Wild Colors Playing Cards Strip Cards

Issuing Company: Unknown
Country of Issue: USA
Year of Issue: 1920s
Color/B&W: Color (one color used for each card, many different colors used)
Number of Cards in Set:
Card Size: 1 9/16" x 2 9/16"
Issued as insert with what product: Issued in strips by themselves with no other product. Cards are usually found cut apart.

Notes: Checklist incomplete. Blank-backed. Cards can be found in multiple colors. It is likely that this checklist contains cards issued from more than one playing card set. There are some cards showing the movie star in ovals and some with movie stars in a circle and those could be distinguishing characteristics of different sets. There are also more than one movie star in ovals with the same card number, so those could be from different sets. All wild color playing card movie star strip cards are grouped together in this checklist for now.

The cards showing the stars in circles match with some known Exhibit 4-in-1 Movie Star Playing Cards, so those cards could be cards that are cut from those Exhibit cards rather than strip cards.

Thanks to Dan Calandriello for providing many of the scans for this set.

Grouped by Name

Art Acord - 4 Clubs
Mary Astor - 3 Clubs
Agnes Ayers - 9 Diamonds
Wesley Barry - 9 Clubs
Buffalo Bill - 4 Spades
June Caprice - 5 Clubs
Charlie Chaplin - 6 Spades
Jackie Coogan - Jack Hearts
Ricardo Cortez - Ace Spades
Bob Custer - Ace Diamonds
Cecil B. De Mille - 3 Spades
Richard Dix - 5 Spades
Dustin Farnum - 2 Hearts
William Farnum - 6 Spades
Hoot Gibson - 4 Spades
Hoot Gibson - 10 Diamonds
Wm. S. Hart - Jack Diamonds
Wm. S. Hart - Queen Diamonds
Sessue Hayakawa - 4 Spades
Jack Holt - 2 Spades
Jack Hoxie - Ace Hearts
Buck Jones - 8 Clubs
Buck Jones - Ace Clubs
Doris Kenyon - 10 Hearts
Shirley Mason - 8 Spades
Ken Maynard - 10 Spades
Frank Mayo - 5 Diamonds
Thomas Meighan - King Diamonds
Art Mix - 7 Diamonds
Tom Mix - 3 Clubs
Alla Nazimova - Queen Clubs
Pola Negri - 3 Spades
Eva Novak - Ace Diamonds
Pat O'Malley - 10 Spades
H. (Snub) Pollard - King Hearts
Marie Prevost - Queen Hearts
Irene Rich - Queen Diamonds
Will Rogers - Jack Diamonds
William Russell - 4 Hearts
Tom Santschi - 6 Diamonds
Milton Sills - 7 Diamonds
Bob Steele - Jack Clubs
Bob Steele - King Hearts
Gloria Swanson - Queen Spades
Rudolph Valentino - 2 Hearts
Johnnie Walker - 7 Spades
Virginia Warwick - 2 Clubs

Grouped by Playing Card


2. Virginia Warwick
3. Mary Astor
3. Tom Mix
4. Art Acord
5. June Caprice
8. Buck Jones
9. Wesley Barry
Jack. Bob Steele
Queen. Alla Nazimova
Ace. Buck Jones


5. Frank Mayo
6. Tom Santschi
7. Art Mix
7. Milton Sills
9. Agnes Ayers
10. Hoot Gibson
Jack. Wm. S. Hart
Jack. Will Rogers
Queen. Wm. S. Hart
Queen. Irene Rich
King. Thomas Meighan
Ace. Bob Custer
Ace. Eva Novak


2. Dustin Farnum
2. Rudolph Valentino
4. William Russell
10. Doris Kenyon
Jack. Jackie Coogan
Queen. Marie Prevost
King. H. (Snub) Pollard
King. Bob Steele
Ace. Jack Hoxie


2. Jack Holt
3. Cecil B. De Mille
3. Pola Negri
4. Buffalo Bill
4. Hoot Gibson
4. Sessue Hayakawa
5. Richard Dix
6. Charlie Chaplin
6. William Farnum
7. Johnnie Walker
8. Shirley Mason
10. Ken Maynard
10. Pat O'Malley
Queen. Gloria Swanson
Ace. Ricardo Cortez

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