Royal Stars of the Movies

Issuing Company: Royal
Country of Issue: USA
Year of Issue: 1950
Color/B&W: B&W with some red
Number of Cards in Set:
Card Size: 2 3/4" x 3 3/8"
Issued as insert with what product: Desserts - Jello and Pudding

Notes: Checklist incomplete. Blank-backed. These cards were the back designs of dessert boxes, and meant to be cut off the boxes.

Royal also issued a set of baseball cards at about the same time as their movie star card set. The baseball cards were issued over a three year period, from 1950 through 1952. The same cards were issued over the three years, but there were some text variations between the years. The movie star cards were issued over the same time period. Some of the movie cards show changes to the movies listed on the cards, probably done to show the latest movie for the star as time went on during the promotion. Only the movie star cards are checklisted here.

Thanks to Bob Richardson for help with this checklist.

1. Allan "Rocky" Lane and his stallion, Black Jack (no film listed) - Republic Pictures
2. Farley Granger in "Our Very Own" - Samuel Goldwyn
3. Joan Evans in "Our Very Own" - Samuel Goldwyn
4. Forrest Tucker in "Rock Island Trail" - Republic
5a. Ann Blythe (no film listed) - A Universal-International Star
5a. Ann Blythe in "The Golden Horde" - A Universal-International Picture
6. Anthony Curtis in "Winchester 73" - Universal-International
7. John Derek in "Rogues of Sherwood Forest" - Columbia
8. Yvonne De Carlo in "Desert Hawk" - Universal-International
9. Betsy Drake in "Ellen"
10. Dan Dailey in "My Blue Heaven"
11. Gene Tierney in "Where the Sidewalk Ends" - 20th Century-Fox
12. Alan Ladd in "Branded"
13a. Audie Murphy in "Sierra"
13b. Audie Murphy in "The Duel at Silver Creek"
14. Donald O'Connor in "The Milkman" - Universal-International
15. Howard Duff in "Shakedown" - Universal-International
16. John Ireland in "The Scarf" - United Artists
17. Pat O'Brien in "The Fireball"
18. Marta Toren in "Mystery Submarine"
19. John Lund in "The Mating Season" - Paramount
20a. Mona Freeman in "Branded"
20b. Mona Freeman in "Dear Brat"
21. William Holden in "Union Station" - Paramount
22. Gail Russell (no film listed) - Paramount
23. Rhonda Fleming in "The Redhead and the Cowboy" - Paramount
24. Betty Hutton in "Let's Dance" - Paramount
25. Lizabeth Scott in "Dark City" - Paramount
26. Nancy Olson in "Mr. Music" - Paramount
27. Wendell Corey in "The Great Missouri Raid" - Paramount
28. Ann Miller in "Texas Carnival"
29. William Lundigan in "I'd Climb the Highest Mountain" - 20th Century-Fox
30a. Evelyn Keyes in "The Prowler" - United Artists
30b. Evelyn Keyes in "Iron Man" - A Universal-International Picture
31a. Jane Powell in "Royal Wedding" - Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer
31b. Jane Powell in "Rich, Young and Pretty" - MGM
32. Kathryn Grayson in "Grounds for Marriage" - Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer
33a. Dana Andrews in "Edge of Doom"
33b. Dana Andrews in "I Want You"
34. Elizabeth Taylor in "Fathers Little Dividend" - Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer
35. Janet Leigh in "It's a Big Country" - MGM
36. Bob Hope in "The Lemon Drop Kid"
37. Jan Sterling in "Ace in the Hole" - Paramount
38. Ray Milland in "Something to Live For" - Paramount
39a. Gene Kelly in "An American in Paris"
39b. Gene Kelly in "Singing in the Rain"
40. Ronald Reagan in "The Last Outpost"
41. John Payne in "Crosswinds"
42. Ava Gardner in "Pandora and the Flying Dutchman" - Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer
43. Diana Lynn in "The People Against O'Hare"
44. Howard Keel in "Callaway Went Thataway"
45a. Van Johnson in "The Invitation"
45b. Van Johnson in "Too Young to Kiss"
46. June Allyson in "Too Young to Kiss"
47. Fred MacMurray in "A Millionaire for Christy"
48. Denise Darcel in "Westward the Women"
49. Sonja Henie
50. Judy Holliday in "The Marrying Kind"
51. Corinne Calvet in "Thunder in the East"
52. Charlton Heston in "The Savage" - Paramount
55. Julia Adams
56. Shelly Winters
57. Rita Hayworth in "Affair in Trinidad"
58. Frankie Laine in "Rainbow 'Round My Shoulder"

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