R95 Film Stars

Issuing Company: Gumakers of America
Country of Issue: USA
Year of Issue: 1939
Color/B&W: B&W
Number of Cards in Set:
Card Size: 8" x 10"
Issued as insert with what product: Mail-in offer from a gum wrapper

Notes: Checklist probably not complete.

Date info: Marie Prevost died in January 1937 and her death is noted on her card, so this set must have been issued no earlier than 1937 if the set was issued all at one time. Most of the cards in the set mention 1936 films, though there are a few from 1937 through 1939 mentioned, with "Gunga Din" from 1939 the latest I saw from looking through a sample of about 20 films mentioned on the cards. If this set was issued all at once, the likely date is 1939. It could have been issued in phases starting in about 1936 and going through 1939.

Further date info: Collector Jim Abella provided scans of a Skippy Peppermint Chewing Gum wrapper, made by Gumakers of America in 1939, that contains information about how these cards were issued. According to the writeup on the wrapper, there were originally 216 of these cards that were available by mail in groups of 8 by sending in 5 wrappers and 10 cents.

The checklist presented below contains 242 cards, which is more than the 216 listed on the wrapper. There are at least 25 cards in the checklist below which show the same photo with different movies listed. My guess is that this promotion was carried out over multiple years and that the issuers made changes to the movie titles on some of the cards to show newer movie titles as the promotion went on. There may be just 216 different pictures in this set, though that is not certain at this time.

Thanks to Dan Calandriello, Bernie Feldman, and Jim Abella for help with this checklist.

Brian Aherne in "Beloved Enemy"
Ross Alexander The Late
Ross Alexander in "Boulder Dam"
Gracie Allen in "Big Broadcast of 1937"
Don Ameche in "One in a Million"
George Arliss in "Dr. Syn"
Edward Arnold in "Come n Get It"
Jean Arthur in "The Ex-Mrs. Bradford"
Fred Astaire in "Swing Time"
Fred Astaire in "Top Hat"
Mary Astor in "Dodsworth"
Mischa Auer in "100 Men and a Girl"
Lew Ayres in "Lady, Be Careful"
Wendy Barrie in "Don't Bet on Love"
Richard Barthelmess in "Down Memory Lane Series"
Freddie Bartholomew in "Little Lord Fauntleroy"
Alan Baxter in "It Could Happen to You"
Warner Baxter in "Kidnapped"
Warner Baxter in "To Mary, with Love"
Wallace Beery in "Old Hutch"
Ralph Bellamy in "Navy Wife"
Constance Bennett in "Everything in Thunder"
Joan Bennett in "Big Brown Eyes"
Jack Benny in "Broadcast of 1937"
Edger Bergen and Charlie McCarthy in "Goldwyn Follies"
Joan Blondell in "Miss Pacific Fleet"
Humphrey Bogart in "The Great O'Malley"
John Boles in "Craig's Wife"
John Boles and Jean Muir in "Orchids to You"
Clara Bow in "Memory Lane"
Charles Boyer in "Greenery and the Human"
Charles Boyer in "I Loved a Soldier"
Bobby Breen in "Hawaii Calls"
Bobby Breen in "Let's Sing Again"
Geoge Brent in "God's Country and The Woman"
Priscilla Brooks in "Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm"
Joe E. Brown in "All is Confusion"
Tom Brown in "Rose Bowl"
Tom Brown and Rosalind Keith in "Annapolis Farewell"
Virginia Bruce in "The Great Ziegfeld"
Bob Burns
Bruce Cabot in "Don't Turn 'Em Loose"
James Cagney in "Ceiling Zero"
James Cagney in "Great Guy" (face shot)
James Cagney in "Great Guy" (front shot)
Eddie Cantor in "Ali Baba Goes to Town"
Madeline Carroll in "The General Died at Dawn"
The Late Lon Chaney
Ruth Chatterton in "Dodsworth"
Claudette Colbert in "The Bride Comes Home"
Claudette Colbert in "Maid of Salem"
Ronald Colman in "The Man Who Broke the Bank..."
The Late Russ Columbo
Gary Cooper in "Mr. Deeds Goes to Town"
Jackie Cooper in "Tough Guy"
Dolores Costello in "Little Lord Fauntleroy"
Joan Crawford in "I Live My Life"
Bing Crosby in "Double or Nothing"
Bing Crosby in "Two for Tonight"
Bing Crosby in "Rhythm on the Range"
Jane Darwell in "50 Roads to Town"
Bette Davis in "God's Country and the Woman"
Bette Davis in "Special Agent"
Francis Dee in "If I Were King"
Olivia De Havilland in "3s a Crowd"
Olivia De Havilland in "Charge of the Light Brigade"
Dolores Del Rio in "Accused"
Dolores Del Rio in "50 Roads to Town"
Dolores Del Rio in "International Settlement"
Marlene Dietrich in "Garden of Allah"
Richard Dix in "Yellow Dust"
Robert Donat in "The Ghost Goes West"
Brian Donlevy in "Midnight Taxi"
The Late Marie Dressler
James Dunn in "The Fighter"
James Dunn in "Bad Boy"
Irene Dunne in "Show Boat"
Deanna Durbin in "Three Smart Girls"
Ann Dvorak in "Racing Lady"
Nelson Eddy in "Rose Marie"
Madge Evans in "Pennies from Heaven"
Douglas Fairbanks Jr. in "Gunga Din"
Frances Farmer in "Ebb Tide"
Frances Farmer in "Rhythm on the Range"
Alice Faye in "King of Burlesque"
W.C. Fields in "Poppy"
Errol Flynn in "Charge of the Light Brigade"
Henry Fonda in "Trail of the Lonesome Pine"
Joan Fontaine in "The Man Who Came Back"
Kay Francis in "I Found Stella Parrish"
Betty Furness in "Grand Old Noak"
Betty Furness in "They Wanted to Marry"
Clark Gable in "Call of the Wild"
Clark Gable in "San Francisco"
Greta Garbo in "Anna Karinina"
Greta Garbo in "Camille"
Janet Gaynor in "Small Town Girl"
Janet Gaynor and Henry Fonda in "The Farmer Takes a Wife"
Gladys George in "They Gave Mom a Gun"
The Late John Gilbert
Magot Grahame in "The Informer"
Margot Grahame in "Three Musketeers"
Cary Grant in "Wedding Present"
Ann Harding in "Witness Chair"
Ann Harding in "Peter Ibbetson"
Jean Harlow In Memoriam
Jean Harlow in "China Seas"
Jean Harlow in "Suzy"
Katherine Hepburn in "Alice Adams"
Katharine Hepburn in "Mary of Scotland"
Hugh Herbert in "That Man's Here Again"
Phillips Holmes in "The Chaterbox"
Miriam Hopkins in "Navy Born"
Miriam Hopkins in "Women Have a Way"
John Howard in "Border Flight"
Leslie Howard in "It's Love I'm After"
Leslie Howard in "Romeo and Juliet"
Rochelle Hudson in "Show Them No
Isabel Jewell in "Lost Horizon"
Al Jolson in "The Singing Kid"
Buck Jones in "Boss Rider of Gun Creek"
Arlene Judge in "Valient is the Word for Carrie"
Boris Karloff in "Night Key"
Ruby Keeler in "Colleen"
Ruby Keeler in "Let's Pretend"
Ruby Keeler in "Shipmates Forever"
Patsy Kelly in "Nobody's Baby"
Patsy Kelly in "There Goes My Heart"
Dorothy Lamour in "Rich, Wide and Handsome"
June Lang in "Wee Willie Winkle"
Frances Langford in "Palm Spring"
Dixie Lee in "Redheads on Parade"
Andrea Leeds
Eric Linden in "Sweethearts of the Navy"
Harold LLoyd in "Professor Beware"
Carole Lombard in "Swing High, Swing Low"
Carole Lombard in "Love Before Breakfast"
Anita Louise in "Green Light"
Anita Louise in "The True Story of Louis Pasteur"
Edmund Lowe in "Every Day's a Holiday"
Myrna Loy in "The Great Ziegfeld"
Ida Lupino in "Sea Devils"
Jeanette MacDonald in "San Francisco"
Fred MacMurray in "13 Hours By Air"
Fred MacMurray in "True Confessions"
Frederic March in "Dark Angel"
Frederic March in "Romeo and Juliet"
Margo in "The Lost Horizon"
Herbert Marshall in "Daddy and I"
Tony Martin in "Ali Baba Goes to Town"
Tony Martin in "Kentucky Moonshine"
Jessie Matthews in "Paris Love Song"
Frank McHugh in "Three Men on a Horse"
Adolphe Menjou in "A Star Is Born"
Adolphe Menjou in "Letter of Introduction"
Adolphe Menjou in "The Goldwyn's Follies"
Una Merkel in "Saratoga"
Gertrude Michael in "The Last Outpost"
Robert Montgomery in "Trouble for Two"
Robert Montgomery in "Yellow Jack"
Grace Moore in "The King Steps Out"
Frank Morgan
Karen Morley in "Train From Madrid"
Wayne Morris
Paul Muni in "Life of Emile Zola"
Doris Nolan in "Top of the Town"
Jack Oakie in "The Texas Rangers"
Jack Oakie in "Radio City Revels"
Merle Oberon in "Love Under Fire"
Pat O'Brien in "China Clipper"
Pat O'Brien in "Stars Over Broadway"
Margaret O'Sullivan in "The Emporer's Candlesticks"
Jean Parker in "Farmer in the Dell"
Pat Paterson in "Spendthrift"
Gail Patrick in "My Man Godfrey"
Joe Penner in "Roaming Around"
Nova Pilbeam in "Nine Days a Queen"
Zazu Pitts in "Riddle of the Dangling Pearl"
Eleanor Powell in "Born to Dance"
Eleanor Powell in "Broadway Melody of 1936"
Dick Powell in "Page Miss Glory"
Dick Powell in "Stage Struck"
Dick Powell and Joan Blondell in "Broadway Gondola"
Dick Powell and Ruby Keeler in "Colleen"
William Powell in "The Emporer's Candlesticks"
William Powell in "Escapade"
Tyrone Power in "Alexander's Ragtime Band"
Tyrone Power in "Love is News"
The Late Marie Prevost
George Raft in "It Had to Happen"
Louise Rainer in "The Good Earth"
Martha Raye in "College Holiday"
Gene Raymond in "The Bride Walks Out"
Gene Raymond in "Seven Keys to Baldpate"
Tex Ritter in "Hittin' the Trail"
The Ritz Brothers in "The Goldwyn Follies"
Edward G. Robinson in "Kid Galahad"
May Robson in "The Adventures of Tom Sawyer"
Buddy Rogers in "Old Man Rhythm"
Ginger Rogers in "Swing Time"
The Late Will Rogers
Cesar Romero in "My Lucky Star"
Mickey Rooney in "Boys Town"
Shirley Ross in "Waikiki Wedding"
Rosalind Russell in "Under Two Flags"
Randolph Scott in "Follow the Fleet"
Norma Shearer in "Romeo and Juliet"
Anne Shirley in "M Liss"
Silvia Sidney in "Accent on Youth"
The Late Milton Sills
Simone Simon "Ladies in Love"
Barbara Stanwyck in "Annie Oakley"
James Stewart in "Born to Dance"
Margaret Sullavan in "So Red the Rose"
Gloria Swanson in "Down Memory Lane Series"
Gladys Swarthout in "Champagne Waltz"
Gladys Swarthout in "Rose of the Rancho"
Lyle Talbot in "Go West Young Man"
Robert Taylor in "Northwest Passage"
Robert Taylor in "Personal Property"
Robert Taylor in "The Magnificent Obsession"
Shirley Temple in "Captain January"
The Late Thelma Todd
Franchot Tone in "Mutiny on the Bounty"
Franchot Tone in "The Gorgeous Hussy"
Mr & Mrs Franchot Tone (no movie noted - Joan Crawford)
Spencer Tracy in "Libelled Lady"
Sophie Tucker in "Broadway Melody of 1938"
The Late Rudolph Valentino
Mae West in "Klondike Lou"
Mae West in "Every Day's a Holiday"
Michael Whalen in "Career Woman"
Marie Wilson in "Boy Meets Girl"
Walter Winchell in "Wake Up and Live"
Jane Withers in "Rascals"
Jane Withers in "Ginger"
Donald Woods in "Big Town Girl"
Donald Woods in "Danger on the Air"
Donald Woods in "The Case of the Stuttering Bishop"
Fay Wray in "They Met in a Taxi"
Loretta Young in "Shanghai"
Robert Young in "The Bride Walks Out"

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