Leister Autographs Game Cards

Issuing Company: Leister Game Company, Toledo, Ohio
Country of Issue: USA
Year of Issue: 1945
Color/B&W: B&W
Number of Cards in Set: 54
Card Size: 2 9/16" x 3 1/2"
Issued as insert with what product: Sold as a Game

These cards came as part of a game called Autographs, put out by the Leister Game Company. There are 52 cards in the game, plus a card showing game creator Sgt. Edwin A. Rowlands and a "Holding the Bag" card, a cartoon card used much like the Old Maid card that is used in that game. The game came in a small box with the cards and a rules booklet.

According to the Rowlands card, game creator Rowlands owned a collection of more than 3,000 autographs and he and his collection had been featured in such magazines as The Saturday Evening Post, Time, Look, and Coronet. He used his collection as the basis for this game.

In addition to movie stars, the game included cards of famous people from all walks of life, including athletes, musicians, politicians, and war heroes.

1. Grace Moore
1. Lily Pons
1A. H. V. Kaltenborn
1A. Lowell Thomas
2. Jack Dempsey
2. Joe Louis
2A. John C. Thomas
2A. Lauritz Melchoir
3. Kate Smith
3. Dinah Shore
3A. Clark Gable
3A. Gary Cooper
4. Bob Hope
4. Jack Benny
4A. Frank Sinatra
4A. Bing Crosby
5. Claudette Colbert
5. Dorothy Lamour
5A. Irving Berlin
5A. Jerome Kern
6. Arturo Toscanini
6. Walter Damrosch
6A. Paul Whiteman
6A. Kay Kyser
7. Byron Nelson
7. Walter Hagen
7A. Bernie Bierman
7A. Knute Rockne
8. Irvin S. Cobb
8. Bob Benchley
8A. F. D. Roosevelt
8A. Thomas E. Dewey
9. Doug. MacArthur
9. D. D. Eisenhower
9A. Babe Ruth
9A. Joe DiMaggio
10. Red Grange
10. Tom Harmon
10A. Don Budge
10A. Wm. T. Tilden
11. Fanny Brice
11. Joan Davis
11A. Katherine Cornell
11A. Helen Hayes
12. Ernie Pyle
12. Westbrook Pegler
12A. WM. Green
12A. John L. Lewis
13. Ted Husing
13. Bill Stern
13A. Roy Rogers
13A. Gene Autry

Sgt. Edwin A. Rowlands
Holding the Bag

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