Hollywood Publications Movie Stamps

Issuing Company: Hollywood Publications, 320 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY
Country of Issue: USA
Year of Issue: 1930
Color/B&W: One tone color (various colors)
Number of Cards in Set: 288
Card Size:
Issued as insert with what product:

Note: Checklist Incomplete. These are stamps, and there was an album issued with the set where collectors were supposed to paste their stamps. The album provides a copyright of 1930 and lists the issuer as Hollywood Publications.

The numbering of this set is a bit odd, with a letter followed by a number. I believe the letter represented a particular category for the stamp, such as the J letters showing childhood pictures of the stars, F showing directors, C showing movie studios. It looks the stamps were issued in numbered sheets containing 12 stamps per sheet.

The stamps can be found in various colors, including green, orange, red, purple blue, brown, and it looks like the individual stamps can be found in multiple colors.

A2. Richard Barthelmess
A3. Jean Arthur
A4. Bernice Claire
A6. William Powell
A9. Bebe Daniels
A12. Robert Agnew
A17. Bessie Love
A18. John Gilbert
A51. George O'Brien
A72. Beatrice Lillie
B3. Maurice Chevalier
B6. Fay Wray
C5. Columbia Studios
C10. Imperial Studio
C11. Studio Hospital
C21. Mack Sennett Studios
C27. Cutting Room
D5. Sophie Tucker
D8. Buster Keaton
D14. Karl Dane
D15. William Haines
D21. Cliff Edwards
F2. Herbert Brenon
F7. Clarence Badger
F9. Luther Reed
F16. Leo McCarey
F22. Dorothy Arzner
F24. John Ford
G4. Joe Cobb
G6. Mary Ann Jackson
G16. Mickey McGuire
H2. Fred Gilman
J4. Jean Arthur
J11. Norma Shearer
J17. Clara Bow
L1. Sound Camera
L10. Grandeur Cameras
P1. Sidney Ascher

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