Strand Theatre - Grinnell, Iowa

Issuing Company: Strand Theatre
Country of Issue: USA
Year of Issue: late 1910s
Color/B&W: B&W
Number of Cards in Set:
Card Size:
Issued as insert with what product: Given out to patrons of the theatre.

Notes: Checklist may be incomplete. These cards have their origin in the Kromo Gravure white border set. All the cards can be found with blank backs in the Kromo Gravure white border set, except for Bobby Connelly. Bobby Connelly has not yet been seen with a Kromo Gravure white border card, though that same Bobby Connelly card can be found with in a Kromo Gravure borderless card and a Kromo Gravure round borders card. It is possible that Connelly may also be on a Kromo Gravure white border card.

May Allison
Fatty Arbuckle
Theda Bara
Enid Bennett
Alice Brady
Gladys Brockwell
Billie Burke
June Caprice
Lina Cavalieri
Charles Chaplin
Mildrid Harris Chaplin
Marguerite Clark
Ethel Clayton
Marguerite Clayton
Bobby Connelly (not seen in white border set yet, he is in borderless and rounded sets)
Miriam Cooper
Virginia Lee Corbin
Jane Cowl
Dorothy Dalton
Viola Dana
Priscilla Dean
Elinor Fair
Douglas Fairbanks
Dustin Farnum
Wm. Farnum
Elsie Ferguson
Pauline Fredericks
Edna Goodrich
Kitty Gordon
Corinne Griffith
Wm. S. Hart
Peggy Hyland
Alice Joyce
Frank Keenan
Madge Kennedy
Lila Lee
Gladys Leslie
Bessie Love
Montague Love
Mary MacLaren
Mae Marsh
Vivian Martin
Shirley Mason
Mary Miles Minter
Owen Moore
Tom Moore
Mae Murray
Mme. Nazimova
Mabel Normand
Jane Novak
Virginia Pearson
Ann Pennington
Olga Petrova
Dorothy Phillips
Jack Pickford
Charles Ray
Wallace Reid
Alma Rubens
William Russell
Anita Stewart
Blanche Sweet
Norma Talmadge
Olive Thomas
George Walsh
Henry B. Walthall
Pearl White
Kathlyn Williams
Clara Kimball Young

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