Schonwasser Film Stars

Issuing Company: S. E. Schonwasser Co., San Francisco, Calif.
Country of Issue: USA
Year of Issue: Early 1920s
Color/B&W: B&W
Number of Cards in Set:
Card Size: 1 3/4" x 2 3/4"
Issued as insert with what product:

Notes: Checklist incomplete. The backs mention that two different mail-in offers were available. If you sent in 5 cards and 50 cents, you would receive a 20-page album with space for 200 cards. If you sent in 10 cards and 50 cents, you would receive your choice of a large 8 x 10 hand-painted, mounted photograph of one of the cards in this set. There were two code letters on the back of each card that you were supposed to use when selecting the large card you wanted. It seems kind of odd that you had to send in your cards to get an album to hold the cards - who knows, maybe they returned the cards to you.

The checklist below is presented in both alphabetical order and letter order. The Schonwasser Bathing Beauties set also uses letters for its numbering scheme and the letters in that set are all different from the Film Stars cards. Sometimes these letters are intertwined, such as in the I letters, where II and IJ and IS-IZ are Film Stars, while IN-IR are Bathing Beauties.

Thanks to Tom Boblitt and Marty Krim for help with this checklist.

Alphabetical Order

Mae Allison (FP)
Toura Aoki (GO)
Roscoe Arbuckle (FZ)
Agnes Ayers (FB)
Theda Bara (FH)
Bessie Barriscale (GD)
Richard Barthelmess (EK)
Billie Burke (II)
Ora Carew (ER)
Helen Chadwick (FC)
Charlie Chaplin (GK)
Marguerite Clark (FI)
Betty Compson (EU)
Jackie Coogan (EN)
Virginia Corbin (IU)
Dorothy Dalton (EE)
Marjorie Daw (FM)
Ruth St. Denis (GJ)
Wm. Desmond (FD)
Elliot Dexter (EG)
Wm. Duncan (IS)
Julian Ettinge (IT)
Douglas Fairbanks (EF)
Dustin Farnum (FN)
Wm. Farnum (FO)
Pauline Fredericks (FA)
Lillian Gish (EJ)
Louise Glaum (EI)
Mildred Harris (EM)
William S. Hart (ET)
Wanda Hawley (FW)
Sessue Hayakawa (EP)
Madge Kennedy (GL)
Warren Kerrigan (IX)
Lila Lee (GE)
Harold Lloyd (FS)
Edmund Lowe (FR)
Bert Lytell (GB)
Katherine MacDonald (EW)
Douglas MacLean (FQ)
Mae Marsh (FK)
Vivian Martin (GA)
Mary McLaren (IJ)
Mary Miles Minter (FV)
Tom Mix (GF)
Colleen Moore (ES)
Antonio Moreno (IY)
Mabel Normand (GI)
Jane Novak (FG)
Marie Osborne (EV)
Seena Owen (IZ)
Jack Pickford (FJ)
Mary Pickford (FU)
Dorothy Phillips (GC)
Herbert Rawlinson (FE)
Charles Ray (GG)
Wallace Reid (FT)
Billie Rhodes (EQ)
Ruth Roland (GH)
Anita Stewart (EL)
Blanche Sweet (GN)
Constance Talmadge (GM)
Norma Talmadge (FF)
Rudolph Valentino (EO)
George Walsh (IV)
Henry B. Walthall (FL)
Bryant Washburn (EZ)
Pearl White (IW)
Earl Williams (FY)
Clara K. Young (EX)

Same Checklist as above in Letter Order

EE Dorothy Dalton
EF Douglas Fairbanks
EG Elliot Dexter
EI Louise Glaum
EJ Lillian Gish
EK Richard Barthelmess
EL Anita Stewart
EM Mildred Harris
EN Jackie Coogan
EO Rudolph Valentino
EP Sessue Hayakawa
EQ Billie Rhodes
ER Ora Carew
ES Colleen Moore
ET William S. Hart
EU Betty Compson
EV Marie Osborne
EW Katherine MacDonald
EX Clara K. Young
EZ Bryant Washburn

FA Pauline Fredericks
FB Agnes Ayers
FC Helen Chadwick
FD Wm. Desmond
FE Herbert Rawlinson
FF Norma Talmadge
FG Jane Novak
FH Theda Bara
FI Marguerite Clark
FJ Jack Pickford
FK Mae Marsh
FL Henry B. Walthall
FM Marjorie Daw
FN Dustin Farnum
FO Wm. Farnum
FP Mae Allison
FQ Douglas MacLean
FR Edmund Lowe
FS Harold Lloyd
FT Wallace Reid
FU Mary Pickford
FV Mary Miles Minter
FW Wanda Hawley
FY Earl Williams
FZ Roscoe Arbuckle

GA Vivian Martin
GB Bert Lytell
GC Dorothy Phillips
GD Bessie Barriscale
GE Lila Lee
GF Tom Mix
GG Charles Ray
GH Ruth Roland
GI Mabel Normand
GJ Ruth St. Denis
GK Charlie Chaplin
GL Madge Kennedy
GM Constance Talmadge
GN Blanche Sweet
GO Toura Aoki

II Billie Burke
IJ Mary McLaren
IS Wm. Duncan
IT Julian Ettinge
IU Virginia Corbin
IV George Walsh
IW Pearl White
IX Warren Kerrigan
IY Antonio Moreno
IZ Seena Owen

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