Shotwell Molly O'

Issuing Company: The Shotwell Mfg. Co.
Country of Issue: USA (Chicago and Brooklyn)
Year of Issue: 1921
Color/B&W: B&W
Number of Cards in Set: 80
Card Size:
Issued as insert with what product: Candy

Notes: This is a set of 80 cards showing scenes from the Mabel Normand film "Mollo O'". The back text is the same for all the cards in this set. An album for this set is advertised on the card backs. Shotwell released a series of card sets based on popular movies, including "Molly O'", "Suzanna", "Strongheart", and football player Red Grange's film "One Minute to Play." Molly O' has an ACC number of E245, but the other Shotwell sets do not have ACC numbers.

Date info: The film "Mollo O'" was released in 1921, so I'm putting a 1921 date on this set.

1. Molly O' sees the doctor; tries to make impression on him.
2. Neighbor's baby is ill; Molly O' promises to help.
3. Molly O' and doctor call on neighbor's sick baby.
4. The doctor promises Molly O' to save baby.
5. The doctor examines baby.
6. The doctor professes his love for his fiancee.
7. The doctor attends a party at his fiance's home.
8. Doctor takes Molly O' for a ride in his car; recognized by friends who snub him.
9. Doctor's friends surprised to see him with Molly O', because of her shabby appearance.
10. Doctor's society friends turn away when they see him in Molly O's company.
11. Molly O' takes wash to deliver to doctor's fiancee.
12. Molly O' meets silhouette man, who becomes her best friend.
13. The silhouette man makes a silhouette of Molly O'.
14. Molly O's father scolds her for being late with his lunch.
15. Molly O' falls into excavation when her father scolds her for being late.
16. Brother of doctor's fiancee tries to flirt with Molly O' when she delivers wash.
17. Molly O' snubs the doctor's fiancee.
18. Molly O' plans raid on cookie box in home of doctor's fiancee.
19. Molly O' raids the cookie box.
20. Caught in the act, Molly O' retires gracefully.
21. Friendship between Molly O' and the silhouette man becomes stronger.
22. Molly O' meets the doctor in the priest's house.
23. Molly O' introduces the doctor to her family.
24. Molly O's father objects to the doctor.
25. Molly O' prevails upon the doctor to stay for supper.
26. Molly O's father insists she must marry his helper.
27. Molly O's house burns down.
28. Molly O' and neighbors watch the fire that destroys her home.
29. A big charity ball is held.
30. Silhouette man prevails upon Molly O' to accept doctor's invitation to the ball.
31. Molly O' dresses for the ball.
32. Silhouette man tells Molly O' not to be afraid of society.
33. Molly O's father's helper sees her at the ball; is jealous.
34. Doctor's fiancee sees Molly O' at the ball; plans revenge.
35. Moll O' attracts attention at the ball.
36. The doctor tells Molly O' of his love for her.
37. Doctor's fiancee displeased at Molly O' being at the ball.
38. The doctor's fiancee and her brother make their plans.
39. The doctor's fiancee and her brother stage their coup.
40. The doctor's fiancee denounces Molly O' at the ball.
41. Deprived of her fancy dress by doctor's fiancee, Molly O' taken home by doctor.
42. Seeing Molly O' kiss the doctor, her father flies into a rage.
43. Molly O's father demands an explanation.
44. Molly O's father suspects the worst.
45. Molly O's father orders her from the house.
46. The doctor comes to Molly O's assistance.
47. Wrapping Molly O' in his coat, the doctor takes her away.
48. Molly O' and doctor are married by priest.
49. Molly O's father attempts to kill doctor, unaware they are married.
50. Doctor prevents Molly O's father from shooting.
51. Bitter struggle takes place between doctor and Molly O's father.
52. The doctor vanquishes Molly O's father.
53. Molly O' explains that the doctor is her lawful husband.
54. Mollyl O's father begs forgiveness of doctor.
55. The doctor's former fiancee urged on to revenge by her brother.
56. The doctor's former fiancee listens to her brother's plans.
57. Doctor's former fiancee and brother plotting against Molly O'.
58. Doctor's former fiancee pleased with her plan of attack.
59. At Country Club, doctor's former fiancee shows interest in Molly O's brother.
60. Club shocked by Molly O' in arms of brother of doctor's former fiancee, not knowing her ankle hurt.
61. Doctor hurt to see Molly O' in arms of brother of former fiancee.
62. Silent challenge passes between doctor and brother of former fiancee.
63. Molly O' catches her brother robbing her home, and saves him from ruin.
64. Doctor returns home, finds Molly O' distressed, but she explains it away.
65. Brother of doctor's former fiancee calls on Molly O' to make doctor doubt her.
66. Brother of doctor's former fiancee takes his leave of Molly O'.
67. The doctor accuses Molly O' of a falsehood.
68. Molly O' kidnapped in blimp; in mid-air doctor makes thrilling rescue.
69. Battle between doctor and brother of former fiancee, in the blimp.
70. The blimp.
71. Mack Sennett, producer of "Molly O'."
72. Mabel Normand, star of "Mollly O'."
73. Mabel Normand in one of her charismatic poses in "Molly O'."
74. George Nichols, as the father of Molly O'.
75. Anna Hermandez, as the mother of Molly O'.
76. Eddie Gribbon, who loves Molly O'.
77. Albert Hacket, as Molly O's brother.
78. Jack Mulhall, as the doctor who marries Molly O'.
79. Lloyd Sherman, as the villain in "Molly O'."
80. Jacqueline Logan, as the doctor's fiancee.

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