Peerless Color (Litho USA) Set

Issuing Company: Peerless
Country of Issue: USA
Year of Issue: 1950s
Color/B&W: Color
Number of Cards in Set: 40 (unnumbered)
Card Size: 1 1/8" x 2 3/8"
Issued as insert with what product: Came out of coin-operated weight machines

Notes: These cards can be identified by the following characteristics - they are in color, there is a solid background behind the star and the identifying text is in a block at the bottom of the front. On the back, these cards contain a fortune on one side, "Collect Engrav-o-tints" or the name of the issuer on the other, and a space for a weight printout in the middle. There is a copyright line on the back that ends with Litho U.S.A.

Exact year of issue not known. I have seen one of these cards with a penned-in date of 1954, so they must have been issued in that year or earlier. The 1954 card I saw was in a group of cards from the Peerless Cloudy (Studio in Print) set. The cards from that set contained dates of 1952 and 1953, with the lone Color series card containing a date of 1954. This could indicate the time period when the weight scales switched from the Studio in Print set to the Color set. It is also possible that the store that sold the cards was just using up their supply of the Studio in Print cards before switching over to the Color series, meaning the Color series could have been issued earlier than this.

Known issuers:

Generic - Collect Engrav-o-tints - Portraits of Movie Stars
J. J. Newberry Co.
Lane Rexall Liggett

June Allyson
Barbara Britton
Johnny Mack Brown
Mindy Carson
Dane Clark
Claudette Colbert
Perry Como
Robert Cummings
Irene Dunne
Faye Emerson
Betty Furness
Eva Gabor
Ava Gardner
Kathryn Grayson
June Havoc
Celeste Holm
Ann Jeffreys
Van Johnson
Gene Kelly
Stan Kenton
Lisa Kirk
Francis Langford
Janet Leigh
Tony Martin
Don McNeill
George Montgomery
Jane Pickens
Dick Powell
Jane Powell
Ginger Rogers
Dinah Shore
Ann Sothern
Gloria Swanson
Elizabeth Taylor
Robert Taylor
Fran Warren
Margaret Whiting
Esther Williams
Peggy Wood
Roland Young

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