Popsicle Film Star Coins

Issuing Company:
Country of Issue:
Year of Issue: 1934
Color/B&W: Aluminum
Number of Cards in Set:
Card Size:
Issued as insert with what product: Popsicles

Notes: Checklist may not be complete. At least some of these coins can be found with or without a movie listing on the back. The Claudette Colbert, Gary Cooper, Frederic March, Marie Dressler, Irene Dunne, and Johnny Weissmuller coins can be found both ways. The coins without a movie listed seem to be harder to find than the ones with the movies listed. For coins with a movie listed, the Popsicle text may or may not be present at the bottom of the coin.

Some of the coins seem to be a lot more common than others. The Lona Andre, Constance Bennett, Claudette Colbert, Jackie Cooper, and Norma Shearer coins seem to be in much smaller supply than the others.

Date info: Almost all of the movies listed were released in 1933, but "Tarzan and His Mate" came out in 1934, so I'm placing a 1934 date on this set.

Lona Andre in "College Humor"
Richard Arlen in "Design for Living"
Constance Bennett in "A Bed of Roses"
Clive Brook in "Midnight Club"
Claudette Colbert in "Torch Singer"
Gary Cooper in "Honor Bright"
Jackie Cooper in "Show World"
Marion Davies in "Peg 'O My Heart"
Richard Dix in "Ace of Aces"
Marie Dressler in "Tug Boat Annie"
Irene Dunne in "The Silver Cord"
Clark Gable in "Hold Your Man"
Jean Harlow in "Hold Your Man"
Frederic March (Fredric) in "Design for Living"
Jack Oakie in "Too Much Harmony"
Norma Shearer (no movie listed)
Johnny Weissmuller in "Tarzan and His Mate"

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