Silk Film Stars (S72-1)

Issuing Company:
Country of Issue: USA
Year of Issue: 1910s
Color/B&W: Brown Tone on Colored Silk
Number of Cards in Set:
Card Size:
Issued as insert with what product: Cigarettes

Notes: Checklist may be incomplete. These are printed on silk material, not cardboard. Silks were popular giveaways with cigarettes toward the end of the cigarette card era, from about 1912-1914. This set is designated as S72-1 in the American Card Catalog. Many of the stars in this set can be found with more than one pose.

These silks are found with the following cigarette brand advertisements: Old Mill, Piedmont, Turkey Red, Zira.

Thanks to Bernie Feldman for help with this checklist.

Lina Abarbanell
Maude Allan
Margaret Anglin (arms showing)
Margaret Anglin (no arms showing-hair flowing over shoulders)
Margaret Anglin (no arms showing-hair above shoulders)
Louise Le Baron
Nora Bayes (profile-hat with high twigs or feathers sticking up)
Nora Bayes (looking straight ahead-hat with strap under chin)
Amelia Bingham
Gertrude M. Bryan
Billie Burke (no hat)
Billie Burke (hat with strap under chin)
Billie Burke (hat with no strap)
Fritzie von Busing
Emma Carus
Marguerite Clark
Bessie Clayton
Bessie Clifford (hat)
Bessie Clifford (no hat)
Kathleen Clifford
Josephine Cohan
Nanette Comstock
Kay Cox
Kay Cox
Henrietta Crosman
Margaret Dale (looking straight ahead)
Margaret Dale (looking down)
Edith Decker
Marie Doro
Louise Dresser (hat)
Louise Dresser (no hat)
Marie Dressler
Maxine Elliott (with tiara)
Maxine Elliott (no tiara)
Irene Fenwick
Elsie Ferguson (hat)
Elsie Ferguson (no hat)
Grace Filkins
Vera Finlay
Lillian French
Bertha Galland
Maude Gray (hat)
Maude Gray (no hat)
Ethel Green (body and head looking straight at camera)
Ethel Green (body turned sideways, head turned to look at camera)
Cissi Hajos
Leonore Harris
Rose La Harte
Anna Held
Lillian Herlein
Gertrude Hoffmann
Dorothy Jordon
Katherine Kaelred
D. Y. Keane
Annette Kellerman
Ethel Kelly
Eleanor Kent
Hazel Kirke
Maud Lambert
Clara Lipman
Lydia Lopowkowa
Nellie McCoy
Christie MacDonald
Irene Moore
Olga Nethersole
Maude Odell
Kathryn Osterman
Flora Parker
Aurora Pratt
Elsa Reinhardt
Blanche Ring
Blanche Ring
Frances Ring
Grace La Rue
Lillian Russell
Mary Ryan
Julia Sanderson (holding stick)
Julia Sanderson (not holding stick)
Blossom Seeley
May de Souza
Edna May Spooner
Rose Stahl
Frances Starr (hat)
Frances Starr (no hat)
Muriel Starr
Grace Van Studdiford
Marguerite Sylva (body and head looking straight at camera)
Marguerite Sylva (body turned mostly sideways, head turned to look at camera)
Fanchon H. Thompson
Helen Ware
Lotta Williams
Flora Zabelle (face looking at camera)
Flora Zabelle (face turned sideways in profile)

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