 1915. In the Los Angeles Times, these were advertised as being given away with Holsum Bread. It is likely these were given away by other bread companies in other parts of the country.

This set is designated as BF2 in the American Card Catalog. These pennants can be found in many different colors. Many of the stars in this set can be found with changes in the text on the pennants, such as different studios or different copyright or patent information. Bob Forbes put together this checklist after many years of research on these pennants.

Maud Allan (Bosworth Star)
May Allison (American Star)
May Allison (Metro Star)
G.M. Anderson (Essanay Star)
Mary Anderson (Vitagraph Star)
Roscoe Arbuckle (none shown)
Flavia Arcaro (none shown)
Edwin Arden (Pathe Star)
King Baggot (Universal Star)("Pat. applied for" at top)
King Baggot (Universal Star)(copyright below name)
Leah Baird (none shown)
Theda Bara (Fox Star)
Ethel Barrymore (Metro Star)
Ethel Barrymore (Universal Star)
Lionel Barrymore (Metro Star)
Louise Bates (none shown)
George Beban (none shown)
George Beban (World Star)
Dorothy Bernard (none shown)
Dorothy Bernard (Fox Star)
Eugenie Besserer (Selig)
George Bickel (Kleine Star)
Carlyle Blackwell (none shown)
Carlyle Blackwell (Laskey Star)
Ruth Blain (Fox Star)
Ruth Blair (none shown)
Holbrook Blinn (World Star)
Gertrude Bondhill (Lariat Bran Films Star)
Hobart Bosworth (none shown)
Alice Brady (World Film)
Helen Bray (Biograph Star)("Pat. applied for" at top)
Helen Bray (Biograph Star)(copyright below name)
Edward Brennan (Metro Star)(name in larger letters)
Edward Brennan (Metro Star)(name in smaller letters)
Rosetta Brice (none shown)
Ione Bright (Mirror Films Inc. Star)
Betty Brown (none shown)
Richard Buhler (Lubin Star)
Francis X. Bushman (none shown)
Francis X. Bushman (Metro Star)(copyright below picture)
Francis X. Bushman (Metro Star)(copyright below name)
Frank Campeau (Triangle Fine Arts Star)
Charles Chaplin (Essanay Star)
Yvonne Chappelle (none shown)
Marguerite Clark (Gaumont Mutual Star)
Ethel Clayton (none shown)
Ethel Clayton (Equitable Star)(same photo)
Ethel Clayton (Lubin Star)(same photo)
Marguerite Clayton (Essanay Star)
Robert L. Coleman (Nola Film Co. Star)
Bobby Connelly (Vitagraph Star)("Pat. applied for" at top)
Bobby Connelly (Vitagraph Star)(copyright below name)
Robert Conness (Edison Star)
George Cooper (none shown)
Maurice Costello (Vitagraph Star)
Marguerite Courtot (none shown)
Constance Crawley (American Mutual Star)
Grace Cunard (Universal Star)
Florence Dagmar (Lasky Star)
Arnold Daly (Pathe Star)
Viola Dana (Edison Star)
Grace Darmond (Selig Star)
June Daye (Lubin Star)
Patsy De Forest (none shown)
William Desmond (Triangle - Kay Bee Star)
Marie Doro (Lasky Star)
Sidney Drew (Vitagraph Star)
Bud Duncan (Kalem Star)
Robert Edeson (Pathe Star)
Grace Elliston (Metro Star)
John Emerson (Triangle Fine Arts Star)
Dustin Farnum (Bosworth Star)(name in script)
Dustin Farnum (Bosworth Star)(printed name)
Dustin Farnum (Pallas Star)(printed name)
William Farnum (Fox Star)
Wm. Favorsham (Metro Star)
Rockcliffe Fellows (Fox Star)
Irene Fenwick (Kleine Star)
Lew Fields (Triangle-Keystone Star)
Flora Finch (none shown)
Flora Finch (Vitagraph Star)
Francis Ford (none shown)(straight tie)
Francis Ford (Universal Star)(bow tie)
Victoria Forde (none shown)
Maye Freeman (Supreme Film Co. Star)
Mary Fuller (none shown)
Mary Fuller (Universal Star)
Jane Gail (Universal Star)
Wm Garwood (Universal Star)
Helen Gibson (none shown)
Paul Gilmore (Raver Star)
Dorothy Gish (none shown)
Julia Swayne Gordon (Vitagraph Star)
Kitty Gordon (Equitable Star)
Ethel Grandin (none shown)
Ethel Grandin (Kleine Star)
Sidney Grant (Oliver-Morosco Star)
Dorothy Green (none shown)
Charlotte Greenwood (Oliver-Morosco Star)
Jane Grey (Equitable Star)
Creighton Hale (none shown)
Creighton Hale (Pathe Star)
Lloyd V. Hamilton (Kalem Star)
Octavia Handworth (Lubin Star)
Robert Harron (none shown)(head & shoulders)
Robert Harron (Mutual Star)(face closeup)
Martha Hedman (Metro Star)(name in larger letters)
Martha Hedman (Metro Star)(name in smaller letters)
Hobart Henley (Universal Star)
Howard Hickman (Triangle-Kay Bee Star)
Gerda Holmes (United Photo Players)
Gerda Holmes (United Photo Players Star)
Helen Holmes (none shown)(different photo than other Holmes pennants)
Helen Holmes (Signal-Mutual Star)
Helen Holmes (Signal Mutual Star)
George Holt (none shown)
Edna Wallace Hopper (Equitable Star)
Irene Howley (Metro Star)
Irene Hunt (none shown)
Elise Janis (Bosworth Star)
Alice Joyce (Essanay Star)
Alice Joyce (Kalem Star)
Francis Joyner (Lubin Star)
Gail Kane (Metro Star)
Darwin Karr (none shown)
Darwin Karr (Essanay Star)
Gail Keane (Metro Star)
June Keith (Essanay Star)
Jack Kerrigan (none shown)(same photo)
J. Warren Kerrigan (Universal Star)(name in block letters)(same photo)
J. Warren Kerrigan (Universal Star)(name in curved letters)(same photo)
Ollie Kirby (Kalem Star)
Florence LaBadie (none shown)
Florence LaBadie (Mutual Star)
Olly La Vaine (none shown)
George Le Guere (Metro Star)
Jane Lee (Fox Star)
Robt. Leonard (Universal Star)
Helen Leslie (Universal Star)
Lilie Leslie (Ocean Star)
James Levering (none shown)
Anna Little (Mustang Mutual Star)
Harold Lockwood (none)
Harold Lockwood (American-Mutual Star)
Lillian Lorraine (Pathe Star)
L. Rogers Lytton (Vitagraph Star)
Marc MacDermott (none shown)
Marc MacDermott (Edison Star)
Albert Macklin (none shown)
Cleo Madison (none shown)
Cleo Madison (Universal Star)
Edna Maison (none shown)
Edna Maison (Universal Star)
Robert Mantell (Fox Star)
Enid Markey (Triangle-Kay Bee Star)
Helen Marten (none shown)
Rea Martin (Mirror Star)
Vivian Martin (World Star)
Betty Marshall (Gotham Star)
Sidney Mason (none shown)
Arthur Maude (American Mutual Star)
Chrystine Mayo (Ivan Star)
Edna Mayo (Essanay Star) (name in script)
Gertrude McCoy (Mirror Films Inc. Star)
Claire McDowell (none shown)
Burr McIntosh (Pathe Star)
Wilmuth Merkyl (United Photo Players Star)
Harry Mestayer (Selig Star)
Earl Metcalfe (none shown)
Earl Metcalfe (Lubin Star)
Beatriz Michelena (none shown)
Beatriz Michelina (Cal. Motion Picture Corp. Star)
Vera Michelena (Ocean Star)
Harry Millarde (Kalem Star)
Tom Mix (none shown)
Mary Moore (Lubin Star)
Lee Moran (Universal Star)
Antonio Moreno (none shown)
Harry Myers (Universal Star)
Betty Nansen (Fox Star)
Francis Nelson (World Star)
Miriam Nesbitt (none shown)
Marie Newton (none shown)
Marie Newton (Biograph Star)
Madalyn Nichols (Nola Film Co. Star)
Anna Q. Nilsson (Fox Star)
Mabel Normand (none shown)
Jane Novak (Universal Star)
Nance O'Neil (Fox Star)
Muriel Ostriche (Equitable Star)
Virginia Pearson (none shown)
Henry W. Pemberton (none shown)
Mme. Petrova (Metro Star)
Dorothy Phillips (Universal Star)
Lottie Pickford (American Star)
Lottie Pickford (Mutual Star)
Mary Pickford (Famous Players Film Co.)
Tyrone Power (Selig Star)
Kate Price (Vitagraph Star)
George Probert (Pathe Star)
George Probert (Pathe Studio)
Della B. Raino (United Photo Players Star)
Herbert Rawlinson (Universal Star)
Charles Ray (Triangle Kay Bee Star)
John Reinhard (none shown)
Isabel Rea (Biograph Star)
Billy Rhodes (Universal Star)
Vivian Rich (American Mutual Star)
Jack Richardson (Mustang Mutual Star)
Cleo Ridgely (none shown)
Cleo Ridgley (Lasky Star)(nothing below her name)
Cleo Ridgley (Lasky Star)("Paramount Program" below name)
Blanche Ring (Oliver Morosco Star)
Billie Ritchie (Universal Star)
Franklin Ritchie (Biograph Star)
Gertrude Robinson (none shown)
Florence Rockwell (Pallas Star)
Andrew A. Rogers (Nola Film Co. Star)
Ruth Roland (none shown)
Ruth Roland (Pathe Star)
Charles Ruggles (Pallas Star)
Marin Sais (Kalem Star)
Thomas Santschi (Selig Star)
Hector V. Sarno (Biograph Star)
Fritzie Scheff (Oliver-Morosco Star)
Brinsley Shaw (Universal Star)
William E. Shay (Fox Star)
Gertrude Selby (Universal Star)
Jean Shelby (Equitable Star)
Iva Shepard (Gaumont Mutual Star)
L.C. Shumway (none shown)
E. Phillips Smalley (Universal Star)
Marguerite Snow (none shown)
Marguerite Snow (Metro Star)
Bennett Southard (Mirror Films Inc. Star)
Jean Southern (Fox Star)
Myrtle Stedman (none shown)
Myrtle Stedman (Oliver Morosco Star)
Emily Stevens (Metro Star)
Anita Stewart (Vitagraph Star)
Edith Storey (none shown)
Blanche Sweet (Lasky Star)("Blanche" in straight line)
Blanche Sweet (Lasky Star)("Blanche" in arc)
Lucille Taft (none shown)
Ethel Teare (none shown)
Rosemary Theby (none shown)
Richard C. Travers (Essanay Star)
Madeline Traverse (World Star)
Charles W. Travis (none shown)
Sarah Truax (Triangle Fine Arts Star)
Frederick Truesdale (Gotham Film Co. Star)
Mable Trunnelle (none shown)
Mabel Trunnelle (Edison Star)
Lilian Tucker (Pathe Star)
Louise Vale (Biograph Star)
Grace Valentine (Gaumont Mutual Star)
Valli Valli (Metro Star)
Wally Van (none shown)(laughing)
Wally Van (Vitagraph Star)(smiling)
Marie Walcamp (Universal Star)
Charlotte Walker (Lasky Star)
Lillian Walker (Vitagraph Star)
Henry B Walthall (none)
Bryant Washburn (none shown)
Bryant Washburn (Essanay Star)
Harry Watson (Kleine Star)
Joe Weber (Triangle-Keystone Star)
Emmy Wehlen (Metro Star)
Billie West (Mutual Star)
Claire White (none shown)
Pearl White (none shown)
Pearl White (Pathe Star)
Crane Wilbur (none shown)(striped suit)
Crane Wilbur (Mutual Star)(black suit)
Clara Williams (Triangle-Kay Bee Star)
Earle Williams (none shown)
Earle Williams (Vitagraph Star)(no hat)("Vitagraph Star" in small letters)
Earle Williams (Vitagraph Star)(no hat)("Vitagraph Star" in large letters)
Earle Williams (Vitagraph Star)(with hat)
Earle Williams (Vitagraph Star)(name in script)
Kathlyn Williams (Selig Star)
Ben Wilson (Universal Star)
Clara Kimball Young (none)
Clara Kimball Young (World Film)(name in script)
Clara Kimball Young (World Film)(printed name)
Clara Kimball Young (World Star)(printed name)

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