Hershey Our Gang

Issuing Company: Hershey Creamery Co.
Country of Issue: USA
Year of Issue: 1920s
Color/B&W: B&W
Number of Cards in Set: Two sets of 8 cards
Card Size: 1 7/16" x 3"
Issued as insert with what product: Ice Cream

Notes: There are two different sets of Hershey Our Gang cards. The first set was issued earlier and shows the gang with some different members than the second set. Carryover stars Farina and Wheezer appear older in the second set than in the first.

Both sets of cards consist of 8 cards, including 7 different stars and one group picture. Cards from the first set can be found with or without a line of text along one of the borders as follows: "Hal Roach Studios-Courtesy Wolf Co., Phila.-Pie Sales Promotion Co."

For both sets, there is a writeup on the back says that if you brought a complete set of 8 cards to a Hershey dealer, you would get a free pint of ice cream. This may indicate that there is a short-printed card in each set, as that is often the case with card sets containing offers such as this, to make it more difficult to collect the prize. Greg Galliger reports that the short printed card for the second set might be Chubby. Greg provided a scan of Chubby showing a stamp mark on the back which may be a cancellation mark by Hershey so that card could not be submitted again for a prize.

Thanks to Bob Richardson for providing the information to start the second set checklist and Greg Galliger for providing information for completing it. Thanks to David York for providing the information about the first set and information about the variations in that set.

First Set

Joe Cobb
Jean Darling
Our Gang (group photo)
Pete the dog

Second Set

Mary Ann
Our Gang

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