Shotwell Red Grange "One Minute to Play"

Issuing Company: The Shotwell Mfg. Co.
Country of Issue: USA (Chicago and Brooklyn)
Year of Issue: 1926
Color/B&W: B&W
Number of Cards in Set: 24
Card Size:
Issued as insert with what product: Candy

Notes: This is a set of 24 cards showing scenes from football star Red Grange's film "One Minute to Play". The front text is the same for all the cards in this set and the backs are blank. Shotwell released a series of card sets based on popular movies, including "Molly O'", "Suzanna", "Strongheart", and football player Red Grange's film "One Minute to Play." Molly O' has an ACC number of E245, but the other Shotwell sets do not have ACC numbers.

Shotwell released another set of 12 Red Grange cards. The second set is not based on Grange's film, but instead shows football scenes from Grange's football career.

Date info: The film "One Minute to Play'" was released in 1926, so I'm putting a 1926 date on this set.

The cards in this set are numbered from 1-24. The text on every card is the same, so there is no title checklist for this set. Click on the picture above to see more pictures from this set.

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