Cutout Head Strip Cards

Issuing Company: Unknown
Country of Issue: USA
Year of Issue: 1920s
Color/B&W: Unicolor
Number of Cards in Set: At least 62
Card Size: 1 3/4" x 2 5/8"
Issued as insert with what product: Issued in strips by themselves with no other product. Cards are usually found cut apart.

Notes: Blank-backed. There are dotted lines found at the top and bottom of these cards, so they were apparently issued in vertical strips.

There were probably multiple printings of these cards. In the first group I saw of these, they all had a cut-out of a movie star superimposed on a cream color background. For those, the star is shown in a blue, brown, red, or grey-green tone. Each card can probably be found with all four colors.

Dan Calandriello noted that these cards can also be found with other background/movie star color combinations. Examples seen include orange background/black and white movie star, light red background/black and white movie star, blue background/pink movie star.

Dan Calandriello noted still another version of these cards can be found with tabs at the bottom and a number of either 0, 1, 2, or 3. For each number, muliple cards can be found, and some cards have been seen with more than one number. This version of the cards with the tabs and numbers always show the star in black and white with a color background, with multiple color backgrounds seen for each star. Colors seen include red, yellow, pink, green, and orange.

I have also seen another grouping of these cards that show a unitone color, like the Wild Colors Strip Cards and some of the Exhibit card sets of the 1920s era. Unitone colors seen so far include red and light blue.

Thanks to Dan Calandriello and Adam Warshaw for providing some of the scans for this set.

Lew Ayres - no studio listed
Lewis Ayres - Uni
Tallulah Bankhead - Paramount
Lionel Barrymore - MGM
Warner Baxter - Fox
Constance Bennett - Pathe
Joan Bennett - Fox
John Boles - Uni
Clara Bow - Paramount
El Brendel - Fox
Joe E. Brown - Warner Bros.
John Mack Brown - MGM
Francis X. Bushman Jr. - Uni
Yakima Canutt - Uni
Nancy Carroll - Paramount
Norman Chaney - MGM
Maurice Chevalier - Paramount
Edmund Cobb - Uni
Garry Cooper - Paramount
Jackie Cooper - MGM
Joan Crawford - MGM
Bebe Daniels - RKO
Marlene Deitrich - Paramount
Richard Dix - RKO
Echo - MGM
Douglas Fairbanks
Charles Farrell - Fox
John Garrick - Fox
Janet Gaynor - Fox
Hoot Gibson (no guns) - Universal
Hoot Gibson (2 guns) - Uni
John Gilbert - MGM
Wm Haines - Metro
Jack Holt - Columbia
Newton House - Uni
Jack Hoxie - no studio listed
Buck Jones - Columbia
Dorothy Jordan - MGM
Tom Keene - Pathe
Winnie Lightner - no studio listed
Harold Lloyd - Paramount
Edmund Lowe - Fox
Joan Marsh - MGM
Ken Maynard - Educational
Tim McCoy - Uni
Victor McLaglen - Fox
Tom Mix - Universal
Robert Montgomery - MGM
Ramon Novarro - MGM
Jack Oakie - Paramount
Geo. O'Brien - Fox
Maureen O'Sullivan - Fox
"Our Gang" Pete - MGM
"Our Gang" Spud - MGM
Anita Page - MGM
Will Rogers - Fox
Norma Shearer - MGM
Bob Steele (on horse) - Educational
Bob Steele (portrait) - Educational
Lewis Stone - MGM
Jim Thorpe - Uni
Chief Thunderbird - Uni
Tom Tyler - Uni
Ted Wells - Uni
Bob Woolsey - RKO

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