Cahill-Igoe Film Stars (Albion, Bijou Dream, Castle, Gaiety, Grand, Irvin, Mecca, New Devon, Theato Theatres)

Issuing Company:
Country of Issue: USA
Year of Issue: 1916
Color/B&W: Color
Number of Cards in Set:
Card Size: 3 1/2" x 5 1/2"
Issued as insert with what product: Given out to patrons of the theatre.

Notes: Checklist probably incomplete. These cards all say "Cahill-Igoe Company, Chicago, Publishers" on the fronts of the cards at the bottom, middle part of the card. These were given out at multiple theatres around the country, though most that have been seen so far were from Chicago or nearby. Theatres that issued these cards include the following as well as probably others:

Date info: The dates on the backs of the cards are from 1916 and the movies mentioned are from 1916 also.

The Fullerton Theatre sits directly across the street from the Biograph Theatre, where gangster John Dillinger was killed. FBI sharpshooters were on the roof of the Fullerton Theatre when Dillinger emerged from watching a movie at the Biograph. The Fullerton Theatre still stands, though its name has changed many times over the years.

There is a variation in this set with the Pauline Frederick card. It can be found with the spelling in the title line as the correct "Frederick" or incorrectly spelled "Fredericks" with an added "s". Both the misspelled and corrected versions contain the misspelling of Fredericks with the added "s" in the text below the title line.

May Allison
King Baggot
Theda Bara
Bessie Barriscale
Beverly Bayne
Alice Brady
Betty Brown
Billie Burke
Charles Chaplin
Marguerite Clark
Ethel Clayton
Nell Craig
Grace Cunard
Curly Haired Mary (Mary Pickford)
Viola Dana
Hazel Dawn
Marie Doro
William Farnum
Geraldine Farrar
Pauline Frederick
Mary Fuller
Dorothy Gish
Ella Hall
William S. Hart
Helen Holmes
Gladys Hulette
Alice Joyce
Gail Kane
J. Warren Kerrigan
Cleo Madison
Vivian Martin
Edna Mayo
Mary Miles Minter
Anna Nilsson
Mabel Normand
Nance O'Neil
Ruth Roland
Marguerite Snow
Anita Stewart
Edith Storey
Blanche Sweet
Lillian Walker
Henry B. Walthall
Robert Warwick
Pearl White
Crane Wilbur
Earl Williams
Kathlyn Williams
Clara Kimball Young

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